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Antigua and Barbuda are just one of the many countries with the Name and Name pattern.

It's a fun place; just the main island, Antigua, has about 365 beaches, one for each day. Despite its fun happenings, Antigua and Barbuda wasn't always this nice. This country speaks English, because the Spanish didn't wanted it, for two main reasons:
1) Scary Caribs who cannabalized often, and
2) Lack of water.

Nowadays, 91 percent of Antigua and Barbuda is African, descendants of slaves. Recently they have asked for reparations for their ancestors' enslavement.
Most of the population is in Antigua, by the way. The name of the country is Spanish for "Ancient and bearded".

Besides the two main islands, there are a bunch of tiny islets around the place. The biggest one of them is Redonda ("Rounded one"), named so by Columbus because from his POV it was, well, round (if he had circled it a bit more, he would have realized it's not that round). The island is completely uninhabitated and yet it's very popular, not so much by the country but by the Kingdom of Redonda, a micronation whose foundation history lies in legends. The kingdom not only has three different claimants because of it, but it has also "ennobled" many famous writers, actors, directors and others.


(In case you don't know, the official queen of Redonda, and the whole country, is Queen Elizabeth II).

The Antiguan/Barbudan flag

The red field stands for the people's energy. At the center is an inverted triangle containing an allegorical sunrise ushering the dawn of a new era, rising underneath a black sky (representing the people) and over the blue sea (blue can also symbolize hope) and white-sand shores. The overall "V"-shaped orientation of the flag signifies victory.

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