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Unwitting Instigators of Doom in anime and manga.

  • Accel World
    • In the anime, Chiyu, reading a news report about Kuroyukihime being hospitalized, while unaware that her Neurolinker's been infected with a backdoor program, inadvertently gives Taku/Cyan Pile the information of where to find her. Since Kuroyukihime is unconscious, still connected to the net and almost out of points, Taku would essentially have gotten a win by default if he'd challenged her, had Haru not intervened.
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    • Cherry Rook and Scarlet Rain(aka Yuniko "Niko" Kozuki) are two orphans growing up in the same facility, and Cherry introduces Niko to Brain Burst, thereby becoming her "parent," but is dismayed to find that Niko quickly surpasses him. The final straw is when some of Cherry's real life relatives offer to adopt him and take him away from the facility, which means that Brain Burst will be the only connection he and Niko have left, and makes him so desperate that he accepts the Armor of Catastrophe and becomes Chrome Disaster. The heroes defeat him and he manages to come to his senses in the real world, promising to stay in touch with Niko, but during the fight, Haruyuki gets infected with the Disaster, which causes problems several volumes later. All this is partly due to characters who are only mentioned once and never actually appear.
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  • Child Soldier Falco Grice in Attack on Titan falls victim to this trope. Being a kind person, he notices one of the returning Shell-Shocked Veterans, who is missing An Arm and a Leg, is wearing his ethnicity-identifying armband on the wrong shoulder and fixes it for him. Falco then begins visiting the man at the mental hospital and ends up posting letters for him, as the man says the government intercepts any mail sent by patients there. It turns out that the man is Eren Yeager who is there to sneak into the Rebellio district of Marley and meet up again with Reiner Braun. During a local festival, which is attended by many politicians, military officials, and nobility, Falco takes Reiner to Eren at Eren's request and claim that they were old friends). While Eren and Reiner are talking, Falco eventually works out that Reiner would've met Eren during his mission on Paradis Island, and that Eren is the enemy. Falco calls Eren out on being used, but Eren doesn't seem fazed by it. After peace talks between Eren and Reiner break down, Eren turns into his Titan form and attacks the festival, killing a major Eldian named Willy Tybur, who is giving a speech about how evil Eren is and how he plans to destroy the world. It's currently unknown how many people in attendance ended up dying, but Falco's actions caused them, and the deaths of his fellow Child Soldier friends Zofia and Udo, as well.
  • In Bakuman。:
    • One factor that contributed to Detective Trap losing popularity and being canceled is two other similar manga- Phantom Thief Cheater and Detective Gosuke Akechi- both of which were submitted while Mashiro was in the hospital and on hiatus, and debuted after Mashiro's release.
    • Near the end of the series, Mashiro mentions his relationship with Azuki around one of his assistant Kato's friends, who posts about it on her blog. As a result, a backlash against poor Azuki ensues, and Azuki's bosses urge her to deny her relationship with Mashiro. She refuses, and ultimately has to outperform all other contenders to get the lead role in Mashiro's anime.
  • Bleach: Uryuu instigates a Hollow-hunting contest with Ichigo by using Hollow bait, inflicting on the town a massive onslaught of Hollow attacks that attract a Menos Grande. Uryuu is shocked because the bait is too weak to do this, and Soul Society is alerted to the AWOL Rukia's location, kick-starting the Soul Society Arc. The situation was in fact manipulated by Aizen to further his plans by having Rukia captured and sentenced to execution.
  • Blood+: Though Saya Otonashi is the one who released Diva to the world, the first Joel is responsible for Diva's extremely unstable state of mind given that he secluded her in a tower with no contact from anyone except Amshel and treated her as a lab rat while he pampered Saya like his own daughter. Had he raised both girls equally, Diva would've grown far less bitter and angry at the whole world and caused much less damange than she did to Saya and others.
  • Buso Renkin: Tokiko had no clue that the Kakugane that she used to revive Kazuki was one of the hidden Black Kakugane and that, by using it as a replacement heart, Kazuki would eventually transform into a Walking Wasteland that the Alchemist Army would want to hunt down and kill.
  • In Charlotte, Oikawa, a Dogged Nice Guy who has a crush on the main character's little sister Ayumi, ends up causing serious problems when he develops an interest in her, and visits her when she's out sick. As a result of doing so, Konishi, a Yandere obsessed with Oikawa, confronts Ayumi with a boxcutter. That isn't even the worst of it, though, since it turns out that Ayumi has a special power called "collapse," which she can't control, and when Konishi confronts Ayumi, she feels threatened enough to use it, causing the stairwell to collapse and killing Ayumi.
  • In Riyoko Ikeda's other manga, Claudine...!, there's Claudine's best friend Rosemarie. Depressed because Claudine doesn't return her feelings and she has found out that Claudine's crush Cecilia is actually the lover of Claudine's *father* Auguste , she mentions this very complicated deal to her teacher Louis, who is also Cecilia's younger brother. Little did she know that Louis also had been Auguste's lover in the past... and that he would go Yandere on Auguste and Cecilia. The result isn't pretty: Auguste and Cecilia die, the maddened Louis disappears, the Montesse family is devastated, and Rosemarie herself gets half her face horribly burned.
  • Code Geass:
    • In season 2 Schneizel makes a case to the Black Knights to surrender their leader Zero, who he reveals is his long-lost half-brother, Lelouch vi Britannia. While not without their doubts towards their leader based on some of his actions, they, at least counting the likes of Tamaki and Diethard, remain wary and skeptical towards Schneizel, who is rightfully suspected to be just as easily tricking them with the evidence and testimonies that he is presenting. Not more than a few moments later does Ohgi come along with his still secret love interest Villetta, a Britannian spy, with some additional cursory yet suspicious evidence the latter provided that leads everyone else amongst the Black Knights present into deciding to turn on Lelouch without giving any chance of there being a case made in his favor.
    • This is significant in that afterwards, Lelouch believes there is no turning back for himself given what he has already suffered in the past in addition to this, and basically goes from a Well-Intentioned Extremist who at least had a sensible blueprint for neutralizing Britannia and had gotten as far as setting up a legitimate international front to that end to throwing away any last inhibition he had, and using a Genghis Gambit of questionable necessity, evidently to fulfill a death wish. A more peaceful final solution to the global conflict could have been arrived at that would have also resulted in Lelouch living on and not abandoning his loved ones, or making the questionable decision of leaving Suzaku with the role of Zero.
    • Rolo and Jeremiah have huge instigating roles in R2. First, Jeremiah uses his Geass Canceller without checking his surroundings at some point, which accidentally causes him to undo Shirley's Fake Memories about Lelouch. Then, Rolo is confronted by the memories-reset Shirley and, when she mentions Nunnally, he both gets crazily jealous AND realises she knows stuff that would be VERY troublesome, so he stabs her to death. Both of these actions prompt Lelouch to raid a camp where Britannia was preforming experiments to create more child soldiers like Rolo and pretty much kill everyone there... and had that not happened, Schneizel wouldn't have as much evidence against Lelouch as he would, which would have prevented everything mentioned above.
      • ...Though according to the Compilation Movie series, maybe not. In this version, Jeremiah actually notices Shirley the moment she gets her memories back and warns her not to get involved any further for her own safety. This results in her encounter with Rolo being avoided, but Lelouch raids the camp anyway due to how dangerous the aforementioned experiments still are, which was always his other reason. The events mostly proceed as they originally did, with a couple of other changes such as Shirley still being Spared by the Adaptation, the Black Knights being more reluctant and not as quick to judge Lelouch (Ohgi and Viletta's roles above essentially downplayed to being just as confused and unsure as everyone else and wanting to ask him some questions first, with Schneizel's group being the ones trying to gun him down before they could get their answers), and ultimately a Sequel Hook that leads into the Lelouch of the Resurrection film.
  • Takehiko Henmi from Dear Brother. Six years before the story started, he visited his best friend Takeshi Ichinomiya's house and befriended his little sister Fukiko, who unbeknownst to Takehiko got a huge Precocious Crush on him. She made him promise that he'd attend her birthday party and hear her play the violin, but he couldn't get to the Ichinomiya mansion in time and Fukiko was completely crushed, becoming a Yandere over him.
  • Death Note:
    • Misa Amane does this twice, to the severe detriment of both sides. Once, it's as a Poisonous Friend to Kira, giving L physical evidence in the case in her sending the tapes, and the other time, it's out of Mad Love to same, endangering her own life to the point that her shinigami has to intervene. For a fervent Kira supporter, she's really a bit of a loose cannon: she never seems to fully appreciate her role in either disaster.
    • Sachiko asks her children to bring their father a change of clothes, and Sayu is reluctant to take the task. When Light volunteers, he ends up running into Naomi, learning about how close she is to figuring out an important part of how he kills people, and silencing her before she can reach L.
    • Aizawa opens up his umbrella when it begins to snow and so just misses seeing Light and Naomi Misora together.
    • Teru Mikami breaks his "once-a-month-to-the-bank" routine after learning that Mello has kidnapped Takeda in order to dispose of any loose ends. However, he is unaware that Light has also done the same thing, making his actions unnecessary. But he managed to tip Near to the location of the real Death Note he was using, resulting in the failure of Light's final gambit and his downfall.
  • Digimon Adventure 02 has Cody/Iori's grandfather, Chikara Hida. His son, Iori's dad Hiroki, was the only friend that eventual Big Bad Yukio Oikawa had during his childhood; Chikara realized that this could become a very codependent relationship and forcibly separated them, which caused Oikawa to become an isolated and depressed man in his later years, obsessed with fulfilling the dream they had as children. This made him an easy prey for Myotismon's corruption, and drove him to orchestrate the events of the whole season. In the final episodes, Chikara realized his mistake and actually confronted Oikawa himself, even apologizing to him for his part, but it was too late by then.
    • The damage Shibumi caused in Digimon Tamers by casually mentioning that Digimon were "just data" nearly doomed both worlds twice. Due to Takato's mixed feelings on the subject, he became hesitant and then too eager to attack Beelzemon with Growlmon, which caused Leomon to step in and get killed. As a result Takato forced Growlmon to Digivolve to his corrupted Mega form in anger (though his recovery ensured the proper Biomerge to Gallantmon), and Jeri became depressed over the loss of another loved one — enough for the D-Reaper to copy her appearance and hitch a ride to the real world, kickstarting the final arc.
    • In Digimon Savers pretty much every bad thing can be blamed on one villain, the Final Boss is just reacting to events. Drasil is such a self righteous blowhard that many people hated it just as much as the guy responsible for everything though, especially since much drama could have been avoided if Drasil had bothered to get off its throne years ago.
  • To say that the Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of this would be an Understatement:
    • In Dragon Ball, Emperor Pilaf releases Demon King Piccolo, who promptly proceeds to have many of the world's leading martial artists killed, including Goku's best friend, Krillin, and nearly takes over the world. Pilaf hopes to be able to be rewarded by Piccolo with his own territory, only to be backstabbed. Nice job nearly dooming the world, shorty.
      • However, in releasing Demon King Piccolo, Pilaf ensured that Goku would grow up to be a warrior trained by God (or Kami) himself, and thus be powerful enough to put up a fight against all the increasingly-stronger Big Bads that came to Earth afterwards, up to and including the God of Destruction himself. So, uh... thanks for indirectly saving the Earth, Pilaf?
    • Dragon Ball Z:
      • Remember how Majin Buu became truly evil, killed off half of the Z-warriors, the entire human race, and then finally blew up Earth? It all happened because of a few goons in the episode "The Evil of Men", where they attack and shoot Bee (Buu's pet puppy) and Hercule (Buu's new best friend who was in the process of rehabilitating him). As a consequence Buu snapped and steamed out Evil Buu, who then proceeded to absorb him; the entire rest of the Buu saga is the entire universe paying the price for what those thugs did. They themselves faced consequences a bit sooner- Evil Buu vaporized one with a ki blast, and Super Buu killed the other by liquifying himself, entering the guy's body, and causing him to inflate until he burst.
      • Goku letting Vegeta train first in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When Vegeta left the chamber to fight Cell, Vegeta is so arrogant in his new power that he allows Cell to become complete to stroke his own ego, which leads to the deaths of Goku, Trunks, and Android 16.
      • While Goku, by his own admission, could have killed the fat Majin Buu at Super Saiyan 3, he deliberately chose not to because he wanted to give Trunks and Goten a chance to do so and because he didn't want the next generation to think they could just depend on him all the time. Goku's inaction (plus the aforementioned idiots who shot Mr. Satan and Bee) leads to the birth of Super Buu, leaving the remaining Z-Fighters with a far more powerful and dangerous enemy to contend with, and Goten and Trunks can't handle it because for all their power, they're still little kids.
      • On another level, his holding back during the fight against Vegeta caused Vegeta to believe he could defeat Buu and led to his Senseless Sacrifice. Vegeta makes sure to chew Goku out over this when he's semi-revived near the end of the Buu Saga.
      • There's also an inversion: Had Android 18 just beaten Hercule outright instead of blackmailing him, he would have lost all credibility as a champion, and would not have been in a position to aid Goku in making the Spirit Bomb that ultimately destroys Buu by encouraging everyone to give their energy.
      • When Super Buu invades the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to fight with Gotenks, the fused Saiyan deliberately downplays his power for dramatic effect, even verbally stating that Buu is overwhelming him. This causes Piccolo to blow up the doorway in an effort to strand Buu in the Chamber with them forever, at which the horrified Gotenks reveals he was faking all along. For the icing on the cake, Buu gets so mad about the lack of candy in the chamber that he discovers his ability to scream open dimensional doorways, and promptly escapes, and by the time Gotenks is able to replicate the feat, Buu has killed off everybody on Kami's Lookout. Because of this, nobody in his circle trusts Gotenks to be a useful fighter ever again, reminding him of this incident when Gotenks asks why he's not a candidate for the Universal Tournament of Power team.
    • It happens again in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, where Pilaf and his gang help bring Frieza back to life.
    • Dragon Ball GT: As revealed during the Shadow Dragon Saga, the Dragon Balls produce negative energy for each wish granted, which is stored in the balls for it to dissipate harmlessly over 100 years; in fact, the Dragon Balls scatter after every use because it's expected to take years to find one through conventional methods, thus allowing them to disperse the negative energy harmlessly. Unfortunately, that countermeasure was rendered completely useless when Bulma invented the Dragon Radar, allowing the Z-Fighters to find the Dragon Balls very quickly and summon Shenron numerous times, eventually leading to the birth of the Shadow Dragons.
    • Dragon Ball Super:
      • During the Future Trunks Saga, Goku, in trying to find out the identity of Goku Black, travels to Universe 10, where he meets Zamasu, a Supreme Kai apprentice who distrusts mortals and believes that The Gods Must Be Lazy for simply watching and doing nothing while they commit evil deeds; their subsequent sparring match ends up triggering Zamasu's Start of Darkness. After seeing how Goku, a mere mortal, could become powerful enough to challenge the gods, Zamasu begins a downward spiral, going from simply distrusting mortals and seeing them as foolish to a full-blown Jerkass God who seeks to wipe out all mortal life. Although given that the trigger for him to murder Goku's family and commit omnicide in Future Trunks' timeline is losing in a friendly sparring match (which Goku only initiated to find out why Zamasu's ki was similar to Black's), and in the manga it was triggered by just watching Goku's fight with Hit, there was definitely something wrong with him to begin with, and if Goku hadn't set him off, someone else inevitably would.
      • Zamasu's master, Gowasu, also ends up fanning the flames quite a bit to to several Advice Backfires. It's his idea for Goku and Zamasu to spar, hoping that Zamasu would learn more about mortals and the experience would ease his distrust for them. Unfortunately, Goku ends up being more powerful than he thought, and the encounter only solidifies Zamasu's hatred of mortals and makes him obsessed with Goku. He then takes Zamasu to planet Babari so he can observe the primitive life there and see if they will become more civil after a thousand years, as well as teaching Zamasu how to use the Time Rings. While they've developed some culture after one thousand years, the Babarians are still quite barbaric, which only further convinces Zamasu that mortals are too stupid and dangerous to live. Finally, he gives Zamasu the means and knowledge of how to implement his plan to kill off all mortals by having him watch the U6 and U7 tournament and telling him about the Super Dragon Balls. Poor guy is horrified when he finds out what his well-meaning actions led to.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • In Zero, Yuriy Dreyar, Makarov's father and one of the founders of Fairy Tail, serves as this. When trying to take the Sirius Jade for himself, he ends up transformed into a monster under its control, and forces Mavis to use Fairy Law on it to save him, resulting in her being unable to age. It later turns out that the consequences are even worse than they thought, since Mavis actually has the same curse as Zeref, one that kills anyone near her so long as she values life, and this results in Yuriy's wife dying, forcing Mavis to flee and meet up with Zeref. Mavis falls in love with him, which leads to his curse killing her, and many other developments that essentially lead to the plot of the series taking place.
    • In the main series, Porlyuscia misdiagnoses Natsu, saying that he has an anti-ethernano tumor when in reality, it's something far worse. Brandish, a villain who's torn between her loyalty to Albareth and the heroes who showed her kindness, apparently cures Natsu by shrinking the tumor, then reverses the process to "prove" to her watching comrades that she's still on their side. Unfortunately, Porlyuscia realizes her mistake too late, so her (and in turn, Brandish's) ignorance about Natsu's condition leads to Natsu's E.N.D. side awakening, and later, his Demon Seed trying to merge with his Dragon Seed, a process that if completed, will kill Natsu.
  • Food Wars!: All of the bad things in the story can be traced back at Joichiro's decision to drop out of Tootsuki without explaining why and what he planned to do. To wit:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Heinkel manages to corner Pride, only for some residents of the nearby slums to come by with sources of light. This enables Pride to set fire to the brush nearby, regain use of his shadow powers and severely wound Heinkel.
    • Earlier on, Edward and a nameless character share responsibility for Winry getting a Heroic BSoD and trying to kill Scar, potentially putting her own life in danger. The former mentions Scar killing Winry's parents while unbeknownst to him, Winry is in earshot, and the latter, an MP knocked out by Scar, accidentally leaves behind a pistol for Winry to pick up.
  • Michiru Saotome from Getter Robo Armaggedon. She's infected with The Virus, and chooses to commit suicide via screwing up with a test flight rather than suffer a really painful death. While such a situation is really bad and one can sorta understand the logic behind such a drastic decision, there are even worse things about it: her father, Dr. Saotome, mistakenly believed that the Getter pilots were to blame, leading to him becoming a Mad Scientist... which is followed by his murder, Ryoma's imprisonment, Saotome being Back from the Dead and completely Ax-Crazy, and the invasion. (Not to mention her little sister Genki, who witnessed Michiru's death in first row, is horribly traumatised to the point of becoming a Creepy Child). On top of that, said incident drove a rather large wedge between Getter pilots Ryoma and Hayato, to the point where each of them outright wants to murder the other at the start of the story; it isn't until several years later, when they learn the truth about Michiru's death that they start really working together the way they did back as teammates.
  • In Girls und Panzer, when Hana introduces her friends to her mother, Yukari mentions that she's in a different class from Hana, but they're doing tankery together. Yukari doesn't know that Hana's mother doesn't know or approve of Hana doing so, and Hana's mother ends up fainting on the spot and later (temporarily) disowning her. Yukari apologizes to Hana for her role in this, but Hana doesn't hold it against her, feeling as though it's her own fault for not telling her mother.
    • Koume Akeboshi, whose tank plunged into a river during the previous tournament finals, resulting in Miho abandoning the flag tank to save it, and causing Black Forest to be defeated when their enemies fire on the flag tank, blames herself for Miho deciding to leave Black Forest, seeing herself as causing Miho trouble.
  • Goblin Slayer: In the past, one female adventurer spared one goblin child when it supposedly promised to be good, however not only did sparing said child turn out to be a bad idea when it killed her the moment she turned her back, said goblin child eventually grew up to be a goblin lord that tried to attack the farm that Goblin Slayer himself lived at.
  • In Guilty Crown, Shu Ouma rejecting his sister Mana's advances causes the Lost Christmas event, dooming Japan in the process. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, indeed.
  • In High School Dx D, Azazel is indirectly responsible for Akeno Himejima's estrangement with her father Baraqiel after Shuri Himejima's murder.
  • Inverted with Isumi in Hikaru no Go. If he hadn't insisted on playing Hikaru, Hikaru would never have discovered that Sai is still present in his Go, would not have started playing again, would not have become the "second genius" and, therefore, would have caused the thousand-year plan of the god of Go to fail. At least, unless the whole chain of events was just another part of the plan.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, George Joestar I's well-intentioned adoption of Dio Brando leads to his death, his son's death, his grandson's death, his great-great-granddaughter's illness, his great-grandson's (temporary) death, his great-great-great-grandson's death, his great-great-great-great-granddaughter's death, the deaths of countless others, and nearly causes the end of the entire universe.
    • Dio's father Dario also counts as one. If only he wasn't such a petty thief and a gigantic Jerkass of an Abusive Father, and if he had taken care of his wife better, Dio could have tempered the evil within him that he carried since his birth, since it's known that he loves his mother, instead of causing... well, see above.
    • On a less cosmic scale, a trio of schoolgirls are the reason why a serial killer was able to get away for so long. To explain: these girls encountered a kid who was mortally wounded by said killer. Rather than go get help or call a teacher, they instead leave him. This in turn causes him to be finished off by the killer, and thus, allows him to get away scot-free for at least a few more arcs.
  • Kalos Eido from Kaleido Star believes himself to be one of these. Ten years ago, he asked a famous acrobat and close friend of his named Aaron if he truly was up to performing the very dangerous Fantastic Maneouver, that had caused more than one death... and afterwards, Aaron failed to do it and died. This is the reason why, a decade later, Aaron's son and former Kaleido Stage Ace Yuri is pissed off at Kalos enough to try buying out the Stage as revenge... and Kalos does nothing to stop him since he thinks it's his punishment for letting Aaron die.
  • In The King of Fighters: KYO manga, there are three of these: Iori Yagami, Sanae and Takaya Maeta. Iori challenged Kyo to a very violent fight outside the school grounds, which prompted Kyo's girlfriend Yuki as well as Athena Asamiya to defend him (and in Yuki's case, at great risk to herself since she's not an Action Girl). The day after this Sanae introduced Maeta to Yuki, trying to rope her into having a date with him despite Yuki's own reluctance. Unbeknownst to all of them, the botched fight with Iori had triggered Kyo's hidden insecurities — and it was soon followed by a challenge from Maeta and Daimon to Kyo, who lost badly. All of these factors piled up on Kyo's own psyche: soon he was so troubled that he got Brought Down to Normal, then suffered a severe Heroic BSoD. If not for Kyo's father Saisyu going Warrior Therapist on him, Kyo would have ended up as a Brainwashed and Crazy Blood Knight completely controlled by Orochi.
  • In Lady, a group of English kids are seen playing with a ball in the streets of London during one of the first scenes of the manga... Had one of the kids not gone for their missing ball in the worst moment possible, the guy driving the car that Lynn and her mother Misuzu were in wouldn't have tried to dodge her too fast and wouldn't have crashed, which in turn would have not cost Misuzu her life and would've brought much less trauma to Lynn.
  • Macross:
    • Macross Frontier reveals, in the last part of the anime that poor Ranka is this. Due to having a harmless form of the V-Type virus since birth, when she sings she can be heard by the Vajra. Who mistake her for a lost baby and try to "rescue" her. She first sang the Aimo song when she was but a little girl...and this not only resulted in nearly everyone on the space station dying, but is why the whole plot happens in the first place.
    • In Macross Plus, the local Playful Hacker Yang tries to hack Sharon's A.I. during her concert in OVA 2. Not only he breaks through Myung's concentration when she's managing Sharon's A.I., but it causes Sharon to see Isamu (who happens to be Myung's New Old Flame that she still loves) for the first time... right when her other creator, the Mad Scientist Margue, is about to make sure that she'll become fully independent and self-aware. This ultimately causes Sharon, until then a harmless Virtual Idol, to become a Mailer Daemon who both inherits and twists Myung's love for Isamu, going Yandere for him and becoming the Love Makes You Evil-motivated Big Bad.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Suzuka serves as one. She, not knowing about the Wolkenritter’s true nature or activities despite having met them as well as Hayate, plans to pay Hayate a surprise visit along with Arisa, Nanoha and Fate on Christmas Eve at the hospital. Nanoha and Fate, seeing the Wolkenritter with Hayate, then realize that Hayate is the true master of the Book of Darkness that they are searching for, and are forced into a confrontation with the Wolkenritter, who wish to prevent Hayate from being exposed. Things quickly get worse from there.
  • In Mai Hime, while Yuuichi's desire to help Mai is commendable, several of his actions end up making things worse for her.
    • Yuuichi uttering Mai's name when he catches her with Reito when Shiho is with him as well results not only in Reito being upset at him but in Mai attracting Shiho's jealousy, since Shiho accuses Mai of lying to her about Mai's own desire to root for her love for Yuuichi.
    • Yuuichi tells an ill Shiho that Nao is attacking Takumi. As a result, the increasingly unstable Shiho slips out of the hospital and destroys Akira's Child with her Hime powers, killing Takumi out of spite for Mai.
    • When Yuuichi goes to save Mai from Yukariko, he also ends up missing an appointment to meet Shiho in the park, causing the despairing Shiho (who, for worse, is now fully under the influence of Nagi) to fully lose it and directly attack Mai, leading to a battle that ends in Yuuichi's death.
    • In Mai's past, an unnamed girl called her over to play while she was watching Takumi. While she was gone, Takumi went into the river and almost drowned, forcing his and Mai's mother to save him, leading to her death, Takumi's weakened heart and Mai dedicating herself to taking care of Takumi in order to atone for her mistake.
  • In Mai-Otome Sifr, a cat wandering out on the hotel balcony leads to Sifr trying to retrieve it, and falling and having to be rescued by Lena, who berates her for going outside and risking being discovered. It's revealed that one of the pool-goers was an undercover Schwarz agent, and that night, a large Schwarz force attacks, succeeding in kidnapping Sifr with help from M9.
  • Satoshi Oginome from Mawaru-Penguindrum. Had his estranged daughter Ringo not seen him with his girlfriend and her daughter, she would've likely not sped up her "Project M" to bring her family back together via the Attempted Rape of her crush, with all that happened later.
  • Medaka Box: Onigase, and by extension, the Public Morals Committee. Their antagonism towards the Student Council ends up getting Medaka and the other members dragged into the Flask Plan. In addition, Medaka's defeat of Unzen makes her an ideal candidate for the project and thus a target.
  • Mikazuki Augus from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Being a soldier who kills to survive and avenge his friends, Mika often takes ruthless solutions to deal with his enemies, however, his actions inadvertently contributed to Ein and Gaelio's Start of Darkness and the Cycle of Revenge between them, namely him mercy killing Crank as well as dishing out an Extreme Mêlée Revenge towards Carta.
  • Muhyo and Roji:
    • In Rie's backstory, she had a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Taeko, with each of the girls being the other's Only Friend. That changed one day when Taeko stayed home with a cold, and one of the girls from the volleyball team recruited Rie for the team. As a result, Rie ended up drifting apart from Taeko, much to Taeko's dismay. Taeko fell onto the subway tracks during an argument with Rie, resulting in her dying and becoming the Starter Villain of the series, an indirect result of someone trying to befriend Rie.
    • Roughly 50 years before the start of the story, a girl named Sophie was constantly being kept home while the rest of her family went out to party. Her older sister claimed it was for it was for her own good, but once she thought Sophie wasn't listening, she complained about how a girl as ugly as Sophie would disgrace the family if she was allowed out in public. Sophie took those words to heart when she killed her sister and took her face, asking if she could be allowed to accompany her family. In the end, she became Face-Ripper Sophie, a ghost with over 2,000 victims to her name, all because of one cruel comment from her older sister.
  • Naruto:
    • The biggest example might be Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage. His bigotry towards the Uchiha clan set a lot of the plot in motion, and he created Edo Tensei.
    • Tobirama's brother Hashirama isn't much better, as he prevented Tobirama from killing Madara Uchiha before the Leaf Village was even founded.
    • Aoba Yamashiro is a recurring background ninja who was probably never formally introduced, databooks aside. Why is his name so well-known in some parts of the Naruto community? A single careless sentence out of Aoba's mouth revealed Itachi's whereabouts and goals to Sasuke. Following that, Sasuke tried to beat up Itachi, was soundly defeated, and pondered why Itachi would be interested in Naruto. Sure, Sasuke wasn't particularly stable before, but this huge blow to Sasuke's self-esteem was the catalyst for the event that would finally send Sasuke over to The Dark Side.
    • Jiraiya took pity on three Rain Village orphans—Nagato, Konan and Yahiko—and trained them. They grow up to be revolutionaries in their own village, and after Yahiko dies, Nagato turns evil, helps form Akatsuki with Tobi/Obito and Konan, and becomes an enemy of the Leaf Village, killing Jiraiya and devastating the village. But to be fair that only happened cause of the guy right below...
    • Danzo does this quite a bit. He kind of means well, but he's a Jerkass and his actions tend to cause people to make Face Heel Turns. He's responsible for the Start of Darkness of Nagato/Pain and Kabuto, worked closely with Orochimaru, and is one of the three major contributors to the tragedy of Sasuke and the Uchiha clan massacre.
    • Kakashi, of all people. He speaks about Naruto's birth at Rin's grave, and it just so happens that Obito happened to overhear it, resulting in the Nine-Tailed Fox's fateful attack and the death of the Fourth Hokage. Furthermore, had Kakashi not abandoned his principles and went back to help Obito save Rin, then Obito would have died. If Obito had died then, he wouldn't have been picked up by Madara and groomed into being his Naruto's parents would still be alive, Naruto wouldn't have been marginalized by the village in his youth, Nagato would have been less crazy, the Rain Village wouldn't have committed as much genocide, Madara's plan would have died with him, the Jinchuriki would still be alive, the Uchiha Massacre might have been stopped, the Fourth Shinobi World War wouldn't have happened, and the Ten-Tails wouldn't have been revived to wreak destruction upon the world. When Kakashi realizes this, he isn't happy.
    • This trope is Played for Laughs in the non-canon Gag Series Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. Whenever Hinata appears, expect someone to get hurt. Most of the time it's Naruto getting the receiving end of Neji's 8 Trigrams 64 Palms.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. The pilots of Evangelion Transport Neopan 400, the American Weather Bureau and the technician at Airbase Ekta 64 are never named, are never spoken of again, but ALL are responsible for the entire Bardiel Incident and Cerebus Syndrome the show developed towards the later half. Long story short: not going around the suspicious-looking cloud equals The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Pretty much all the problems in Ojojojo can be traced back to when Mr Jigokumeguri started prepping his eldest daughter Haru to be heir to the family company when she was only a child. Because of that Haru ended up being shunned by her peers out of jealousy and adopted a Rich Bitch persona to cope (which, in turn, made her a social outcast for the next decade). Meanwhile, her studying meant she could no longer spend any time with her younger sister Aki, who asked their father to let her compete for the position of heiress in hopes of spending time with Haru again. Aki ended up undergoing Motive Decay and became a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
  • In an early Pokémon episode, Ash is right on the verge of capturing a Weedle, when he is rudely interrupted by a samurai, who challenges him to a Pokémon match. During said match, which is a Mirror Match between their two Metapod taking Harden commands, the Weedle manages to escape back into its tree and alert the Beedrill, who capture Ash's Metapod. In one of the series' earliest Broken Aesops, Ash is forced to learn a lesson about not making excuses about not finishing what he started, even though it was the fault of the samurai, who berates him for all of this, that Ash wasn't able to finish in the first place, all because he didn't have the courtesy to wait until Ash was done. Even after all is said and done, and Ash rescues Metapod, he's still short one Weedle, which would eventually evolve into a Beedrill.
  • Hitomi Shizuki of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There's this friend of hers, Sayaka, who likes Kyousuke, who lost the use of his arm in an accident, until he recovered thanks to Sayaka wishing for it and becoming a magical girl. Hitomi also loves Kyousuke and decides to confess to him, but not before offering Sayaka the first shot since she believes it's the fair thing to do and has NO idea that Sayaka REALLY can't confess. Sayaka doesn't act on Hitomi's offer, her depression only worsens when she sees Hitomi confess to Kyousuke, and because of the nature of her Deal with the Devil she becomes what she fights. Kyouko self-destructs to Mercy Kill Sayaka. In short: Because of one mis-timed confession, two girls died.
    • Some consider Madoka to be one. Had she not tossed away Sayaka's Soul Gem, she wouldn't pass out/go all corpse-like and Kyubey wouldn't have spilled the beans, thus giving Sayaka that state of mind that she's no longer human. Although to be fair, her mother Junko also falls into this line for giving her that idea, although Madoka was not only ignorant of what happens when a magical girl is separated from her Soul Gem, but in addition to not mentioning that, gave her mother a vague description of what Sayaka was going through. As such, it becomes nearly impossible for Junko to give any good advice on that subject.
      • Kyouko is also to blame. Had she not challenged Sayaka to fight, the already emotionally-unstable Madoka wouldn't had flipped her shit and tossed the Soul Gem to stop the eventual fight.
    • Madoka gets another one too: Because she brought a mousy little introvert into their fold who took a great liking to Madoka, said introvert, Homura Akemi, became a Shell-Shocked Veteran. Moreover, in almost all of the timelines poor Madoka either dies or becomes the most powerful witch ever, due to Homura using her powers making Madoka more and more powerful as both a magical girl and a witch. It should be noted, however, that this is also what ends up ending the very concept of Witches in the universe altogether.
      • Extrapolating on the above, the Drama CD reveals yet another one: the original Madoka's wish was to save a cat who was about to get hit by a car. Said cat, Amy, would eventually cause Homura and Madoka to make a bond, which would then result in Homura contracting, which would result in all the timeloops, etc. etc.
    • Homura becomes one as well in The Rebellion Story. In the ending, she tells Kyubey of the Witch system, which because of what happened above is now just an unheard of thing for him. Bad idea, as he rigs the system to place Homura in a false world so that he could steal Madoka when she comes to save Homura just so he can use the Witch system again. Very bad idea for him though, as Homura takes matters into her own hands and she kidnaps Madoka, becoming the new Goddess. In a way, this trope zig-zagged, as Homura's mistake actually benefited her in the end... though it had to take someone else's mistake.
  • Rosario + Vampire Capu2: Kokoa is responsible for not one, but two disasters during the anime:
    • First, she badmouths curry in front of Apsara, who snaps and force-feeds her special curry to turn her into a "curry zombie" before doing the same to the rest of the school.
    • Then, a few episodes later, she steals Lilith's Mirror from the academy with the intent to use it to get Inner Moka back, but ends up mixing up packages with a visiting Kyouko, who inadvertently uses it to cause all of the academy's students to revert to their monster forms and go on a rampage, which almost breaks down the barrier maintaining The Masquerade and forces Moka to give up her rosary to fix it.
    • Her father, Issa Shuzen, is also indirectly responsible for quite a few disasters caused by his former wife Gyokuro Shuzen in the manga. His paying more attention to his mistress, Akasha Bloodriver, than Gyokuro is what led to her snapping and becoming the power-hungry Omnicidal Maniac she is.
  • The Rose of Versailles: The Duke of Orleans secretly works to discredit Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and aids individuals unhappy with the monarchy, hoping to use popular support to become King himself. However, the discontent he helps feed leads to a full-scale revolution culminating in the destruction of the ancien regime and the formation of the French Republic.
  • In Sailor Moon: Sailors Uranus and Neptune believe that victory cannot be attained without some horrible angsty sacrifice that only they have the moral strength to make. So basically, they make such choices that would make things worse at the end of the run. What they did in the Grand Finale is a major example in their habit to make bad decisions: in a desperate gambit to reach for Galaxia themselves and keep their beloved Moon from dying, they pull a Fake Defector act that includes killing Pluto and Saturn (depriving Moon of two valuable allies right after the death of Princess Kakyuu and the Heroic Sacrifices of the Inners), attacking Moon herself and her remaining allies the Starlights (so she wouldn't suspect them, but also weakening her physically and devastating her emotionally) and ultimately attack Galaxia on their own using powers she gave them after they faked choosing to serve her. But they didn't count on Galaxia being immune to the attack and they end up dying in front of Moon, Chibi-Chibi Moon and the Starlights without accomplishing anything in the end.
  • In the Soul Eater manga, most of the arc invading Arachne's castle started up when Kim was suspected of being a witch and a random, nameless DWMA agent decided to immediately arrest her by force instead of talking to her first like everyone else was planning. A bigger example would be Death attempting to 'free' himself from fear by creating Asura. Creating an Anthropomorphic Personification of unrelenting terror did not go well, as Death apparently made an entity that was a) equal to him in power and b) unlike his fellows eventually cannot be reasoned with.
  • In the notes left by the late Trinity Blood author, Sunao Yoshida, Seth Nightroad's actions led to two damning consequences. First, it's revealed that she injected the Crusnik nanomachines on her oldest brother, Cain, to save him after he got into an fatal accident during the Red Mars colonization project. Unfornately, it made Cain insane and drove him to destroy the world. Though Cain secretly hates humanity, the nanomachines that Seth injected just gave him the power to do so which resulted to killing Lilith Sahl and taking her nanomachines. It wasn't clear if Seth knew what she had done but she realized that Cain is no longer the brother that she and Abel loved. Second, according to the notes, she activated the satellite cannon of the Ark hidden in the imperial palace to destroy nuclear military base of the Vatican to prevent Francesco from using it when the Terran-Methulesah war broke out again and this gave Cain the chance to use the Ark and have Dietrich fire the satellite cannon on Rome, resulting to the Vatican's destruction. This bites back her in the dust badly when she stopped Cain from using the Ark which got her killed, her nanomachines stolen by him and the Empire going for an all-out counterattack on the humans by conquering their territories.
  • Sword Art Online: Shouzou Yuuki's decision to engage Asuna to Nobuyuki Sugou and make him the head of RECT Progress results in 300 SAO survivors being trapped and forced to endure inhumane mind control experiments, and Asuna being trapped in ALO for months and nearly being raped. As a result, RECT nearly goes bankrupt and Shouzou's reputation is ruined when Sugou's cyber-crimes are exposed to the public.
  • Clow Reed is guilty for all the things that had happened in Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. His unconscious desire to resurrect his beloved Yuuko Ichihara gave birth to Fei Wong Reed, who tries fulfilling it... at the cost of the lives of millions of people across multiple dimensions and ruining the lives of the four main characters.
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle: Celestia Ralgris revealed the Empire's corruption to Lux's grandfather Wade Roadbelt, who confronted the emperor about it. In response, the emperor imprisons Wade and leaves him to die and banishes Lux's side of the family from the court, creating a chain of events that leads to the death of his mother, the fall of Arcadian Empire, and him being reduced to a local chore boy. Unlike most examples of this trope, Celestia is fully aware of what her actions have caused and has felt guilt over it for the next five years.
  • Your Lie in April: Hiroko was the one who convinced Saki to make Kousei into a pianist after seeing his great talent. After Saki became sick, she became more demanding and abusive towards Kousei, eventually damaging their relationship beyond repair and leaving Kousei with deep emotional scars. Hiroko always blamed herself for Kousei's problems because of it.


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