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  • Space Battleship Yamato: The iconic Wave-Motion Gun is always charged to 120% while Sucking-In Lines, before unleashing hell.
  • Kill la Kill: Everything. Actually quoted verbatim by Ryuko in episode 22.
    "Jeez, even your apologies are turned up to eleven."
  • A Certain Magical Index: Accelerator's game-breaking power is essentially telekinesis turned Up To One Hundred Eleven.
  • Dragon Ball Z went all the way up to over 8000...and then the dub topped that, and turned "OVER 9000!" into a meme into the process.
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  • Dragon Ball Super promptly takes Up to Eleven itself up to eleven by bringing in omniversal-tier destruction.
  • EVERYTHING in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an example of this. Bigger Mechs! More powerful weapons! Even more Hot-Blooded shouting!
  • In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Giyu does this to the number with Water Breathing 11th Form, Dead Calm.
  • Detroit Metal City offers this less-than-subtle Shout-Out - Krauser attempts to push his record of yelling 'rape' ten times a second Up To Eleven.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans pushes Real Robot Genre into a logical conclusion, not only it omitted beam weapons to emphasize the seriousness, the setting of Child Soldier goes Darker and Edgier compared to the past. Fights are brutal, messy affairs with an emphasis on blunt weapons to crush the cockpits of the enemy mechs, and not even the Gundam is immune to the lack of supplies that force Tekkadan to scavenge parts from fallen enemy mechs and use retrofitted mobile workers as support units. As it turns out, though, beam weaponry isn't nonexistent, but forgotten, and the cast discover this in the most nightmarish way possible. The Mobile Armors possess technology that no faction in the current conflict has, not even Gjallarhorn. More specifically, they carry beam weapons in an era where every other combatant relies on solid ordnance.
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  • How did Naruto take an idiot ninja with a perverted transformation and his plucky sidekicks to a world war where the fate of the entire ninja world is at stake, with the same ninja at the head, leading his own inner demon into combat against five other inner demons, then against the "God" of the world, then against the mother of the Sage of Six Paths?
  • Medaka Box: a major Genre Shift occurs not too far into the series and all of a sudden this high school slice of (eccentric) life turns into pretty much a straight shonen with super-powered individuals being the weekly norm.
  • GaoGaiGar went this route in the FINAL OVA, since the enemy at the end of the series proper was so powerful it could take out Jupiter the folks at the Gutsy Galaxy Guard decided they needed a weapon that could out do it. 3G's weapon can Extinguish the Sun
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Jack Rakan exists solely to continually ramp up the amount of 'AWESOME' the series contains. He starts with summoning a sword the size of a building, and only gets more ridiculous from there. He also seems to be rubbing off on Negi, as the entire Negi/Kotaro vs. Rakan/Kage fight in the tournament was essentially a contest to see who could turn the awesomeness knob higher. After five separate I Am Not Left-Handed moments from Negi, Kotaro turning into a Canis Major, and Rakan nearly destroying the arena with one punch, the knob gets broken off and the match ends in a draw.
    • The school's tendency to push all school tropes Up to Eleven. Wacky Homeroom? Check. Elaborate University High? Check. School Festival? Check!
    • Ku Fei starts the series as the most badass of the human characters going toe to toe with demons in the Kyoto arc (as a human mind you just with badass martial arts) and then she learns to harness her Ki and succeeds in reducing a mountain into a fine dust. Seems level ten just wasn't enough for her.
  • At one point in the Digimon series, the protagonists considered it "cheating" when the main antagonist reached a power level one higher (Mega) than the one they had been told was the apex (Ultimate). Since then, we've had DNA Digivolution of two Megas, Mega Mode Change, Ancient Spirit Evolution (the fusion of ten Ultimate-equivalent level Digimon), Burst Evolution and DigiFuse (DigiXros in the Japanese version).
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • One end-of-episode teaser claimed things would be going Up to Eleven in the next episode.
    • Younger Toguro raises his strength in percentage. He reaches 100%, and then pulls out his 100%'s 100%, or 120%. The Updated Re-release of a recent YYH videogame added "120%" to its title in a reference to this.
  • Pokémon:
    • Done with speakers when the Team Rocket trio were dressed as rock stars with This is Spın̈al Tap accents.
    • In the episode "A Promise is a Promise", Dr. Namba tells his Electabuzz to "turn it up to eleven," as he turns up his rage machine to greatly increase the Pokémon's power.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid has a tendency to make things as absurd as possible (like an Unknown Rival declaring war on another girl), but the Finale takes the cake. It involves...well, just read this.
  • The Comic-Book Adaptation of Breath of Fire IV has a specific case of a story segment from the original game being deliberately ramped Up to Eleven as a Take That! to Bowdlerisation.
    • Some background is necessary here. In the original video game, there is a scene featuring The Emperor Soniel stabbing Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds and God-Emperor Fou-lu with a soul-devouring sword; Fou-lu pulls the sword out and decapitates Soniel with the very sword he was stabbed with. This ended up being Japanese-only and was completely Bowdlerised out of both international releases and the Windows port, despite the game being a PlayStation release (in an era where gory games were already well known for the platform) and despite the decapitation scene being depicted solely in black-on-red silhouette. (This ended up in fact being rather a bit of a What Happened to the Mouse? in this game until videos came out of the censored scenes.)
    • In the manga adaptation, Soniel yet again BackStabs Fou-lu with the Evil Weapon—and Fou-lu proceeds to manifest an energy sword by will, decapitates Soniel in a spray of gore whilst still having the Dragonslayer sticking through him, and then proceeds to shove the Dragonslayer out of his midsection by hand as Soniel's body sprays blood like a fountain.
  • Eyeshield 21 takes every Jerk Jock stereotype you can think of and stretches it to logical limits in the form of Agon. Over-developed sense of entitlement? Said to be the most talented athlete of the century and believes anyone who lacks natural talent (even if they work hard) doesn't deserve to exist. Gets away with anything? Car jacked a woman without getting so much as a scolding. A bully? Aimed a football at the head of a little boy in a wheelchair and seems to mug people on a regular basis. Popular with the ladies? Popular enough to get away with car theft. Chauvinistic pig? Is only relatively nice towards pretty girls, and sees nothing wrong with kicking an ugly girl in the back of the head. And if you're a pretty girl who ignores him, he isn't above using violence to get you to notice him. Jerk is an understatement (to say the least), he's practically a sociopath. Although he can't get away with everything; the cops left him alone because Hiruma had the threat notebook out.
  • Sana from Kodocha cranks multiple tropes up to eleven - Genki Girl, Motor Mouth, Human Hummingbird, Wheel o' Feet, and anything to do with screwball humor.
  • Bleach:
    • To defeat Ichigo with pure despair, Ulquiorra reveals he can do something no other Arrancar had indicated was possible: enter a second Resureccion. In response, Ichigo's inner hollow takes over and hollowfies Ichigo into something beyond even Ulquiorra's ken.
    • During Ichigo and Aizen's climactic battle, Aizen reaches a level of power that makes it impossible for even the most powerful and experienced characters to sense him. They find it strange, unique and very unsettling. However, Ichigo's power develops beyond this, making him incapable of being sensed by even Aizen.
    • Yamamoto's bankai destroys things without leaving a trace and emits reiatsu equal in temperature to the Sun's core (15 million degrees Celsius). It's stated in-universe that if his bankai is active too long, it could destroy Yamamoto and the whole Soul Society.
  • Toriko does this with food. It's as awesome as it sounds. One of the chapters is even titled "Beyond 10".
  • The Rosario + Vampire anime does this with fanservice, much to the fury of fans of the manga.
  • The gore in Umineko: When They Cry is ramped up like this compared to that in Higurashi: When They Cry.
  • Blame! does this with Killy's Graviton Beam Emitter. Now, even at the lowest power, its power can be paralleled by your average space fleet's Wave-Motion Gun. Now, when he cranked it up to 8 (apparently) and shot it, it gave him the nickname of "the Calamity".
  • The Book of Darkness from Lyrical Nanoha does this to spells it copies, such as getting even More Dakka out of Fate's Photon Lancer and a city-sized version of Nanoha's Starlight Breaker.
  • Schirach Fühler of RosenkreuzStilette, as The Brute of the Black Cross organization, is said to possess abilities that go way, WAY beyond the simple limitations of standard humans.
  • Ishiyama High, the school of Beelzebub, is noted repeatedly to have a delinquency rate of 120%.
  • Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- starts out as story of three guys, a girl and a thing traveling worlds... then it gets more and more mind-screwing, and the mind-screwing is taken Up to Eleven in the last 5 or so volumes. It ended up dragging its sister series xxxHOLiC along for the ride, turning what was on its own a simple series into a mind-screw in its own right. With the two combined, they've just become one big head-hurting mess that's nearly impossible to completely make sense of. EVEN THE CREATORS HAVE ADMITTED THEY ARE CONFUSED WITH WHAT HAPPENED.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! R has this in one of the cards of Tenma Yako: The Devil's Avatar. Its main ability is that its attack power is always one higher than that of the strongest monster on the field (changed to +100 in the actual card game). Yugi eventually defeated this creature by attacking it with Obelisk the Tormentor, using Obelisk's effect to make its Attack Score infinite. Try as it could, the Wicked Avatar could not make its Attack Score even higher, because infinity plus 100 is still the same as infinity by all mathematical definitions, and could only manage a draw with the Egyptian God Monster.
  • In the final round of Kaiser's second duel with Judai in the first season finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, he used Power Bond to summon Cyber End Dragon, which doubled its power, then used Limiter Removal to double it again. Judai responded by activating Battle Fusion to increase the power of his monster by that of Kaiser's monster, to which Kaiser responded by actiating HIS Battle Fusion. The end result was Cyber End Dragon having over 36,000 Attack Points when the two monsters finally collided. Judai still was able to end the duel in a draw by using Final Fusion.
  • Also happens toward the end of Yugioh ZEXAL, when Don Thousand summons a monster who's base Attack Point value is 10,000. Once Yuma and Nash are able to get over it, it replaces itself with a monster with 100,000 Attack points (and an auto-win effect if his opponent doesn't attack it to boot). Yuma and Nash then have to combine card effects to get get Utopia's Attack Points to 102,000... only for Don Thousand to negate the attack with his monster's effect, and gain that much life points. Yuma then plays Double or Nothing to allow Utopia to attack again and double it's Attack points, putting it at 204,000, the highest non-infinite value Attack Points have ever gotten in Yugioh history, and also enough to win the duel.
  • Ranma 1/2 goes beyond any sane limits all over the place. Crazy martial arts? It starts off with martial arts figure skating and only gets nuttier from there, and while martial arts rhythmic gymnastics doesn´t sound so bad, martial arts cheerleading or eating certainly does. Then there's Principal Kuno´s obsession with haircuts, Happosai's lechery, Mousse pulling out more and more insane weapons from his hyperspace -including a multiple ton bomb and a training potty.
  • Inuyasha: Daiyoukai are very special youkai that are too powerful to be killed by normal means, not even when stabbed through the heart. Inuyasha's Daiyuokai father was killed by another Daiyoukai, Ryuukossai who was sealed with a dog-fang through the heart until killed by turning his own power back on himself. Sesshoumaru achieves Daiyoukai status very late in the manga when stabbed through the heart by the greatest evil, Magatsuhi. It neither kills nor seals him, instead infuriating him into unlocking his hidden true potential. Shippou is eventually confirmed to also be one day capable of achieving Daiyoukai status.
  • In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar sets his own fist on fire so that he can swing a flaming punch to kill Dio. 124 years later in Stone Ocean, Jonathan's descendant Jolyne Cujoh ups the ante by setting her entire body on fire to defeat Rikiel, who just happens to be Dio's son.
  • My Hero Academia has this brought up in the form of Plus Ultra (Latin for Go beyond), the motto of the the eponymous hero school. It's brought up several times such as when All Might is fighting a a Nomu specifically designed to kill him while over his time limit and punching at more than 100% of his strength
    • Deconstructed as time goes on and the consequences of going too far beyond what the characters are physically capable of are shown.
  • Shaman King has a unique example, members of the main cast endure a day of literal Training from Hell, in Hell itself to push their powers Up to Eleven. Main antagonist Hao, takes that Training from Hell itself Up to Eleven, by training in Hell for 900 YEARS!!!


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