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Generally speaking, DC Comics publishes four kinds of crisis crossover events:

  • The traditional event, comprised of a core limited series that runs between two and twelve issues in length, plus spinoffs and tie-ins with other titles. Examples: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, Dark Nights: Metal.
  • The self-contained event, which is confined to a single title, without any associated spinoffs or tie-ins. Examples: Legends, 52, Doomsday Clock.
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  • Crossover events, which are spread over a variety of titles, in lieu of a core limited series. Examples: The Death of Superman, Knightfall, Robin War.
  • The non-event publishing initiative, which aren't technically events, but share some sort of thematic connection that extends line-wide. They also tend to follow major traditional events, usually dealing with their aftermath to varying degrees over a year-long period. Examples: The New 52 (after Flashpoint), DC YOU (after Convergence), DC Rebirth.

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