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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Let's just say Italy's superspeed was taken Up to Eleven from just being able to run fast to being able to travel from Japan to Germany within a few hours. A few hours.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K Shinji decides to embrace the setting's madness and do everything Up To 121.
  • In An Entry with a Bang!, the Americans and Russians announce that they are massively, massively increasing nuke output for the Deus ex Nukina defense against intruders into the solar system. We're looking at least 10,000 warheads a year, compared to a mere 2,700 (!) per year as US peak production during the Cold War. A mercenary leader converted to Clancy-Earth's side, already appalled by the talk of Nuclear Rearmament since C-Earth alone has many more nukes than any of the Inner Sphere houses, realizes that he needs a stronger alcoholic drink than beer after this.
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  • In The Girl Who Loved, Harry thinks that on the scale where Fleur Delacour and Shampoo are tens, Sailor Pluto is a definite eleven.
  • One memorable line (and not for the right reasons) from the Harry Potter fanfic, Passion Night: ""IF I GO ANY FASTER WE WILL BE AT HYPER SPEEEEEED!" Lupin shouted trying not to moan while he shouted."
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War. Chapter 15. Drama is temporarily turned Up to Eleven by killing several ponies. This includes a scene that is probably the most tearjerking moment in the story so far.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, this happens in-text, in Chapter 27 when the Conspiracy Theorist narrator says she'll have to turn her conspiracy powers to eleven to cover how the mane six were chosen by Celestia. Saying she'll have to use that technique passed down from her ancestors, after shouting the technique's name, she goes into her hyper conspiracy mode. If you thought all the chapters beforehand had Insane Troll Logic, you haven't seen nothing yet.
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  • At the beginning of the first chapter of Curse of the Dualshock, Chase set the volume of his megaphone set so loud that even Ryder (at the top of the lookout at the time) could hear it.
  • A Digimon Fanfiction, The Interloper. Quite a bit actually in terms of power level, the fanfic shows normal humans, which are, well, normal, then it shows the Digimon, which are much stronger than a normal Human, then it shows the difference between various levels of Digimon, and the major power difference between each one, then there's the Modifiers, humans with powers to modify themselves in the Digital World with little to no limitation, putting them on par with most Mega-Level Digimon, then we see the story's OC, Christopher Van Numen whom stomps everything the fanfic's setting has with little to no effort and whose very skin - let alone his armor - is nigh impenetrable, then we get the villain, Felicia Portal, whom makes Christopher wince in terror, then we have her boss.
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  • Superstarultra dials the randomness of You Got HaruhiRolled! up to 11 for the anniversary chapter, affectionately called "Off the Rails".
  • In the Discworld fanfic continuum, there is the invention of "Rimwards Howondaland" (based on several unmistakeable hints of its existence in the canon) which is essentially South Africa with all the knobs turned up to eleven, in accordance with Pratchett's Rule Of National Stereotyping. The Black Sheep deals with this place and its people. As a national stereotyping bonus, Sto Kerrig (Holland) also gets full coverage of its national stereotypes...
    • The Black Sheep looks at the relationships between the Discworld expies of South Africa and Holland through a comedy-thriller in which a Rimwards Howondalandian con-man has to be brought to book. As can be expected in a Pratchett pastiche, both countries are taken way past eleven in terms of National Stereotypes.
    • A.A. Pessimal is responsible for much of this. Other Up To Eleven nations are Far Überwald (Russia), Aceria (Canada and latterly the USA), Hergen - Ireland; Toleda - Spain; a strange border region between Sto Helit and Sto Kerrig - Belgium; Ghat - India; and so on.
  • Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan is like a song fic, but instead of using one song it uses 70 percent of the total verse content of 14 comic operas—some 8,000 lines of verse in all. Up to eleven? More like up to eleven hundred.
  • Ultraman Moedari often does this with the powers of every single character except the titular protagonist.
  • The original Cat Planet Cuties had Kio at the center of a fair-sized anime harem. Planet Of The Cats places him as the only male on the entire planet (that they know of)
  • Cold Blood:
    Since exams were only two weeks ahead, Hermione put her foot down that this was the absolute minimum for 'real' revision needed, after the soft 'revision phase' of the last weeks. Harry and Neville had a different interpretation of soft, but soon realized that Hermione really had a 'hard' setting on her study scale if she was allowed to set the tone. For them, it was like she turned it up to eleven, then ripped out the scale, and added a hand-crafted twelve to it.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): When Weiss perfectly dismounts a giant dragon on live television, her sister Winter gives her ten out of ten points for style. Then when Weiss is the one who dismisses the dragon (rather than his master, who was standing right there), Winter upgrades her to eleven out of ten.


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