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Boise State's infamous blue field

Boise State University (Popularly called BSU) is the largest university in the State of Idaho. Located in the city of Boise, Idaho, it is best known for its football team and its blue football field, the first of its kind.

BSU was founded in 1932 as Boise Evangelical College (making it one of the few public schools in the US to be founded as a religious school) by Bishop Middleton Barnwell at St. Margaret’s Hall before being moved to its current location on the Boise River where the Boise airport used to be. The school grew in size and population until 1974 when the school was given its current name: Boise State University. The main campus currently fills the area between Capitol Avenue and Broadway.

The most famous attraction is Lyle Smith Field at Albertsons Stadium, popularly known as the Smurf Turf, the first non-green playing surface in the NCAA. First formed by Rule of Cool (the head coach at the time believed it would increase awareness for the school) the Broncos have an impressive 122–10 record at home since 2000 (the best in the top level of college football, Division I FBS), and the field is believed to be bad luck for opposing teams.


The Broncos football team has seen massive success in the late 2000s and 2010s, winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2007, 2010, and 2014. The team has rivalries with the University of Idaho Vandals (now dormant with the Vandals having dropped to the second-tier FCS), the BYU Cougars, and Fresno State Bulldogs.

Boise State has examples of the following tropes:

  • College Radio: Known as "University Pulse", it is completely online.
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Boise Episcopal Junior College -> Boise Junior College -> Boise College -> Boise State College -> Boise State University
  • Never Heard That One Before: Yes, Boise is not a state, it is a city; the "State" in the name refers to its status as a public institution. (Boise City University doesn’t have the same ring to it.)
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: The school's colors are blue and orange. Natch.
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  • Rule of Cool: The justification for the giant steel "B" in front of the administration building and the infamous Smurf Turf.
  • Serious Business: The Broncos football team has a very large following on campus and in the community, especially in recent years.
  • Underdogs Never Lose: How Boise State’s football team sees itself whenever they play a Power 5 conference team.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: The Bronco football team has gone undefeated twice in recent years but with no reasonable chance for a national championship due to not being in a competitive league.
  • Who Needs Overtime?: Subverted, then played straight with a variation in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl featuring Oklahoma and Boise State. After Oklahoma rallied to tie it up late, Boise State got the ball and attempted to drive for the winning score—and immediately threw an interception, allowing Oklahoma to take their first lead of the game, 35-28. Boise State scored a touchdown on a trick play with 7 seconds left, settling for the extra point and overtime. The Sooners got the ball first in OT, and future NFL superstar Adrian Peterson ran 25 yards for a touchdown on their first play. The Broncos then required a second trick play to get a touchdown, but rather than kicking the extra point and trying to win in double-OT, they pulled yet another trick play out of the playbook and got the 2-point conversion to win it 43-42 in OT—thus, a variation, "Who Needs Double-Overtime?"
  • Worthy Opponent: How most fans see BYU due to the rivalry being fairly new (they first started playing each other in 2003) and the competitive nature of both teams. BSU currently leads the series 7–5.

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