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Flanders, while relatively small as a region, has a decent lot of TV Stations. Interestingly most of those have relative recent launches.

An interesting thing to note is that digital television is relatively huge in Belgium and that most companies allow you to see series that you might have missed with a special program and even allow you to pause a show to watch it later.

Also of note is the fact that rarely if ever a cable provider will be limited to only airing those networks. Most providers also have networks from the Netherlands, France and Germany.


All of them also have their own website.

Public TV channels

Channels funded by government money.

  • NIR/BRT 1/BRTN TV 1/VRT TV 1/één - The very first and for a long time the only Flemish channel. Started broadcasting in 31 oktober 1953 under the name of NIR. It used to need to appeal to every single demographic, which is why it airs an enormous variety of shows including the news, cooking shows, game shows, report series, travel programs and sitcoms. Would get renamed as BRT in 1960, then later on as BRTN in 1991. Since 1 january 1998 it would get known as VRT before finally naming themselves as één in 2005.
  • Sporza/Canvas - A merging in 2012 in which Sporza on één, which airs sports and Canvas, which airs quality content were combined together to form one channel.
  • Ketnet - A kids channel that mainly aims at kids and teenagers. Was originally combined with Canvas before they split apart in 2012 and was known as BRTN TV 2.
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  • BVN - Mainly shows TV shows that are made in Belgium. Originally known as BRT 3

Commercial TV channels

Channels funded by big corporations

  • Funded by Medialaan
    • VTM - The very first commercial Flemish channel. It mainly airs the news, cooking shows and soap opera. Often referred to as the channel appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator, but it had lots of success nevertheless, which was attributed to the fact that it aired the news half an hour earlier than the BRT did. It was also a stepping stone for future series.
    • 2BE (Kanaal Twee) - Medialaan's second channel. It was intended to compete with Canvas, which was the high-quality channel of the time. They decided that the best way to do this was by showing US-imported programming, which it is now slowly moving away from in favor of original programming.
    • Vitaya - The channel is mainly aimed at young women. This is why all of the channels are reality series, cooking programs or soap series.
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    • JIM TV - Their music channel. Pretty much airs nothing but music during the day and airs by night a few drama series, reality-tv and adult animation comedies to rival TMF.
    • VTM K Zoom - Their kids channel. Meant to rival Ketnet and its only difference is that it airs a lot more commercial fare than Ketnet does.
  • Funded by SBS Belgium (which is since 2011 controlled by De Vijver, also known under the name Woestijnvis).
    • VIER (VT 4) - Aims mainly at young families. Again mostly done by US-imports
      • VIER Kids - Their children block. As of now it mainly airs shonen anime to differentiate itself from the competitors.
    • VIJF (VIJ Ftv) - Aims at women. It does so by airing plenty of US-imported drama series catering to them.
  • Funded by Concentra Media
    • ACHT - Mainly shows US-imported stuff that you never see on the other networks. They work with other people though
    • LACHT - A channel used for their more comedic fare.
  • Funded by Viacom
    • TMF - Airs music during the day. During the evening there is a block that shows shows on comedy central.
  • Funded by Roularta Media
    • KANAAL Z - Airs economic news.
Unique Situations
  • Actua TV - A 24h news channel.

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