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Unwinnable By Mistake / Game Books

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  • In one Lone Wolf gamebook you are tasked with solving a demoness' riddle and turning to the section with the same number as the answer. While the answer can be found by flipping through pages to find the appropriate section, nobody has yet come up with a satisfactory way to get the answer from the question. Looked at mathematically, the question is insoluble, asking the player to derive a variable without enough information to do so. It's likely the author just messed up the math. Failing the riddle doesn't stop progression, though, but force you into a fight against a minor Eldritch Abomination.
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  • There was also the possibility of translation or paragraph number errors in foreign editions; among others, J.H. Brennan's The Curse of Frankenstein's French edition had, straight at the beginning, an inescapable paragraph loop.
  • A couple of Nintendo Adventure Books accidentally have the page numbers swapped on puzzle pages, resulting in a successful puzzle solve directing you to turn to a bad ending and a failed one directing you to the correct result.
  • Creature of Havoc: Escape from the starting dungeon relies on a magical amulet that detects secret doors, which has the reader skip a specific number of paragraphs ahead from any entry that includes a specific sentence, allowing access to a more helpful version of the entry. That sentence was omitted from one of the paragraphs, although the alternate version is there for anyone who guesses to look. While it was only a proofreading error, at least one reviewer is of the opinion that the resulting need to make a logical leap without prompting actually improves the book.


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