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A list of notable animation or visual effects companies, sorted mostly by country or region.

Active Studios

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    Non-Asian animation, visual effects and post-production studios 
  • AnimaxFYB Studios - Based in Ghana.
  • Sea Monster Entertainment - Based in South Africa, formed by ex-Clockwork Zoo employees after that company abrutply closed down.
  • Triggerfish Animation Studios - Based in South Africa, but also has a branch in Ireland.

    Chinese/Hong Kong animation studios 

    Indian animation studios 

    Philippine animation studios 

    Taiwanese animation studios 
  • Bicycle Animation Studio
  • BV Animation Studio
  • CGCG Inc
  • DOYOPINS Animation Co.,Ltd
  • H.C.Studio Animation Co., Ltd.
  • Joy-Team Animation Production Co., Ltd. - Formally known as Joy-Team Anime Production Co., Ltd.
  • Nada Anime
  • SOFA Studio
  • Spring House Entertainment Inc.
  • Wang Film Productions (宏廣股份有限公司) - One the biggest overseas studios in the world.
  • Yu-Sheng Animation Studio - A studio in Taiwan.

    South Korean animation studios 

    Major Japanese animation studios 
The major animation studios in Japan.

    Minor Japanese animation studios 
While not as big as the major animation studios in Japan. These animation studios still mostly do their own productions and tend not to rely on outsourcing from bigger studios.

    Japanese adult animation studios 
These studios specialize in producing or animating adult-oriented anime (or hentai).
  • Milky (ミルキー)
  • Pink Pineapple (ピンクパイナップル)
  • Pixy (ピクシー)
  • Seven (セブン)
  • T-Rex (ティーレックス)

    Supporting Japanese animation studios 
Animation studios that tend to do mostly do outsourcing for bigger animation studios in Japan. With only a handful of productions, if that.
Major/notable sub-contractors
  • Acca Effe
  • ACCEL/Axel
  • Ad Cosmo (アドコスモ)/Studio Cosmo (スタジオ・コスモ)
  • Albion
  • Anime Torotoro (アニメトロトロ)
  • Anime Workshop Basara (アニメ工房婆娑羅)
  • Anitus Kobe (アニタス神戸)
  • Arcturus
  • Asterism
  • Asunaro Studio (あすなろスタジオ)
  • AZETA Pictures (アゼータピクチャーズ)
  • Beat Frog
  • Beep
  • BeStack
  • Big Owl (ビッグオウル)
  • Buyu (武遊)
  • Chiptune (チップチューン)
  • CLC (aka CL Corporation)
  • Code
  • Core (コア)
  • Creators in Pack (also has an Indonesian branch)
  • C-Station
  • Cube Emotion
  • D'Art Shtajio (デ・アート シタジオ)
  • Dangun Pictures (ダンガン・ピクチャーズ)
  • D-Motion
  • DCI
  • DEF.C
  • Delta Peak Production (デルタ・ピーク・プロダクション)
  • Digicrafts (デジクラフト)
  • Eagle Nest (イーグルネスト)
  • Fan Out (ファンアウト)
  • Gingaya (銀画屋)
  • Group ZEN (グループゼン)
  • Hayashi (ハヤシ株式会社)
  • Headworks (ヘッドワークス)
  • I&S Factory
  • ingresA
  • Japan Vistec
  • Jinbun (じんぶん)
  • Land Q Studios (ランドック・スタジオ)
  • Lightfoot (ライトフット)
  • Marvy Jack
  • Meta Studio
  • Mouse (マウス)
  • Peace & Kindness
  • PRA
  • Rocket Vision
  • Shogakukan Music And Digital Entertainment: Shogakukan's music publishing arm and CGI unit.
  • Soratia
  • Studio Add (スタジオアド)
  • Studio Blanc (スタジオブラン)
  • Studio Boomerang (スタジオブーメラン)
  • Studio Core: Also known as Studio COA.
  • Studio Gash (スタジオガッシュ)
  • Studio Gimlet (スタジオギムレット)
  • Studio Izena (スタジオイゼナ)
  • Studio Kelmadick
  • Studio Liberty (スタジオリバティ)
  • Studio Myu (スタジオミュウ; AKA Studio μ)
  • Studio Peacock (スタジオピーコック): Also just known as Peacock.
  • Studio Ribla (スタジオりぶら)
  • Studio Road (スタジオロード)
  • Studio Robin (スタジオロビン)
  • Studio Victory (st.ビクトリー)
  • Studio Zaendou (スタジオ座円洞)
  • Tanto (タント)
  • Wafu Animation (和風アニメーション)
  • Xenron (神龍) (also has a branch in Thailand)
  • Yuhodo (遊歩堂)

Background studios
Photography studios

    Other Asian animation studios 
  • Armada TMT - A studio in Vietnam.
  • Center for the Intellectual Development of Child and Adolescent - A studio in Iran, also known as Kanoon.
  • Infinite Frameworks - A studio in Singapore, with a sister studio in Indonesia.
  • Inspidea - A studio in Malaysia.
  • OLM Asia - A studio in Malaysia that serves as a satellite studio of OLM Incorporated.
  • Oktobor Animation - A studio in New Zealand which has mostly worked on Nick's CGI series.
  • Pitchi Poy - A studio in Israel.
  • Scrawl Studios - A studio in Singapore.
  • Sparky Animation Studio - A studio in Singapore.
  • Studio Paek-ho - A studio in North Korea.
  • Sao Sang - A studio in Vietnam.
  • Nam Hai Art - A studio in Vietnam
  • SEK Studio - A studio in North Korea that mostly does contract work for South Korean studios, which said studios get their contracts from the United States. The studio has also done shows for Europe as well.
  • VINACOM - A studio in Vietnam.
  • Vision Animation - Based in Malaysia.

    Anime distributors 

Defunct/dormant Studios Studios that are either out of business or out of work.

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    North American animation studios 

    Asian animation studios 

     Philippine animation studios 
  • Form Toonworks Manila
  • Fil-Cartoons - A studio in The Philippines that's best known for working with Hanna-Barbera during The '90s, and working on the first season of Ren & Stimpy. Its last work was on Fairy Tale Police Department in 2002.
  • Island Animation - A studio in The Philippines. Hasn't worked on a production since 1992.
  • Kennedy Cartoons - Based in Canada, but the studio has a unit in the The Philippines as well. Its last work under its old name was in 1997. It is now known as Kennedy Animation.
  • Moving Images International - Sort of a precursor to Toon City, sharing many of the same staff members. Went down in the late '90s.
  • New Dawn Studios - A studio in The Philippines. Worked on Hoze Houndz, Simsala Grimm, and a few other shows. Last credits listed are well over a decade ago.
  • One Shot Pro - A studio in The Philippines, operated by Glen Kennedy. Seemingly, its only credits were for Hoze Houndz.
  • Optifex - Based in the Philippines. Mostly worked on Hanna-Barbera series, uncredited.
  • Rainbow Animation - See Rainbow Group below.
  • STEC
  • Tradewinds - Based in The Philippines. Last work was in 2002.

     Taiwanese animation studios 
  • Anitime - Has done a few episodes of ¡Mucha Lucha! and uncredited work on many other shows.
  • Chinese Cartoon Production Co., Ltd.
  • Color Key Studios - Seemingly, its only credit was for one episode of Ren & StimpyList .
  • Far Eastern (遠東動画科技股份有限公司)
  • SMEC Media and Entertainment - Based in Taiwan. Last activity was in 2005.
  • Ying Jen Cartoon Production Center (影人卡通製作中心)

     Chinese animation studios 
  • Jade Animation (深圳市翡翠動画制作有限公司) - A studio in Shenzhen. Hasn't worked on a production since 2009.
  • Morning Sun - Hasn't worked on a production since 2002.
  • Pacific Rim Animation - Also has a sister studio in the Philippines. Hasn't been credited on a show since 1995.
  • Van Gogh (梵谷)

    South Korean animation studios 

    Japanese animation studios 
  • ACC Production
  • Animation 21 (アニメーション21)
  • Anime Friend (アニメフレンド)
  • Anime Spot (アニメ・スポット) - Asorbed into Studio Elle in 2012.
  • Araki Productions (荒木プロ)
  • Arms Corporation (アームス)
  • Artland (アートランド)
  • Aubec (アウベック)
  • Bebow (ビーボォー) - Tomonori Kogawa's studio; dissolved in 1988.
  • Bee Train (ビィートレイン) - Once a unit of Production I.G but has split off.
  • Canvas Inc. - Did the openings for Super Mario World and ProStars, and a few episodes of Real Story Of....
  • Circus Production (サーカスプロダクション)
  • DAST Corparation - also known as Dust.
  • Daume (童夢)
  • Decoloco
  • Dream Force
  • Easy Film/E&G Films (イージー・フィルム) - Originally known as Easy World Pro.
  • EIV Pro - Worked on Burn Up!.
  • EMUAI (エムアイ) - Succeeded by Wish.
  • Frontier Enterprises - A Tokyo-based English-dubbing house.
  • Frontier Pictures: An obscure studio who has worked only for Walt Disney Animation Japan.
  • Frontline (フロントライン) - Several of its staff would go on to form SILVER LINK..
  • Green Box (グリーン・ボックス)
  • Green Bunny: No productions since 2006.
  • Group Joy (グループジョイ)
  • Group TAC (グループ・タック) - Mostly known for Tama and Friends and Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.
  • Grouper Productions (グルーパープロダクション) - Founded by ex-Sanrio staff (including Masami Hata) after the latter shut down its animation studio. They were best known for their work on the 90's Hello Kitty anime.
  • Hal Film Maker (ハルフィルムメーカー) - Became TYO in 2009.
  • Hoso Doga Seisaku (放送動画制作)
  • Japan Tele-Cartoons: Currently known as "Fuji TV Enterprise".
  • Jec.E (ジェック・イー) - Became Studio Elle's animation department in 2005.
  • Jin Productions
  • J.O. Studio: Later renamed "Toho Eiga Kyoto Satsueijo".
  • Kamenari World - Worked on Burn Up!.
  • Kaname Productions (カナメプロダクション) - Filed for bankruptcy in 1988.
  • Kitahara Production (北原プロ)
  • Kitty Films (キティフィルム): Established in 1972 and best known for Ranma ½. Not technically defunct, but majorly shifted gears in the 2000s to become a talent agency.
  • KK C&D Asia - Founded by Tetsuo Katayama and Shigeru Akagawa after they left TMS, the studio is mostly known for The Real Ghostbusters
  • Kobayashi Production (小林プロダクション)
  • KSS (ケイエスエス)
  • Maki Pro (マキ・プロ)
  • Manglobe (マングローブ) - Filed for bankruptcy on September 30, 2015.
  • Märchen-Sha (メルヘン社)
  • Marcus
  • Minamimachi Bugyosho (南町奉行所)
  • Min Pro - Worked on Burn Up!.
  • Miyuki Production (みゆきプロダクション)
  • MOE: Hasn't been credited on a series since 2005.
  • Mook DLE (ムークアニメーション)
  • Movie International Co.Ltd. (MOVIC)
  • Nihon Manga Film Kenkyu-jo
  • Nippon TV Doga (日本テレビ動画)
  • Otogi Productions
  • Pacific Animation Corporation: Sometimes known as Pacific Animation Company, the studio is mostly known for Thunder Cats and SilverHawks. They were shortly bought by Disney and became Walt Disney Animation Japan and was mostly ran by Ex-Sanrio and TMS staff members. There is also another studio with the same name in Japan as well.
  • Pastel (パステル) - Owned by OB Planning.
  • Picture Magic (ピクチャーマジック)
  • Pigmon 8 (スタジオピグモン8): Formed by Atsuko Nakajima (of Ranma 1⁄2 fame) and eight other friends.
  • Po10tial: Was a unit of TMS, worked on Lupin II The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, merged with Telecom Animation Film in 2013 and has since worked on ZX Ignition and episode 2 of Space Dandy for Bones after the merger.
  • P Productions
  • Production IMS (プロダクションアイムズ) - Formed by ex-AIC staff.
  • Public & Basic (パブリック&ベーシック)
  • Radix (ラディクスエースエンタテインメント) - Known for Kikaider.
  • Sanrio Animation/Sanrio Film: At one point, Sanrio had a animation studio that made art films, but went out of business in the mid 80's
  • Shochiku Doga Kenkyujo: Formerly known as "Shochiku Kamata Satsueijo".
  • Spectrum Animation - A studio founded by Ex-TMS staff members. Its most well-known project was some episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Studio Annapuru (スタジオあんなぷる) - Founded by Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino.
  • Studio Bogey (スタジオボギー)
  • Studio Cockpit (スタジオコクピット) - Shut down in 2016, exists in name only.
  • Studio G 1 Neo (スタジオG-1NEO): Formerly Studio G1, Masami Obari's former studio.
  • Studio Galapagos
  • Studio Junio (スタジオジュニオ) - Became FAI International
  • Studio Jungle Gym (じゃんぐるじむ)
  • Studio Kikan (スタジオ旗艦)
  • Studio Korumi (スタジオ古留美) - Hasn't been credited since 1996.
  • Studio Kuma (スタジオ九魔) - Shut down in 2017 after the death of its founder.
  • Studio Line (スタジオライン)
  • Studio Look (スタジオルック)
  • Studio Matrix (スタジオマトリックス)
  • Studio MIN
  • Studio No. 1 (スタジオNo.1)
  • Studio PIA
  • Studio Rong
  • Studio Giants (スタジオジャイアンツ) - Withdrew from business in 2021.
  • Studio Take One (スタジオテイクワン) (aka Studio Take)
  • Studio Wanpack (スタジオワンパック) - Ceased operations with the founder and CEO's passing.
  • Studio Wood (スタジオウッド)
  • Studio Z (スタジオZ)
  • Studio Z5 (スタジオZ5)
  • Studio Zero (スタジオ・ゼロ)
  • T Nishimura (ティ・ニシムラ)
  • Takahashi Studio (タカハシスタジオ) - Not to be confused with the photography studio Takahashi Production.
  • Tama Productions (タマ・プロダクション)/drop - Tama shut down in 2011 due to bankruptcy, drop would follow suit in 2018.
  • Teleimage
  • Telescreen Japan - Telescreen's former Japanese unit.
  • Tokyo Kids (東京キッズ)
  • Topcraft (トップクラフト) - Rankin/Bass's unit in Japan, the studio also did Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
  • Trans Arts (トランス・アーツ) - A company known mainly by being a support studio and The Prince of Tennis.
  • Triangle Staff (トライアングルスタッフ): Best known for Serial Experiments Lain.
  • Trinet Entertainment
  • Tsuchida Production (土田プロダクション)
  • Viewworks
  • Visual 80 (ビジュアル80)
  • Wako Pro (和光プロダクション)
  • Walt Disney Animation Japan - Folded in 2004. Many of its employees formed The Answer Studio.
  • Xebec - Sold off to Sunrise.
  • Youmex (ユーメックス)

    European animation studios 

    Oceanian animation studios (excluding Indonesia) 

    Other animation studios 

    Anime distributors