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  • The Nostalgia Critic does top eleven lists instead of Top Ten Lists, "Because I like to go one step beyond." (complete with Declarative Finger)
    • And it is cranked up to a whole twelve in the Christmas lists, because "IT'S CHRISTMAS!".
    • In his "Top Eleven Coolest Movie Clichés" he parodies himself: "Why top eleven? Because I have my own cliche that'll never die!"
    • This is why he will never review Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, stating that because there's a million things wrong with that movie to be parodied everyone has already done it, leaving him with absolutely nothing he could do new or differently. Literally everything wrong with that movie has been said to death:
      Everyone's done it! RedLetterMedia?! Good God! I think their review is longer than the movie! It's like 8 hours!
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    • As a parody of this, The Rap Critic used to do lists that only went up to nine because he "wanted to stay one step below".
  • Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall goes "up to 15". Linkara has said that his video personality is his real life personality "turned up to eleven".
  • Movie-related podcast All Movie Talk has Top 6 lists because 6 is one more than 5,
  • Episode 16 of the web series Pure Pwnage opens with the main character activating a series of amplifiers and overdrivers attached to his Xbox 360 and dialing up the volume past the labeled 'Max' setting as well as the labeled 'Dude', and 'Srsly' marks to reach 'WTF' before rocking out to Guitar Hero.
  • With the revamp of ScrewAttack's website, ratings can be given up to eleven.
  • 11 Points: Because Top 10 Lists are for Cowards
  • The Online Game Billy vs. Snakeman contains countless references to this trope. The in-game character of the maker is called "11billionth HoCage".
  • Red vs. Blue: Revelations Episode Ten is titled "It Goes To Eleven", in reference to the Trope Namer. Since the entirety of the episode is a fight scene animated by Dead Fantasy's Monty Oum, it's extremely appropriate.
    • Add to this the fact that Tex, already a badass, apparently Took a Level in Badass, essentially taking Badass Up to Eleven
  • Epic Meal Time strives to take cooking this way. They built a gingerbread house using meat and cheese that totaled 86,997 calories and lots of bacon. Then there was the Sloppy Roethlisburger, totalling over 100,000 calories. And they ate the entire thing.
  • Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - their cooker has a maximum setting of 11 drawn on it.
  • The viewers of Deagle Nation thought things couldn't get any more insane until Operation Tupacalypse (wherein the main character, Jace Connors, sent his stoner friend Eli on a mission to save Tupac from terrorists in the Middle East and assassinate the prime minister of Palestine) happened.
  • Movie Night's review of This Is Spın̈al Tap had a maximum score of 11, naturally.
  • DSBT InsaniT: While the episodes of the series aren't exactly good for a quick sit-down, none of them clocked in past the 60 minute mark...until episode 6, that is. Episode 6 is two hours long! And it isn't even a special episode or anything! Just an "ordinary" episode where the gang plays virtual reality games.


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