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Useful Notes / Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film

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The Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film has been given out in various forms since 1931.

  • The award was first given out at the 5th Academy Awards for films released 1931-32. For this award the Academy did something it has never done for the Best Picture award: make distinctions by genre. For the first five years of the award, separate awards were given out for Comedy and Novelty, "Novelty" being mostly short documentaries.
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  • For the 9th ceremony for films from 1936, the Comedy/Novelty genre was eliminated, but the Academy still managed to expand the category to three awards: one-reel (~10 min), two-reel (~20 min), and a third award for short films made in color. In 1938, after only two awards, the Color category was discontinued. One-reel and two-reel shorts received separate awards for every ceremony through the 29th Academy Awards for films made in 1956.
  • For the 30th Academy Awards in 1957 a single Best Live-Action Short Film category was instituted, and has remained so to this day.

Films must be shorter than 40 minutes long. Earlier awards mostly went out to the travelogues and short documentaries that the Hollywood studios made to accompany their features. After the end of the studio system, winners and nominees are mostly independent productions. Since a rule change in the early 1970s, documentaries are not eligible. Short films are not eligible for any other award. Winners are listed below, as are nominees with TV Tropes work pages.




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