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The Disney Legends awards are bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to The Walt Disney Company and its legacy.

The awards have traditionally been held annually in a private ceremony at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, whose Legends Plaza contains the cemented handprints of recipients who were alive when they received their recognition. Since 2009, the awards have been held biannually at the Anaheim Convention Center, and the ceremonies are open to attendees of the D23 Expo. Other locations are noted below.


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  • Fred MacMurray
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Starred in live-action films like The Shaggy Dog, The Absent-Minded Professor and The Happiest Millionaire.

  • Les Clark
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men, co-creator of Mickey Mouse.

  • Marc Davis
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Ub Iwerks
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Co-creator of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.

  • Ollie Johnston
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Milt Kahl
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Ward Kimball
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Eric Larson
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • John Lounsbery
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Wolfgang Reitherman
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Frank Thomas
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's Nine Old Men.

  • Roger Broggie
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: The original Imagineer, he helped make special effects designed Disneyland's transportation system. Most notably, he and Wathel Rogers invented the audio-animatronic.

  • Joe Fowler
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Retired real admiral of the Navy who was the construction boss and then general manager for Disneyland, and then supervised the construction of Disney World.

  • John Hench
    Role(s): Animator, Imagineer
    Achievements: Started in the Disney Story Department and later painted backgrounds for "The Nutcracker Suite" segment of Fantasia. He also worked on Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. He later went on to design attractions for Disneyland.

  • Richard Irvine
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Senior Imagineer who headed design and planning for Disneyland attractions and then became executive vice president and chief operations officer of Imagineering in 1967.

  • Herb Ryman
    Role(s): Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: A talented concept artist who created the first designs of Disneyland. He also served as an art director on Dumbo and Fantasia. He developed artwork and designs for the other Disney resorts until his death in 1989.

  • Richard Sherman
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: The younger of the Sherman brothers, responsible for more motion picture musical song scores than any other songwriting team in film history.

  • Robert Sherman
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: The older of the Sherman brothers, responsible for more motion picture musical song scores than any other songwriting team in film history.


  • Ken Anderson
    Role(s): Art Director, Writer
    Achievements: Art director on Snow White, designed Shere Khan and Elliot, and production designer on Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocats.

  • Julie Andrews
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Played the Oscar-winning title role of Mary Poppins.

  • Carl Barks
    Role(s): Artist, Writer
    Achievements: Started as an inbetweener and storyman, but later went on to work of his beloved Donald Duck comic books, as well as create Scrooge McDuck and the Disney Ducks Comic Universe.

  • Mary Blair
    Role(s): Animator, Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Her work first got Walt's attention during the South America tour that begat Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. Her unique, colorful designs can be seen on The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Song Of The South, Melody Time, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan. Also designed the "It's a Small, Small World" ride.

  • Claude Coats
    Role(s): Animator, Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Background painter, who worked on Snow White, Fantasia, Dumbo, Saludos Amigos, Make Mine Music, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, and Peter Pan. Became a notable Imagineer during Disneyland's construction as a ride developer.

  • Sterling Holloway
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Provided voices for many of Disney's characters, including The Cheshire Cat and Kaa, but he's most well known for being the original voice of Winnie-the-Pooh. First recipient of the Disney Legend award in the voice category, which he got one year before his death in 1992.

  • Fess Parker
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor who played Davy Crockett in the Disneyland TV series, which was recut into two full-length films, Davy Crockett King Of The Wild Frontier, and Davy Crockett And The River Pirates; this revived interest in the Tennessee and Texas Revolution figure himself.

  • Bill Walsh
    Role(s): Artist, Producer
    Achievements: Comic author who was a producer and writer for a multitude of Disney Studio Classics and who also wrote a few Mickey Mouse strips here and there.

  • Jimmie Dodd
    Role(s): Actor, Composer
    Achievements: Was the host Mouseketeer for The Mickey Mouse Club and composed many of the show's tunes, including its infectious theme song.
  • Bill Evans
    Role(s): Imagineer, Designer
    Achievements: A horticulturist, he helped to design the landscape for Disneyland, including its Jungle Cruise attraction, and later became director of landscape architecture at Walt Disney Imagineering.

  • Annette Funicello
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Arguably the most popular of the Mouseketeers, she later starred in Disney films like The Shaggy Dog, Babes In Toyland and The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.

  • Joe Grant
    Role(s): Artist, Designer
    Achievements: He served as a character designer on films like Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio, and then as a story director on Fantasia and Dumbo. After leaving Disney in the mid-1940's, he returned decades to work on films Beauty And The Beast, Pocahontas and Mulan.

  • Jack Hannah
    Role(s): Animator, Director
    Achievements: Having started as an animator in the 1930's, he eventually became the main director of the Donald Duck shorts. He would go on to help establish the character animation program at CalArts and become its first dean.

  • Winston Hibler
    Role(s): Actor, Artist, Composer, Producer, Writer
    Achievements: Initially a story artist and songwriter for the animation department, he is best known for writing and narrating the True Life Adventures and other live-action animal tales.

  • Ken O'Connor
    Role(s): Artist, Designer
    Achievements: Worked as a layout artist on 12 animated features, including Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and Cinderella, the latter for which he also designed the iconic pumpkin coach.

  • Roy Williams
    Role(s): Actor, Artist
    Achievements: A story artist at Disney since the 1930s, he later gained fame as the "Big Mooseketeer" on The Mickey Mouse Club; he also designed the show's famous ear hats.


  • Pinto Colvig
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Original voice actor of Pluto and Goofy.

  • Buddy Ebsen
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played Davy Crockett in Davy Crockett.

  • Peter Ellenshaw
    Role(s): Artist, Designer
    Achievements: Major matte artist on Walt Disney's studio classics from 1949 to his retirement in 1979.

  • Blaine Gibson
    Role(s): Animator, Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Inbetweener and assistant animator working on most features through 101 Dalmatians. Later became known as a key sculptor and modelmaker at Disneyland and other subsequent parks/resorts.

  • Harper Goff
    Role(s): Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Art director for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, later assisted in designing Disneyland.

  • Irving Ludwig
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Vice president (1953-1959) and later president (1959-1980) of Buena Vista Distribution Co., helped distribute Disney films.

  • Jimmy MacDonald
    Role(s): Actor, Sound Effect Editor
    Achievements: Voice of Mickey Mouse from 1948 to 1977, original head of the Disney sound effects department.

  • Clarence Nash
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Voice of Donald and Daisy Duck from 1934 to 1985.

  • Donn Tatum
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Served in various executive positions with Disney, later Chairman from 1971 to 1980.

  • Card Walker
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Major Disney executive who oversaw the studio during its Dark Years. He remained an adviser to the studio until his death in 2005, and his last 6 years were as Director Emeritus.


  • Adriana Caselotti
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: The voice of Snow White in Walt's original animated timeless classic.

  • Bill Cottrell
    Role(s): Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Animator who was one of the sequence directors on Walt Disney's Signature Classic, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, also of the screenwriters for The Reluctant Dragon, later served as vice president of Imagineering.

  • Marvin Davis
    Role(s): Director, Imagineer
    Achievements: Master planner for Disneyland, later helped direct Disney films and television series.

  • Van France
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Founder of the Disney University training program.

  • David Hand
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: The director of many of Disney's animal cartoons, and was the director of Snow White and Bambi. He would later go over to Europe to make the obscure, short lived Animaland cartoon series.

  • Jack Lindquist
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: President of Disneyland from 1990 to 1993.

  • Bill Martin
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Contributed to the designs of many attractions, including Sleeping Beauty Castle, Snow White’s Adventures, Peter Pan’s Flight, and more.

  • Paul J. Smith
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composer for many early Disney films.

  • Frank Wells
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements:President of the Walt Disney Company from 1984 to 1994.

  • Wally Boag
    Role(s): Actor, Attractions
    Achievements: Disneyland performer who was attached to the character of Tigger in Winnie The Pooh and the Blustery Day, but got replaced by Paul Winchell. Starred in the Golden Horseshoe Revue and The Enchanted Tiki Room. Served as a mentor to a young Steve Martin.

  • Fulton Burley
    Role(s): Actor, Attractions
    Achievements: Performer in Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe Revue and The Enchanted Tiki Room.

  • Dean Jones
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor in various Walt Disney Studios films.

  • Angela Lansbury
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Actress who was the lead in Bedknobs and Broomsticks and who is the regular voice of Mrs. Potts in the Beauty and the Beast series; she also introduced the final number in Fantasia 2000.

  • Edward Meck
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Helped advertise the newly-opened Disney theme park.

  • Bob Allen
    Role(s): Attractions, Executive
    Achievements: Vice president of Walt Disney World from 1977 to 1987.

  • Rex Allen (no relation)
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Narrator of many Walt Disney nature films.

  • Xavier "X" Atencio
    Role(s): Animator, Imagineer
    Achievements: Inbetweener and assistant animator on Fantasia. He also wrote the scripts for the original Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion attractions, as well as writing Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me and Grim Grinning Ghosts.

  • Betty Lou Gerson
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Actress who voiced Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians, the opening narrator in Cinderella, and made a cameo in Mary Poppins.

  • Bill Justice
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Animator on some of the classic Disney cartoons.

  • Bob Matheison
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Helped develop Walt Disney World and create its executive training program.

  • Sam McKim
    Role(s): Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Sketched various Disneyland rides and maps.

  • Bob Moore
    Role(s): Animator, Artist
    Achievements: Helped animate several classic Disney films, later worked in publicity and marketing.

  • Bill Peet
    Role(s): Animator, Writer
    Achievements: Began his Disney career as an In-Betweener, and got recognized for his original characters designs, working his way up to storyboard artist, and eventually becoming a Story Man in his own right, working on full-length films and shorts before a personal falling out with Walt Disney led to Bill leaving the company and eventually becoming an acclaimed children's author..

  • William Everett "Joe" Potter
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Served as governor of the Panama Canal Zone from 1959 to 1960 before joining Disney, responsible for building much of the underground infrastructure for Walt Disney World.


To celebrate Disneyland Paris' 5th anniversary, all of 1997's Disney Legends are European, with the ceremony held at said park.

  • Lucien Ades
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: His record company composed many read-along album books for Disney films.

  • Angel Angelopoulos
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in Greece and the Mediterranean countries, establish the California Institute for the Arts.

  • Antonio Bertini
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in Italy.

  • Armand Bigle
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in Europe and beyond.

  • Gaudenzio Capelli
    Role(s): Publisher
    Achievements: Helped market and publish Disney works in Italy.

  • Roberto de Leonardis
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Helped translate various Disney films.

  • Cyril Edgar
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in the United Kingdom.

  • Wally Feignoux
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in France.

  • Didier Fouret
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Helped publish Disney works in France.

  • Mario Gentilini
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Helped publish and edit Mickey Mouse's Topolino magazine in Italy.

  • Cyril James
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Managing director for Disney in the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Horst Koblischek
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Helped market and publish Disney in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

  • Gunnar Mansson
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in the Nordic countries.

  • Arnoldo Mondadori
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Published and managed Disney's Topolino magazine in Italy.

  • Armand Palivoda
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Distributed Disney films in Switzerland.

  • Poul Brahe Pedersen
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Helped publish Donald Duck in the Nordic countries.

  • André Vanneste
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Helped publish Disney comics in Europe.

  • Paul Winkler
    Role(s): Publishing
    Achievements: Created the very successful magazine Le Journal de Mickey in France, and several other magazines.


  • James Algar
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Animator on Snow White, the animation director of The Sorceror's Apprentice segment of Fantasia, and directed sequences in Bambi and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

  • Buddy Baker
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Scored various Disney films.

  • Kathryn Beaumont
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Voiced Alice in Alice In Wonderland and Wendy in Peter Pan.

  • Virginia Davis
    Role(s): Actress, Animation
    Achievements: Child actress who tried out for roles in Snow White and Pinocchio, but didn't make the cut. Later starred in the Alice Comedies as Alice. She did have a stint in Disney's Ink and Paint division.

  • Roy E. Disney
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Roy O. Disney's son and Walt's nephew. He spent much of his life in Disney as a writer, editor, producer, and eventually executive on the board. He ousted Ron Miller to save the company, bringing Michael Eisner (who brought Jeffrey Katzenberg with him) and Frank Wells to shake things up. During the Disney Renaissance, he became head of the animation department. He and Eisner fell out due to the latter's Executive Meddling and ousted Eisner out too. He returned to the company in 2005 as Director Emeritus until his death in 2009.

  • Don Escen
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Assistant to Roy O. Disney, in charge of Disney's financial affairs.

  • Roberto de Leonardis
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Helped translate various Disney films.

  • Wilfred Jackson
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Animator for several Disney animated features.

  • Glynis Johns
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Played Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins.

  • Kay Kamen
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped license Disney characters.

  • Paul Kenworthy
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Directed various Disney nature documentaries.

  • Larry Lansburgh
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Producer and cameraman for various Disney films.

  • Hayley Mills
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: British actress who appeared in several Disney Studio Classics, most notably The Parent Trap, which had her playing twins.

  • Al and Elma Milotte
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Produced various Disney nature documentaries.

  • Norman Palmer
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Edited True Life Adventures The Living Desert, The African Lion, Water Birds, The Shaggy D.A., and The Legend of Lobo.

  • Lloyd Richardson
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Edited various Disney films.

  • Kurt Russell
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor who appeared in several Disney Studio Classics, including The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and The Strongest Man In The World, voiced adult Copper in The Fox and the Hound, and then played Steve Strong in Sky High and Peter Quill's father Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  • Ben Sharpsteen
    Role(s): Animator, Director
    Achievements: Was an early animator for Disney, and became a sequence director on Snow White, co-director on Pinocchio, director of Dumbo, production supervisor on Fantasia, Fun and Fancy Free, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.

  • Masatomo Takahashi
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped establish Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Vladimir "Bill" Tytla
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's most skilled animators, doing the animation for Grumpy in Snow White, Chernabog in Fantasia, and Stromboli in Pinocchio. Left Disney in the early 40's to work at other studios like Famous Studios and Terrytoons after he became part of the infamous Disney strike, and he regretted never working with Disney again for the rest of his life.

  • Dick Van Dyke
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played Bert and Mr. Dawes Sr. in Mary Poppins and Mr. Dawes Jr. in Mary Poppins Returns.

  • Matsuo Yokoyama
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Helped market Disney in Japan.


  • Tim Allen
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: The voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series and the lead in The Santa Clause movies.

  • Mary Costa
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: The voice of Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

  • Norm Ferguson
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of Disney's most loved animators, known for his excellent personality animation, as well as his contributions to the character of Pluto and his subsequent short subject series. Noteworthy work of his includes the famous flypaper scene from "Playful Pluto", the Witch from Snow White and Honest John and Gideon from Pinocchio. Directing animator on Snow White and Peter Pan.

  • Yale Gracey
    Role(s): Animation, Imagineer
    Achievements: Writer, imagineer, and layout artist for several Disney films and theme park attractions.

  • Al Konetzni
    Role(s): Merchandising
    Achievements: Helped develop and market Disney merchandise.

  • Hamilton Luske
    Role(s): Animation
    Achievements: Was the man who brought several of the Nine Old Men into Disney, and one of the directors of Lady And The Tramp.

  • Dick Nunis
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: The boss of the Disney theme parks throughout the Dark Years, his success with the parks made him one of the few executives to survive the 1984 management shift.

  • Charlie Ridgway
    Role(s): Attractions
    Achievements: Major player in coordinating media coverage of Walt Disney World, including a Donald Duck 50th birthday show.


  • Grace Bailey
    Role(s): Animation
    Achievements: Oversaw and developed Disney's inking and painting.

  • Harriet Burns
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: First female Imagineer.

  • Joyce Carlson
    Role(s): Artist, Imagineer
    Achievements: Helped design the It's a Small World attraction.

  • Ron Dominguez
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Former vice president of Walt Disney Attractions.

  • Cliff Edwards
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: The original voice actor for Jiminy Cricket from Walt Disney's Masterpiece Pinocchio to his death in 1971.

  • Becky Fallberg
    Role(s): Animation
    Achievements: Longtime Disney member, manager of the Ink and Paint Department from 1975 to 1986.

  • Dick Jones
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: The voice of Pinocchio in the original masterpiece.

  • Dodie Roberts
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Animator for Fantasia, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

  • Retta Scott
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Disney's first woman animator to receive a screen credit, in Bambi.

  • Ruthie Tompson
    Role(s): Animator, Artist
    Achievements: Scene planner and final checker for animation cels.

The ceremony took place on what would have been Walt Disney's 100th birthday, and was held at the Walt Disney: One Man's Dream attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

  • Howard Ashman
    Role(s): Composer / Writer
    Achievements: Was the lyricist on songs for The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin.

  • Bob Broughton
    Role(s): Photography / Effects
    Achievements: Worked behind the camera and created photographic effects for films like Fantasia, Mary Poppins and The Black Hole.

  • George Bruns
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composed the scores and songs for many of Disney's films, television shows and theme parks for over 20 years, including Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred And One Dalmatians and The Love Bug.

  • Frank Churchill
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composed the score and songs for films like The Three Little Pigs, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Bambi.

  • Leigh Harline
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composed the scores and songs for films like The Old Mill, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio.

  • Fred Joerger
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Created many scale models of film sets and theme park attractions, including Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle, and later served as field art director for EPCOT Center.

  • Alan Menken
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Created the score and songs for many of Disney's animated features during their "renaissance" period, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin.

  • Marty Sklar
    Role(s): Imagineer / Writer
    Achievements: Worked closely with Walt Disney on many Imagineering projects, and eventually served as president and vice-chairman of Walt Disney Imagineering.

  • Ned Washington
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Was the lyricist on songs for Pinocchio and Dumbo, including the immortal "When You Wish Upon a Star".

  • Tyrus Wong
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Helped to establish the distinctive visual style for Bambi.

In honor of the opening of the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, all 2002 inductees are of European origin. The ceremony was held in the Animation building at the new park on opening day.

  • Ken Annakin
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Director of two live-action Disney films.

  • Hugh Attwooll
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Worked on a number of live-action Disney films.

  • Maurice Chevalier
    Role(s): Singer
    Achievements: Performed the opening song of The Aristocats.

  • Phil Collins
    Role(s): Singer
    Achievements: Composed and sang the eponymous character's songs in Tarzan as well as songs in Brother Bear.

  • John Mills
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played William Robinson in Swiss Family Robinson.

  • Robert Newton
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played Long John Silver in Treasure Island.

  • Tim Rice
    Role(s): Songwriter
    Achievements: Helped to write award-winning songs for Aladdin and The Lion King.

  • Robert Stevenson
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Director of several Disney Live-Action Classics, the most notable being Mary Poppins.

  • Richard Todd
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor in several live-action Disney films.

  • David Tomlinson
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Portrayed George Banks in Mary Poppins, Peter Thorndyke in The Love Bug and Emelius Browne in Bedknobs And Broomsticks.


  • Neil Beckett
    Role(s): Merchandising
    Achievements: Helped market and license Disney in New Zealand.

  • Tutti Camarata
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Co-founded Disneyland Records (today Walt Disney Records)

  • Edna Disney
    Role(s): Family
    Achievements: Wife of Roy O. Disney, a source of support for the Disney family, company, and employees.

  • Lillian Disney
    Role(s): Family
    Achievements: Walt Disney's wife. She worked as an inker and secretary in the company's early days, acting as a conservative foil to her husband's daring. Following Walt's death, she worked along Roy to complete Walt Disney World, and helped fund CalArts.

  • Orlando Ferrante
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Vice presidents of engineering, design, and production from 1979 to 2002.

  • Richard Fleischer
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Son of Fleischer studio founder Max Fleischer. A director who helmed a multitude of Disney films, the most notable being 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  • Floyd Gottfredson
    Role(s): Animator, Artist
    Achievements: Got his start as an early Disney animator, but moved on to being the top artist for the Mickey Mouse comic strip for 45 years.

  • Buddy Hackett
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor who appeared in The Love Bug and The Little Mermaid; the latter movie had him voicing Scuttle the Seagull.

  • Harrison Price
    Role(s): Research
    Achievements: Research economist who was crucial in the siting and development of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  • Al Taliaferro
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Worked on the Donald Duck comic strip.

  • Ilene Woods
    Role(s): Actress, Singer
    Achievements: The voice of Cinderella in the original masterpiece.


  • Bill Anderson
    Role(s): Producer
    Achievements: Produced a handful of Disney live-action films, and served on Disney's board of directors.

  • Tim Conway
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Actor who co-starred with Don Knotts in several Dark Age Disney films.

  • Rolly Crump
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Major Imagineer who designed a good chunk of Disneyland attractions and shops, including It's a Small World.

  • Alice Davis
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Wife of Marc Davis, helped develop costumers for film, television, and theme parks.

  • Karen Dotrice
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Child actress who played Jane Banks in Mary Poppins and appeared in The Three Lives of Thomasina and The Gnome-Mobile; all three movies had her co-star with Matthew Garber. Dotrice retired from acting in 1984.

  • Matthew Garber
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Child actor who played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins along with The Three Lives of Thomasina and The Gnome-Mobile; all three movies had him co-starring with Karen Dotrice.

  • Leonard Goldenson
    Role(s): Television
    Achievements: Former president of ABC.

  • Bob Gurr
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Imagineer who designed most of the ride vehicles at Disneyland.

  • Ralph Kent
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Developed training materials, souvenirs, and marketing for Disney rides.

  • Irwin Kostal
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Broadway composer who worked on Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Pete's, and Mickey's Christmas Carol along with a rerecording of Fantasia.

  • Mel Shaw
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Titles designer for The Rescuers and other films. He got started with Bambi, but left to enter World War II, though he returned to Disney 32 years later. His final film was The Lion King.


To celebrate Disneyland's 50th anniversary, all of 2005's Legends are individuals who made some contribution to the theme parks.

  • Chuck Abbott
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: One of Disneyland’s foremost Attractions Hosts.

  • Milt Albright
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Accountant, designer, and manager for Disney parks.

  • Hideo Amemiya
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Served in executive positions at Disney resorts in Japan.

  • Hideo "Indian" Aramaki
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Trained many chefs for Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Charles Boyer
    Role(s): Artist, Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Drew art for Disneyland.

  • Randy Bright
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Vice president of development for shows and attractions at Disneyland.

  • James Cora
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: In charge of managing and planning for Disney's international parks.

  • Robert Jani
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Produced numerous Disneyland festivities and shows.

  • Mary Jones
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: In charge of Disneyland's Community Relations and international relations.

  • Art Linkletter
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Commentator for the opening day ceremonies for Disneyland who returned for the park's 50th anniversary.

  • Mary Anne Mang
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Public Relations Manager for Disneyland.

  • Steve Martin
    Role(s): Actor, Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: The accomplished actor got his start on Disney's Jungle Cruise; he also introduced the second number in Fantasia 2000, and co-hosted Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years.

  • Tom Nabbe
    Role(s): Actor, Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Played Tom Sawyer as a boy on Tom Sawyer Island, later managed other attractions.

  • Jack Olsen
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Manager of Disneyland's Merchandising Division.

  • Cicely Rigdon
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Supervisor of Guest Relations at Disneyland, later helped lead and develop the Disneyland Ambassador Program.

  • William Sullivan
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Operations supervisor at Disneyland, later performed supervisory work for Walt Disney World.

  • Jack Wagner
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Noted radio host and narrator for various Disneyland advertisements and announcements.

  • Vesey Walker
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Bandmaster of the Disneyland Band.


  • Tim Considine
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Appeared in several Disney television shows.

  • Kevin Corcoran
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Former child actor who appeared in a multitude of Disney projects as a child.

  • Al Dempster
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Animator who worked with Walt during the Golden Years.

  • Don Edgren
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Worked on structural design during construction of Walt Disney theme parks.

  • Paul Frees
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Voice actor who is in Donald In Mathmagic Land and The Haunted Mansion.

  • Elton John
    Role(s): Composer / Singer
    Achievements: The composer of the songs for The Lion King.

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Oversaw the rise of the Walt Disney Music Company, served as its president from 1970-1975.

  • Tommy Kirk
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Teen actor who starred in several Disney Studios Classics, including Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog, and The Absent-Minded Professor.

  • Joe Ranft
    Role(s): Animator, Actor
    Achievements: Noted animator and voice actor for Pixar.

  • David Stollery
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Appeared in various Disney television programs in the 1960s.

  • Ginny Tyler
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Voice actress for many Disney productions.


  • Roone Arledge
    Role(s): Television
    Achievements: President of ABC Sports from 1968 to 1986, president of ABC News from 1977 to 1998.

  • Art Babbitt
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Most known for turning Goofy into the character we all know and love. He also animated such characters as the Wicked Queen in Snow White, Geppetto in Pinocchio, the mushrooms in the Nutcracker Suite scene of Fantasia, and the stork in Dumbo—as well as contributing to the disastrous 1941 Disney studio strike, which led to his termination and feud with Walt and his family that went on until the 90's.

  • Carl Bongirno
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Oversaw the growth and development of Disney's theme parks through the 1980s.

  • Marge Champion
    Role(s): Actress, Animation
    Achievements: Actress, dance model, and choreographer for various Disney works.

  • Dick Huemer
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Former Fleischer veteran who became a prominent animator, storyboard artist and writer for the studio throughout the decades. He even directed two shorts; "The Whalers" and "Goofy and Wilbur".

  • Ron Logan
    Role(s): Parks & Resorts
    Achievements: Former Fleischer veteran who became a prominent animator, storyboard artist and writer for the studio throughout the decades. He even directed two shorts; "The Whalers" and "Goofy and Wilbur". Was later responsible for casting and organizing live events for Disney theme parks.

  • Lucille Martin
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Secretary to Walt Disney, later vice president and special assistant to the Walt Disney Company Board of Directors.

  • Tom Murphy
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Vice president of Capital Cities/ABC Inc., oversaw the company's growth.

  • Randy Newman
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composer for a multitude of Pixar movies as well as The Princess And The Frog.

  • Floyd Norman
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: One of the first African-Americans hired by the studio. To this day he still works at Disney as a storyboard artist.

  • Bob Schiffer
    Role(s): Film
    Achievements: Head of Disney's makeup department from 1968 to 2001.

  • Dave Smith
    Role(s): Archives
    Achievements: Founder and former chief archivist at the Walt Disney Archives


  • Wayne Allwine
    Role(s): Actor / Sound Effect Editor / Foley Artist
    Achievements: Official voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years (1977-2009)

  • Bob Booth
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Helped set up the Manufacturing and Production Organization, or MAPO, which was responsible for research and development for Disney productions, which he led from 1965 to 1985.

  • Neil Gallagher
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Worked in Disney's machine shop, assisted in the development of new Audio-Animatronics, served in various leadership roles with Disney Theme Parks.

  • Frank Gifford
    Role(s): Sports commentator
    Achievements: Worked on Disney's Wide World of Sports.

  • Burny Mattinson
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Animator who started with Robin Hood and directed The Great Mouse Detective.

  • Walter Peregoy
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Color and background artist on a handful of Disney projects, assisted with architectural development of EPCOT.

  • Dorothea Redmond
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Participated in building and interior design at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  • Russi Taylor
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Voice of Minnie Mouse for 33 years (1986-2019)

  • Toshio Kagami
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: CEO of Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • Barbara Walters
    Role(s): Television
    Achievements: Host of a number of television programs, including ABC News.

  • Oliver Wallace
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Music director on a multitude of Disney projects and cartoons, as well as being the live reference models for both Dopey and Sneezy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


  • Tony Anselmo
    Role(s): Actor / Animator
    Achievements: Initially serving as an animator on films like The Little Mermaid and Beauty And The Beast, he has served as the official voice of Donald Duck since 1985.

  • Harry Archinal
    Role(s): Management
    Achievements: A pioneer of international film distribution, he served as president of Buena Vista International from 1972 to 1988.

  • Bea Arthur
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: She portrayed the character of "Dorothy Zbornak" on Touchstone Television's The Golden Girls.

  • Bill Farmer
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: He has served as the official voices of Goofy and Pluto since 1986.

  • Estelle Getty
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: She portrayed the character of "Sophia Petrillo" on Touchstone Television's The Golden Girls.

  • Don Iwerks
    Role(s): Engineer / Imagineer
    Achievements: The son of Ub Iwerks, he once headed the Disney Studio's machine shop and camera departments. His accomplishments for Disney's theme parks include the CircleVision 360 process, Captain EO and Star Tours.

  • Rue McClanahan
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: She portrayed the character of "Blanche Devereaux" on Touchstone Television's The Golden Girls.

  • Leota Toombs Thomas
    Role(s): Artist / Imagineer
    Achievements: She worked as a sculptor and designer on many theme park attractions including Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion; her likeness was used for the character of "Madame Leota" for the latter attraction.

  • Betty White
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Portrayed the character of "Rose Nylund" on Touchstone Television's The Golden Girls.

  • Robin Williams
    Role(s): Actor / Comedian
    Achievements: After making his big break as the star of ABC's Mork And Mindy, he had roles in Disney-produced films like Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, Flubber and Good Will Hunting, the latter earning him an Academy Award.

  • Jodi Benson
    Role(s): Actress / Singer
    Achievements: Known for her role as "Princess Ariel" in The Little Mermaid and related projects, as well as other roles in Flubber and Enchanted.

  • Bo Boyd
    Role(s): Merchandising
    Achievements: Initially working his way up in merchandising for Disney's theme parks, he was instrumental in the creation and growth of Disney Consumer Products, eventually becoming its chairman from 1997 to 2001.

  • Jim Henson
    Role(s): Puppeteer / Actor / Writer / Director
    Achievements: Creator of The Muppets and the original performer for Kermit the Frog and many others.

  • Linda Larkin
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Provided the speaking voice of "Princess Jasmine" for Aladdin and related projects.

  • Paige O'Hara
    Role(s): Actress / Singer
    Achievements: Provided the voice of "Belle" in Beauty And The Beast and related projects.

  • Regis Philbin
    Role(s): Host / Actor
    Achievements: Hosted many programs for ABC, including Live with Regis and Kathy Lee/Kelly, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and the annual telecast of Walt Disney World's Very Merry Christmas Parade.

  • Anika Noni Rose
    Role(s): Actress / Singer
    Achievements: Provided the voice of "Tiana" in The Princess And The Frog.

  • Lea Salonga
    Role(s): Singer
    Achievements: Performed as the singing voices of "Princess Jasmine" from Aladdin and Mulan from Mulan.

  • Raymond Watson
    Role(s): Architecture / Management
    Achievements: As an architect, he worked with Walt Disney while he was planning his original vision for EPCOT. He later joined Disney's board of directors and later served as its chairman from 1983 to 1984. He remained on board as in the executive committee until his retirement in 2004.

  • Guy Williams
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Portrayed the title character of the Zorro television series.

  • Bonita Wrather
    Role(s): Actress / Producer / Entrepreneur
    Achievements: Originally an movie actress, she later married magnate Jack Wrather and played a key role in expanding his entertainment empire, including the opening of the Disneyland Hotel.

  • Jack Wrather
    Role(s): Entrepreneur / Producer
    Achievements: A tycoon known for his stakes in film, television and real estate, he served as the original owner of the Disneyland Hotel before his company sold it to Disney in 1988.

  • Tony Baxter
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Helped create many beloved attractions for Disney's theme parks, including Journey Into Imagination, Star Tours, Splash Mountain and Disneyland's re-imagined Submarine Voyage.

  • Collin Campbell
    Role(s): Artist / Designer / Imagineer
    Achievements: After joining Disney as an inbetweener and layout artist on projects like Lady And The Tramp and 'One-Hundred And One Dalmatians, he became an Imagineer for attractions like The Enchanted Tiki Room and Pirates Of The Caribbean''. He also helped establish the overall feel of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and served as art director for the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

  • Dick Clark
    Role(s): Host
    Achievements: Known as "America's oldest teenager", he hosted ABC's American Bandstand and the annual New Year's Rockin' Eve special until 2011.

  • Billy Crystal
    Role(s): Actor / Comedian
    Achievements: Hosted the Academy Awards ceremony for ABC nine times, and was also the voice of "Mike Wazowski" in Monsters Inc.

  • John Goodman
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Starred in the ABC series Roseanne, and in films like Arachnophobia, The Emperor's New Groove and Monsters Inc.

  • Steve Jobs
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Best known as the founder and CEO of Apple, he also served as chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios; following its acquisition by Disney, he was the company's majority shareholder until his death in 2011.

  • Glen Keane
    Role(s): Animator / Producer
    Achievements: Was a supervising animator on features like The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, Tarzan and Tangled.

  • Ed Wynn
    Role(s): Actor / Comedian
    Achievements: Had roles in Disney films like Alice In Wonderland, Babes In Toyland and Mary Poppins.

  • George Bodenheimer
    Role(s): Executive
    Achievements: Executive chairman of ESPN.

  • Andreas Deja
    Role(s): Animator
    Achievements: Started at Disney as a concept artist for The Black Cauldron, animated Mickey in The Prince and the Pauper, and was the supervising animator for King Triton, Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Hercules and Lilo. His most recent work was supervising the animation for Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh.

  • Johnny Depp
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Major actor who is well known for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; he also played The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland.

  • Eyvind Earle
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Background artist and color stylist on such films as Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp. He is also credited with giving the 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty its medieval look. Earle first rose to prominence at the studio in 1953, when an animated short that he worked on, "Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom", won both an Academy Award and a Cannes Film Festival Award.

  • Danny Elfman
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composed music for Tim Burton's Disney films and other films.

  • George Lucas
    Role(s): Director, executive
    Achievements: The founder of Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound as well as the original version of Pixar (before Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, and John Lasseter took over), he created Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the latter of which he helmed with friend and director Steven Spielberg. Eventually selling Lucasfilm to Disney, he became a major holder in Disney and began work on a new Star Wars series.

  • Susan Lucci
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Actress on ABC's All My Children.

  • Julie Reihm Casaletto
    Role(s): Ambassador
    Achievements: First Disneyland ambassador.

  • Carson Van Osten
    Role(s): Artist
    Achievements: Artist for various Disney comics.


  • Carrie Fisher
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Her role as "Leia Organa" in the Star Wars films.

  • Clyde Geromini
    Role(s): Animator / Director
    Achievements: Was an animator on the Silly Symphonies before becoming a director on Pluto shorts. Later served as a sequence director on features like Cinderella, Peter Pan and One Hundred And One Dalmatians, and as supervising director on Sleeping Beauty.

  • Whoopi Goldberg
    Role(s): Actress / Comedienne
    Achievements: Had roles in films like Sister Act, The Lion King and Toy Story 3, and as co-host of ABC's The View since 2007.

  • Manuel Gonzales
    Role(s): Comics / Publishing
    Achievements: Created artwork for the Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip from 1938 to 1981, as well as the Scamp daily strip from 1956 to 1981.

  • Mark Hamill
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: His role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, as well as voice roles in several animated series.

  • Wayne Jackson
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Was the first employee at MAPO, Walt Disney Imagineering's manufacturing and production arm, and was instrumental in the production of attractions for Disney theme parks around the world.

  • Jack Kirby
    Role(s): Comics / Publishing
    Achievements: Nicknamed "The King", he created comic book stories and characters for more than 50 years, including Marvel Comics mainstays like Captain America and the Fantastic Four.

  • Stan Lee
    Role(s): Publishing / Writer / Actor
    Achievements: After becoming the editor of Marvel Comics at age 18, he helped create many of their famous superheroes, including Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and the X-Men. In addition, he also made appearances in many of Marvel Studios' films, in one way or another.

  • Garry Marshall
    Role(s): Writer / Producer / Director / Actor
    Achievements: Created various ABC comedies like The Odd Couple, Happy Days and Mork And Mindy, and also directed films like Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries. As an actor, he appeared in Hocus Pocus, Chicken Little and Race To Witch Mountain.

  • Julie Taymor
    Role(s): Theater
    Achievements: Original director for the Broadway productions of The Lion King and Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

  • Oprah Winfrey
    Role(s): Actress / Journalist / Philanthropist
    Achievements: Hosted The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ran on many ABC stations for 25 years, also starred in films like Beloved and The Princess And The Frog.


  • Christina Aguilera
    Roles(s): Singer / Actress
    Achievements: Mouseketeer in the 1989-96 reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club. Performed the pop version of "Reflection" for the end credits and soundtrack to Mulan. Appeared in several ABC series and specials, including Dancing with the Stars, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and Nashville.

  • Wing Chao
    Role(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Helped Disney expand into the Chinese and Hong Kong markets.

  • Robert Downey Jr.
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • James Earl Jones
    Role(s): Actor
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King and Darth Vader in Rogue One.

  • Jon Favreau
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Directed live-action remakes of The Jungle Book and The Lion King.

  • Bette Midler
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Played the lead role in Hocus Pocus.

  • Kenny Ortega
    Role(s): Director
    Achievements: Directed Newsies, Hocus Pocus and every film in the High School Musical and Descendants series.

  • Barnette Ricci
    Role(s): Choreographer
    Achievements: Choreographed parades at Disneyland and Disney World, and directed the show Fantasmic for the theme parks.

  • Robin Roberts
    Role(s): Journalist
    Achievements: Co-host of Good Morning America.

  • Diane Sawyer
    Role(s): Journalist
    Achievements: Served as the ABC News anchor.

  • Ming-Na Wen
    Role(s): Actress
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Disney Princess Mulan.

  • Hans Zimmer
    Role(s): Composer
    Achievements: Composed the music for The Lion King and the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

  • Anthony Anderson
    Roles(s): Actor / Producer
    Achievements: Star and executive producer of black•ish, host of To Tell the Truth.

  • Kristen Bell
    Roles(s): Actress
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Anna in Frozen.

  • Chadwick Boseman
    Roles(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played T'Challa/Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Rob't Coltrin
    Roles(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Imagineer, later executive creative director of imagineering.

  • Patrick Dempsey
    Roles(s): Actor
    Achievements: Played Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy, and various other roles in Disney productions.

  • Robert Price "Bob" Foster
    Roles(s): Executive
    Achievements: Served in Disney's legal department, later oversaw the development of Lake Buena Vista and Disney's real estate interests.

  • Josh Gad
    Roles(s): Actor
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Olaf in Frozen and played LeFou in Beauty and the Beast (2017).

  • Jonathan Groff
    Roles(s): Actor
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Kristoff in Frozen.

  • Don Hahn
    Roles(s): Animator
    Achievements: Producer for many Disney films, including Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King (1994)

  • Doris Hardoon
    Roles(s): Imagineer
    Achievements: Imagineer who worked on many projects at various Disney resorts.

  • Idina Menzel
    Roles(s): Actress
    Achievements: Provided the voice of Elsa in Frozen.

  • Chris Montan
    Roles(s): Executive
    Achievements: Oversaw the soundtracks for many Disney films during the Disney Renaissance.

  • Ellen Pompeo
    Roles(s): Actress
    Achievements: Played Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy.

  • Tracee Ellis Ross
    Roles(s): Actress
    Achievements: Played Rainbow Johnson in black•ish, also producer and director of mixed•ish.