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Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut and aeronautical engineer best known for being the first person to walk on The Moon, followed by Buzz Aldrin. In addition he was also an aviator, test pilot, and university professor.

Armstrong was married to Janet Shearon, with whom he had three children, and Carol Knight.

He died in 2012 at the age of 82 from complications of bypass surgery.



Anime and Manga
  • Fate/Extra Last Encore: Shinji Matou has a flashback of fighting a Servant in an astronaut suit and killing him. This is heavily implied to be Neil Armstrong, especially since in Fate/EXTRA, Shinji reminisced about facing a Master who managed to summon "Armstrong".

Comic Book

  • The Tintin stories Destination Moon and Explorers On The Moon depicted a manned moon landing almost 15 years before the Apollo 11 mission. After the Apollo 11 mission became the first-ever manned moon landing, Tintin creator Hergé celebrated the occasion by producing an illustration with Armstrong landing on the moon, surprised to see Tintin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Snowy already there to welcome him.


  • Apollo 13: The movie opens with Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Apollo 11's backup commander, watching the moon landing with his family and friends. Later, Neil Armstrong (Mark Wheeler) and Buzz Aldrin (Larry Williams) arrive at the Lovell home to keep Jim's elderly mother Blanche company.
  • First Man: He is portrayed by Ryan Gosling.
  • Men in Black 3 has Boris the Animal trying to sabotage the Apollo 11 launch, and Armstrong (Jared Johnston) is briefly seen inside the ship as Boris and J jump over it.
  • Moonshot: Daniel Lapaine plays him in this movie.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon has Armstrong (Don Jeanes) and Aldrin (Cory Tucker ) taking advantage of a brief communications blackout to walk into the dark side of the Moon and find a Decepticon starship there.

Live-Action Television

Western Animation

  • Ready Jet Go!: Sean idolizes Armstrong. His Companion Cube is an action figure of him. The special "One Small Step" is about the gang celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.
  • The Simpsons: In "Mayored To The Mob", Armstrong (voiced by Harry Shearer) appears at Springfield's Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, but is ignored by everybody, prompting him to say to his agent "That's one small step towards firing your ass!".
  • On Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, the kids visit a kid version of Armstrong who teaches them to try new things.