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Unwinnable By Insanity / The Legend of Zelda

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  • It is theoretically possible in The Legend of Zelda to reach Ganon without the sword. For the uninitiated, this means ignoring the most basic weapon in the game, getting one room from the end, and being trapped in that room with the final boss and no way to beat him. Of course, because you just continue at the start of the dungeon after dying inside it, you can just let Ganon kill you, exit the dungeon upon the continue, and go get a sword.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has the "fairy warp" glitch.
    • Go to Darunia and jump from roof to roof until you reach the tallest building in town. Next, jump up off screen, use the Fairy spell, and push either left or right. You'll fall into a glitched-up town, and trying to leave it will deposit you in the middle of the ocean, unable to move.
    • You'll also be up the creek without a paddle if you opt to use the Fairy spell in the middle of a boss fight. There is no reason to do this whatsoever.
    • By using the aforementioned "fairy warp glitch" in a palace with falling blocks, it is possible to destroy the palace without completing it, but only if you have not already completed the first palace. (i.e., getting the candle, defeating Horsehead, and placing the crystal in the statue.) Make sure you reset without saving, unless you want to delete your character and start over. (See the "Legend of Zelda" section on the "Unwinnable by Mistake" page.)
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  • In The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, it's possible to use a series of glitches to get to the room where Agahnim awaits without first acquiring the Magic Mirror or Moon Pearl. This is important because defeating Agahnim puts the main character in the Dark World... where he turns into a rabbit that can't attack or defend himself, unless he has the Moon Pearl to prevent the transformation. The only option is to return to the Light World... which can only be done using the Magic Mirror.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening:
    • The game can be be made unwinnable in Dungeon 5 by pulling off a tricky diagonal jump to get into a locked door. The door the (generic) key is meant for has a replacement key behind it—this door does not, making it impossible to complete the 5th dungeon, meaning dungeons 6, 7, and 8 never open. There is also a place in Dungeon 4 which is supposed to be crossed using the dungeon's item, but can be just barely cleared with a running jump. If you can pull this off and use your remaining keys in exactly the wrong order, it is possible to make the dungeon unwinnable. This glitch was resolved in the DX version, where the jump distance and "ledge physics" were changed to make it much, MUCH harder to make the jump. When standing half on a ground tile and half on a hole tile, Link would slip toward the hole but could fight against it, which was how this glitch worked. In the DX version, the further into the hole that Link gets, the harder it becomes to fight.
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    • Another way to make the game unwinnable is to use the infamous warp glitch. Near the starting point of a new game is a shop whose front yard and entrance is completely walled off by bushes. Using the warp glitch, you can teleport yourself into that yard. If you haven't obtained the sword yet, you're now stuck, as you have no way to remove the bushes in your way - you can't even use the warp glitch to get out, as it requires you to reach the edge of the screen. If you enter the shop and then save, you're now permanently stuck, since your save point will be the shop entrance. At least having to start over at this point isn't a big deal, since it's at the very beginning of the game.
  • It's possible to render The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time completely unwinnable through a series of very complicated glitches that remove every option for getting to either Ganon or the credits.
    • If you're not familiar with Ocarina of Time glitches or speedrunning, there are multiple ways to get to Ganon, and other ways of beating the game by bypassing him completely by glitch called "wrong warp". The glitch is ridiculously complicated, but it basically works by the player activating multiple scene changes at the same time, making the game add those two scene values together to get a different value. You can "wrong warp" out of the Gohma blue warp by doing a glitch called "Ocarina Items" (which lets you play any item like an ocarina) on the very edge of the blue warp, letting you walk around while the warp takes you up, and entering the boss room door exactly 101 frames later. The game adds these two values together and brings you to the scene where you just finished the tennis fight, conveniently bypassing the need for light arrows. Dying in Dodongo's Cavern while entering the blue warp has a similar effect, taking you to the credits.
    • There's another very, very complicated glitch called Bottle Adventure, in which you catch an item in a bottle you glitch onto your B button, which writes the value of the item on you you caught onto the item with the value of whatever you have on c-right. This glitch can give you items, but when you use it with certain items, it also takes some away. (If you'd like to read more, ZeldaSpeedruns does a very good job of explaining this glitch.)
    • Now, with all that said, what kind of player would activate all of the blue warps in the game so they can't be used to wrong warp to the end of the game, and then use bottle adventure to get rid of the light arrows they need to beat Ganon?
  • There are a few ways to wreck a save file in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but as expected they all require the player doing incredibly dumb things with glitches:
    • For one thing, you can leave the final battle with a glitch, which disables teleporting and saving. However if you go to Lurelin Village and play the gambling mini game, these features are reactivated, letting you save in either a Divine Beast or outside the game world itself (via more glitches). If this is done, the player is unable to ever escape since warping away is disabled without going to Lurelin Village, and they've now got no way to ever reach Lurelin Village. If they have no other saves left, well it's time to start the game over.
    • You can also duplicate the 'Wild' set with the (now patched) world reset glitch to fill up your inventory to the point you can't buy anything else. Once that's done, the file is unable to hold any other armour, since the 'Wild' set cannot be sold in shops, which in turn can make it impossible to get the Zora Armour. However, given you'd have to beat all 120 shrines before ever getting the Zora Armour (which involves exploring the entire map and solving numerous aspects of the main storyline), and how you'd then have to duplicate said set 33 or so times with the glitch afterwards... it's very unlikely anyone would ever do this by accident.


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