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Useful Notes / Giffoni Honorees

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The Giffoni Film Festival (more recently known as the Giffoni Experience) is an annual event held in Italy that recognises primarily-European films aimed at children, with worldwide juries of those aged 18 and under voting.

The honors, therefore, are awarded to individuals who have had a profound effect on the children's film and entertainment industry, and on an international scale. There are two such awards: The François Truffaut Award for lifetime achievement (named for the titular director's championing of the film festival) and The Giffoni Experience Award (simply the Giffoni Award prior to 2014, it merged with and replaced the Explosive Talent Award from 2006) for performance and contribution (especially within and to children's and adolescents' media).


There are also awards given at the festival called The Vittorio Mezzogiorno Award and the Premio Special Prize.

    François Truffaut Award Winners 

    Giffoni Award Winners