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Desura was, more-or-less, the indie gamer's Steam.

Created by Australian video gaming companies in 2009 under stealth development for two years, Desura used to be a digital distribution platform for computer games. Although it's not as well-known compared to digital distribution services such as Steam (though it was picking some attention), but Desura did have its own merits to stand out from its competitors. What set Desura apart from other digital distribution services was offering development tools for any would-be video game developer to create their own game and allow those to alpha-fund games (as in buy an early build of a game while it's under development), perform beta-testing, pre-release promotions, and more. Desura also offered user-created game mods and downloadable content.

Desura was also DRM-agnostic and had a wide number of DRM-free games, and does not by itself offer DRM services, though publishers and developers may choose to include DRM on Desura-distributed games. Although main focus of the service caters more to independently-made games, there are a few titles from mainstream publishers and developers also available. They also did Indie Royale bundles.


The distribution service has seen a fair share of ownership changes. In July 2013, Linden Lab announced that they have acquired Desura. Almost sixteen months later, they sold the service to Bad Juju Games, who quickly introduced a new Desura logo based on their company's logo. Said purchase did not work out for them, as they later filed for bankruptcy. This came after news that they had not been paying developers for some period of time. The site as well as the client servers went offline in March of 2016. The Denmark-based distributor OnePlay has bought out the Desura and Indie Royale assets from Bad Juju Games in October 2016, and is working on possibly re-launching the Desura platform in future.

Compare and contrast with Steam and GOG Dot Com.


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