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A competitor of sorts to the Humble Bundle, the Indie Royale bundles of video games launch every few weeks and contain around four to six games apiece (or sometimes more) for Windows, Mac and/or Linux, that are redeemable via Steam or Desura and/or available via direct download. Unlike the Humble Bunde, however, no charities are involved and all proceeds go to the developers, so the bundles are simply a way to get indie games for a low price.

While it still operates on a largely pay-what-you-want model, it comes with a twist; paying the minimum price (which starts at $4) will increase the minimum price by a cent for future buyers, paying a little extra will keep it steady, while donating a larger amount will reduce the minimum for everyone else.

Indie Royale has folded and no longer available after DESURA's parent company Bad Juju Games has filed for bankruptcy in 2015.


Indie Royale bundles have included:

The Launch Bundle

The Difficult 2nd Bundle

The Really Big Bundle

The Xmas Bundle

The New Year's Bundle


The Serious Sam Pack

The Valentine's Bundle

The St. Patrick's Day Bundle

The Ninja Packnote 

The April Fools Bundle

The Spring Bundle

The May Hurray Bundle

The All-Charity Packnote 

The Graduation Bundle

The June Bug Bundle

The Summer Bundle

The July Jubilee Bundle

The Gone Fishin' Bundle

The Getaway Bundle

The Back to School Bundle

The Oktoberfest Bundle

The Fall Bundle

The Halloween Bundle

The Harvest Bundle

The Stuffing Bundle

The Spiral Bundle

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