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Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora / Црна Гора, meaning "Black Mountain" — the English name is itself a Venetian Italian translation) is a Southern European country and one of the world's newer independent states after an independence referendum in 2006 led to the breakup from Serbia with 55.5% being for it (the requirement set by EU was 55% to recognize it as an independent country).

During the most of its history, the people of Montenegro considered themselves Serbian. Montenegrins in fact make up less than 50% of the population, with nearly 29% identifying as Serbian at the last (2011) census. Signs in Latin and Cyrillic script are common place, the latter being useful to Russian tourists (who don't need a visa) and business people (who own a lot of property out there).

In the 19th century it became a small Balkan monarchy and after World War II, it became a member state of Tito's Yugoslavia.


The capital city is Podgorica, which was known as Titograd in the Yugoslavia years. The country is a candidate for The European Union, with negotiations opening in 2012. Montenegro has also unilaterally adopted the Euro as its currency. It is now also the newest member of NATO as of June 5th, 2017. The national stereotype of Montenegrins is that they are extremely lazy, hence the joke: "How does Montenegro build a highway? They build two miles and then put up a sign saying "'etc etc etc'"."


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The Montenegrin flag
The flag derived from the royal standards of the country (the golden border is a modern addition). At the center is the national coat-of-arms — a two-headed golden Byzantine eagle holding a scepter and orb (symbolizing the union of State and Church, respectively) supporting a shield showing a lion on a blue-and-green field, symbolizing the Montenegrin theocracy that ruled for three-and-a-half centuries until its subjugation by the Austrian Empire.


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