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Useful Notes / Adults Only Film Rating

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Other rating systems' counterparts to this rating:
  • BBFC 18 ratings
  • Australian Classifiation Board R18+ ratings
  • TV Parental Guidelines TV-MA ratings or Too Hot for TV


One of the age ratings of the Motion Picture Association of America. This rating is aimed at people who are at least eighteen years old. This is why it is termed "NC-17". It is the film equivalent of Adults Only Rating.

The reason there are only a few NC-17 films is that most theaters refuse to show films with this rating, since NC-17 means 18 and Up and is often associated with porn. Along side that, places like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy refuse to stock these films for similar reasons. If a film has explicit content in it, most of the time the distributors would instead release it Unrated, as more theaters could show it and places like Best Buy could still sell it.


Films that have been given this rating (* meaning it also has an R-rated Edit):


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