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  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, two pop up in Chapter 6, with consequences for Chapter 7. The gunner of the Semovente shoots Miho by accident. In the ensuing chaos, Mako almost makes the mistake of running over Miho. Miho, while disappointed in Mako, refuses to punish her, which results in Miho's mother disowning her.
  • TCB!Lyra Heartstrings is revealed to be this in The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. It turns out that the reason why the Mirror Universe Equestria turned into the Solar Empire and is carrying out its ponification crusade against humanity is all because she went on a scuba diving trip with some friends where she happened upon the sunken ship of the KV-62 Archaeological Party coming from Dream Valley. Unfortunately, she also found the Bag of Tirek, which seeks to carry its maker's will out by enslaving every living being in existence and targeted humanity first out of revenge because Tirek himself had been defeated by a human in the past.
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  • The timeline of The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity was triggered when Nevermore saved a foal from a cart crash during a fixed point in time, which first caused the foal's father Feather Duster not to get shocked out of his alcoholism and ultimately led to the destruction of the universe via magical shockwave in an attempt to stop a war- at least before the Guild of Time Defense swore to prevent it.
  • Twilight Sparkle in Divided Rainbow, for causing the Swap.
  • The Cell example in Dragon Ball Z is ramped up some more in Dragon Ball Z Abridged - it turns out that Trunks had surpassed his father in sheer power and could have killed Cell at any time. However, he held back because he knew that if his father sensed it, it would break him. It's implied that Krillin sensed Trunks' greater power, causing him to destroy the remote.
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  • In The Dragon King's Temple, Nekht's stupidity is responsible for the entire plot: if he never hatched the ill-planned delivery of Zuko and Toph to the Tok'ra - securing their world as a source of potential hosts - several people including himself would be still alive, Zuko wouldn't have fallen sick and almost died, and a fragment of the yukioso wouldn't have wreaked havoc on the base of SGC.
  • From the later parts of Gensokyo 20XX, we have an age-regressed Reimu, who was conditioned not to sense danger. This is especially so in 20XXIV, when she crawls out of the house right into danger, which has Ran almost raped by another male kitsune. From 20XXV, we have the unknown and unnamed tenant who left rat poison where the aforementioned could get it and it leading to her suffering brain damage in the aftermath.
  • Back in the original series, Yamada Tatsumori/Aries Zodiarts was the one who instigated the Deal with the Devil with Ryusei so Ryusei could revive his friend. What happens in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades? The deal with Gentaro dead gave Ophiuchus a way to wreak his havoc on the world (and bring in other Serpents for the ride) and having nearly every named character from Fourze involved in multiple adventures to stop Gamou's advent of injecting former Switchers with Cosmic Energy, the origins as to why Ophiuchus is causing this madness and Ryusei being brainwashed and transformed into a cyborg. Didn't think this through, did you, Apostle of Sleep?
    • Ryusei also should be blamed for killing Gentaro in the first place considering that Tachibana had stated that there was an alternate and safer way to bring Jiro back to life.
  • While most Imperfect Metamorphosis readers quite rightly blame Team 9 for nearly everything, they couldn't have even stolen Rin Satuski's can in the first place if Marisa hadn't stolen it from Patchouli. Marisa's Sticky Fingers are the only reason anything in the story happened.
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, Eustass Kid wonders aloud in front of Madelyn what would happen if the Straw Hats were delayed, making it possible for the Kid and Heart Pirates to compete for One Piece. The "unwitting" part comes from the fact that he doesn't realize Madelyn, with her powers could make this happen, or that she would want to. Madelyn then concludes that Law has lost his spirit for pursuing One Piece because he thinks Luffy will win, and then wishes for him to get captured to force his crew to go after him; this ends with Luffy's execution and the deaths of all the other Straw Hat pirates, among other events.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: The Nightmare reveals it and other Champions of Chaos intended Sunset Shimmer to be this, placing a trigger within her to turn her into a demon the instant she put the Element of Magic on her head. It didn't work out as they planned - Sunset transforms, but is reverted to normal by the heroes soon after, without doing any lasting damage.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a few points where the actions of heroic characters actions have ramifications down the line that were far less moral than planned: Cynthia's retrieval of the Adamant Orb as a child would eventually lead to the antagonist William Stronger, the Bloodline Hunter, while Gligarman's defeat of the criminal Heratia would later lead to the actions of her six criminal sons to go unchecked, though this would later lead to a inverted 'Unwtting Instigator of Hope' trope when the actions of the youngest of her sons fathered Ash, Red, and hundreds of others as part of his criminal activities.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • The entire Ghoul!Tsukune subplot in Acts II and III occurred because Kokoa failed to perform a vampire blood transfusion to save his life at the end of Act I properly. Not only that, but the entire reason said blood transfusion was needed in the first place is because while sleeping in his room with him, Moka sucked his blood dry and nearly killed him in her sleep.
    • As revealed in Act III chapter 15, while making Yukari a new wand, Apoch and Astreal misread the instructions to do so and make her the wrong one. As a result, Yukari gets Drunk with Power and tries to kill the gang in a fit of rage, causing Tsukune to break two more links on his Holy Lock in order to stop her and destroy the wand. All of that chaos happened simply because Apoch and Astreal misread an instruction booklet.
    • It's also revealed over the course of Act III that Kenzo had had one of his men follow Dark the night he hid Felucia's spirit artifact to ensure it was in a safe place. While he was well-intentioned at first, Hokuto finds this out and sends Kuyou after Kenzo in order to discover its location. The end result: Kenzo ends up dead by Kuyou's hands, and Hokuto gets his hands on Felucia's spirit artifact and uses it to extort Felucia into being his minion.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, Keita of the Black Cats of the Full Moon recruits the tutorial NPC into his guild through an undocumented exploit. As Kayaba reveals in the final episode of Season 1, part of the reason thousands of players died was because they had no idea how the game played due to a missing tutorial NPC, an issue which was part of a massive crunch-caused programming oversight that Keita never got to report because he died back in episode 3; if his debt to the mafia didn't make him commit suicide, the soul-crushing guilt of causing thousands of needless newbie deaths for his own convenience definitely would have.
  • In System Restore, Togami sees himself as this by virtue of loaning Sonia a book. When Sonia goes to return it to him and ask for the second volume, she witnesses Peko letting Fuyuhiko play the Twilight Syndrome Murder Mystery game. Realizing that Pekoyama is likely going to kill Koizumi and that Togami will be unable to stop it, Sonia takes matters into her own hands and kills Pekoyama.
  • The Vow: While in a sad and angry stupor over his wife's death, Lord Chang tells Lord Shen that he's only living in his parents' shadow and that history shall never remember him for great achievements. Haunted by those words, Shen ends up accidentally inventing black powder, starting his canonical dark path.
  • In Morphic, Monica Sellers attempts to tell Dave what the Church of Holy Truth's real plans are. Unfortunately, before setting out to find Dave, she also told Isaac Daniels what she was going to do, which directly leads to Gabriel getting kidnapped.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: Rumia is this during the Extra Stage. This being one of the more idiotic youkai in Gensokyo and being shrouded in darkness at the time, she didn't know enough to keep from getting near Megas, and even then she was smelling her food of choice close by. Coop and the others were completely unaware of her presence, and when Megas turns to leave the area it accidentally kicks her into the Garden of the Sun, where she collides with and snaps several sunflowers in half. This in turn infuriates Yuuka Kazami, who proceeds to go on the warpath against Megas in the belief that Coop had damaged the flowers on purpose.
  • Ginny in The Very Secret Diary, as she is in canon. She really, really could not have predicted that starting to keep a diary would have such dire consequences. Yes, it's a bit strange that the diary writes back, but, hey, this is the wizarding world. Stranger things have happened, and there's no harm in maintaining a friendship with the "nice boy" who's trapped within the diary's pages... right?
  • Where Talent Goes To Die
    • In the second Chapter, Monokuma gives each student a "weakness notepad" containing a secret about one of their classmates that either serves to facilitate their murder, or is a secret that they would want to keep under wraps at all costs. A day after the motive is announced, he informs the students that he'll make everyone's "weaknesses" public knowledge unless someone commits murder in 48 hours, and unless the students view their notepads' information, he'll take them away and give them to someone else. Iwasawa, who's Hopeless with Tech, asks Mitamura for help with her notepad, with neither of them realizing that Iwasawa has Mitamura's weakness - that Mitamura cheated on a test. Mitamura, realizing that her reputation would be ruined if this information gets out, then commits murder.
    • An anonymous recruiter for Talent High School Student came across Sousuke Kagami, a promising prospective student with a Photographic Memory, and was so desperate to recruit that student that he ended up blackmailing him. The school's headmistress later sent the student in question to Hope's Peak to steal information on the school's Shelter Plan, where he ended up running into Junko Enoshima, who persuaded him to start up a killing game inside Talent High School, in hopes of inspiring further copycat crimes.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!
    • Izuku had no idea how badly his new "Quirk" was bruising Bakugou's ego until their fateful childhood brawl.
    • Dark Shadow quickly learns Izuku's true nature after feeling him up and decides to blab about it to the other fifth-dimensional beings. This draws Mister Mxyzptlk to Earth, throwing Izuku's morning into chaos.
  • No One Breaks My Heart Like You: Barbara could tell that Mary Jane was unhappy and genuinely wanted to help her, so she talked with Mary Jane about her marriage problems. However, this talk was heard by Peter. Feeling guilty for the problems, Peter decides to end their marriage, feeling Mary Jane can't be happy with him.
  • The plot of Teen Titans: Together for Tomorrow occurs because Lex Luthor got chummy with Brainiac when he responded to LexCorp's call to intelligent life in space. Luthor mentioning the presence of a Kryptonian on Earth convinced Brainiac to come and collect him and the world's most noteworthy civilization, then blow up the planet. As Lois Lane puts it, "[Lex] doomed the Earth with A PHONE CALL?!"

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