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The popcorn isn't edible.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards is an annual awards show held by MTV, honoring the best and most popular in film and television. The winners of the awards have been voted on by the audience by phone until 2007 when voting moved online. Previously known as just the MTV Movie Awards, just honoring the best in film, the show was originally conceived as an alternative to the Oscars and other "prestigious" film award shows by nominating more commercially popular movies, "genre" movies, and irreverent categories such as "Best Fight" and "Best Kiss". Much like MTV's Video Music Awards and the Europe Music Awards, the live ceremony had an "anything goes" aspect and hijinks would be encouraged.

In 2017, in the midst of the age of "Peak TV," MTV added television awards to the show and re-christened the show as the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Additionally, MTV eliminated gender-specific awards categories, consolidating both the men and women acting categories into one acting category for film and one for television, becoming the first major award show to do so. Non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon presented the first award Best Actor in a Movie to Emma Watson.

The categories for the MTV Movie & TV Awards typically include:

  • Best Movie
  • Best Show
  • Best Performance in a Movie
  • Best Performance in a Show
  • Best Comedic Performance
  • Breakthrough Performance
  • Best Villain
  • Best Hero
  • Best Kiss
  • Best Fight
  • Best Musical Moment
  • Best On-Screen Team

There is a lifetime achievement award, it was initially a "fun" award given to such figures as Jason Voorhees and Chewbacca. But after it was given to Clint Howard in 1998, who took the award seriously and gave a heartfelt speech upon receiving it, the producers decided to retire the award, as it couldn't be done as a joke anymore. It eventually returned in 2005 as the "MTV Generation" award to award actors for their contributions to film.

In 2021, MTV split the awards ceremonies; the original MTV Movie & TV Awards still focuses on scripted works and the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted ceremony spotlights on reality television and reality TV stars.


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    Best Docu-Reality Series 

    Best Competition Series 

    Best Lifestyle Show 

    Best Performance in a Movie 

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    Best Comedic Performance 

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