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The Bram Stoker Awards (or "The Stokers") are yearly awards given by the Horror Writers of America (HWA) for works of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Named for Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, the award has been given out since 1987.

The Bram Stoker Award is only given for written works, so screenplays are eligible (since 1998), but movies are not. The primary categories are Novel, First Novel, Long Work (which covers both novellas and novelettes), Short Work, Screenplay, Anthology. Since 2011, there have also been categories for Young Adult works and graphic novels. There is also a Lifetime Achievement award.

In order to avoid competitiveness, and possible hard feelings, the award is described as being given for "superior achievement" rather than "best".

Compare the very similar Nebula Award for science fiction and fantasy.

Note on dates:

Unlike most awards, the Bram Stoker Awards are officially described as being "for" the year before they are given. Thus, the first award, given at the ceremony in 1988, is the Stoker Award for 1987.

Bram Stoker finalists with a page on this Wiki:

Novel (1987-present)

First Novel (1987-present)

Long Fiction (1987-present)

Work for Young Reader (1998-2004) / Young Adult Novel (2011-present)

Screenplay (1998-2004, 2011-present)

Lifetime Achievement (1987-present, winners only)