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The Annie Awards is an annual award given out by the Hollywood chapter of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA-Hollywood) honoring the best in animated films and television series.

The award was the brainchild of voice actress June Foray, and the ceremony was first held in 1972. At first, the awards were to honor veterans who contributed to the industry, but it soon started honoring the best in animation today.

Besides the usual awards, there are also several "special achievement awards", including...

  • June Foray Award: Awarded to those who made benevolent and charitable contributions to the art of animation.
  • Ub Iwerks Award: Awarded to individuals or companies for technical achievements that impacted the animation industry.
  • Winsor McCay Award: One of the industry's highest honors, this award is considered a lifetime achievement award given to those who made their mark on the animation industry.

Winners and nominees

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    Best Animated Feature 
Awarded to the best animated feature films of the year

    Best Animated Feature - Independent 
Since 2015, a separate award is given to the best independent animated feature films of the year.

    Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production 

    Best Voice Acting in a Feature Production 
Awarded to the best voice actors or voice actresses in a feature-length animated film. Note that in 1998, 2000 and 2001, the category was divided by gender.

    Music in an Animated Feature Production 
Awarded to the best music in an animated feature-length film that year

Juried Award Recipients

    June Foray Award 
  • 1995: June Foray
  • 1996: Bill & Fini Littlejohn
  • 1997: Phyliss Craig
  • 1998: Mantran Manoogian
  • 1999: Dave Master
  • 2000: Linda Simensky
  • 2001: Leonard Maltin
  • 2002: Girard R. Miller
  • 2003: Martha Sigall
  • 2004: Bill Moritz
  • 2005: Mark Kausler
  • 2006: Stephen Worth
  • 2007: Jerry Beck
  • 2008: Bill Turner
  • 2009: Tom Sito
  • 2010: Ross Iwamoto
  • 2011: Art Leonardi
  • 2012: Howard Green
  • 2013: Alice Davis
  • 2014: Charles Solomon
  • 2015: Don Hahn
  • 2016: Bill & Sue Kroyer
  • 2017: Didier Ghez
  • 2018: Adam Burke
  • 2019: Jeanette Bonds
  • 2020: Daisuke Tsutsumi
  • 2021: Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita
  • 2022: Mindy Johnson

    Winsor McCay Award