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Evercade is a handheld retro console released in June 2020, which it's different than the average retro-compilation handheld consoles you can find on Aliexpress or eBay because they use official licences for their games and making them in cartridges that can be interchangeable like consoles from major companies. The project was officially announced in July 2019, created by an independent UK company who bought the rights to get titles from famous companies like Atari and Bandai Namco Entertainment (specifically the Namco Museum brand), as well getting back defunct company games from Technos Japan (part of Arc System Works), Interplay Entertainment (including some games from Titus Software, bought by Interplay in the 2000s) and Data East (part of G-Mode). And if that wasn't enough, Evercade also got independent games from companies like Mega Cat Studios, Piko Interactive, Bitmap Bureau and Big Evil Corp.


Evercade works just like the old and known handheld consoles like Game Boy, Game Gear or Neo Geo Pocket: it's a portable video game console with interchangeable cartridges. No internet connection required, no virtual consoles, no Downloadable Content. Just a cartridge with video games and that's all. Evercade was created with a specific Target Audience: retro-gamers who want a console to play and collect. Every cartridge comes with more than one game, being from 2 games to 20, all of them with a collectable boxes with their exclusive manuals. The console itself has a retro design that evoked Nintendo Entertainment System (colors and design) and Sega Genesis (the button system), it's fully portable and the battery last until 5 hours.

The games come from consoles of The '80s and The '90s, like Atari (2600 and Lynx), NES, SNES and Genesis. That include the indie games that are ports of their games released for those consoles more than 10 years of being discontinued, being also made in 8/16-bits.


The main page is here, where you can see information, videos, the game library and where to buy in your zone (if you are from US and Europe, of course).

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  • Artifact Title: Even when the console have it as part of the Portmanteau title, all Evercade's Arcade games are the console versions, mostly from Atari consoles, NES, SNES and Genesis.
  • Compilation Re-release: Every cartidge has more than one title on it (20 in Atari Collections) which are compiled in one cartridge.
  • Indie Game: The great surprise of Evercade is to include indie companies who made titles for old (and discontinued) consoles, even having their own compilations by company. By now there're 4 companies in the initial release, but Evercade's creators not discard that other companies will sum to their games library.
  • Licensed Game: The big difference between Evercade and all the actual handheld consoles that make Emulation is this one has the official licences of companies, as well serves as perfect ports for their games and not just emulations.
  • No Export for You: Evercade has been released for European and American markets only. Asia and South America weren't included, however.
  • Portmanteau: A word game between the words "Ever" and "Arcade."
  • Revival by Commercialization: Even when companies like Atari and Namco have their classic games for a multitude of consoles, other companies like Technos, Interplay and Data East (all of them defunct) now get a second air thanks to this new console that revive old times.
  • Target Audience: The console was made thinking only in retro-players who miss the 8/16-bits era.


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