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Useful Notes / Golden Globe Award For Best Original Song

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The Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song was first given out at the 19th Golden Globes ceremony in 1962.

Winners and nominees

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  • 1970Lovers and Other Strangers — "For All We Know"
    • Darling Lili — "Whistling Away the Dark"
    • Madron — "Till Love Touches Your Life"
    • Pieces of Dreams — "Pieces of Dreams"
    • Scrooge — "Thank You Very Much"
  • 1971Shaft — "Theme from Shaft"
    • Bedknobs and Broomsticks — "The Age of Not Believing"
    • Bless the Beasts and Children — "Bless the Beasts and Children"
    • Kotch — "Life is What You Make It"
    • Sometimes a Great Notion — "All His Children"
  • 1972The Poseidon Adventure — "The Morning After"
    • Ben — "Ben"
    • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean — "Marmalade, Molasses and Honey"
    • The Little Ark — "Come Follow, Follow Me"
    • The Stepmother — "Strange Are the Ways of Love"
  • 1973The Way We Were — "The Way We Were"
    • Cinderella Liberty — "(You're So) Nice to Be Around"
    • Live and Let Die — "Live and Let Die"
    • Robin Hood — "Love"
    • A Touch of Class — "All That Love Went to Waste"
  • 1974The Towering Inferno — "We May Never Love Like This Again"
  • 1975Nashville — "I'm Easy"
    • Funny Lady — "How Lucky Can You Get?"
    • Mahogany — "Do You Know Where You're Going To"
    • The Other Side of The Mountain — "Richard's Window"
    • Whiffs — "Now That We're In Love"
  • 1976A Star Is Born — "Evergreen"
  • 1977You Light Up My Life — "You Light Up My Life"
  • 1978Thank God It's Friday — "Last Dance"
    • Foul Play — "Ready to Take a Chance Again"
    • Grease — "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
    • The Magic of Lassie — "When You're Loved"
    • Same Time, Next Year — "The Last Time I Felt Like This"
  • 1979Norma Rae — "It Goes Like It Goes"
    • 10 — "It's Easy to Say"
    • Ice Castles — "Through the Eyes of Love"
    • The Muppet Movie — "The Rainbow Connection"
    • The Promise — "I'll Never Say Goodbye"






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