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  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Any number of things, but especially Jeremy. Justified in that most of the characters are used to Tedd's bizarre experiments by now.
    • It's generally justified as the public generally being a little dumb every now and then, as well as the government being very good as upholding The Masquerade. When the new guy in charge stops trying to hide things, it gets more... complicated. Currently, the public seems to acknowledge a sudden superhero, monster attacks, and magic from a range of interesting news to complete awe.
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    • Raven has a cat exactly like Jeremy, and is confused when Grace says it's "just a cat".
    • Elliot does this to himself at one point. A girl drops her phone, he picks it up and goes around the crowd that's in the way to give it back to her, then claims that he's "super anonymous." Tedd, flabbergasted, points out that "going around the crowd" meant casually doing a Wall Run.
    • Inverted later on. After blowing up a spider vampire, the cast decide that they need to leave the scene, before people come to investigate the explosion. Reality Ensues during a quick montage showing various people who assume it's just some idiots setting off fireworks.
  • In Griefer Belt, Addie is so used to Lars's antics that even when she sees an ex-coworker walk back into the thrift shop after Lars amputated his arm, her reaction is to yell at him to get out since he's making a mess that she'll have to clean up.
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, Zimmy's Hidden Eyes (which look more like holes where her eyes should be) go without comment from anyone. Or the just as obvious fact that she has More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
    • Inversely, "Two Strange Girls" (Zimmy's introduction) sees Kat being offended that her anti-gravity device is getting more attention than the real purpose of her research: to see how protein crystals grow in zero-g.
    • Then again, it's the Court. One of four Houses is composed entirely of magical creatures — in at least one class all girls have pointed ears and wear Facial Markings on account of being fairies emigrated to humanity, and tend to act accordingly. They also got Ridiculously Human Robots milling around and grass in a park is mowed by talking laser cows. The previous generation had a student moving around via drawing huge glowing portals in the air. A talking shapeshifting plush wolf sometimes still get to surprise people, but Zimmy's face isn't the strangest thing they saw — or not for very long, at any rate.
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    • And it's actually a visual metaphor, like how The Simpsons have yellow skin, or the hair colors in anime like Lucky Star, or even Homestuck's Mom Lalonde not being drawn with eyes and a nose.
  • In Misfile, Rumi and Vash's angel ears. They are long and pointy, but no one comments on them. It is implied to be a sort of passive ability in the Ask Ash column, but is otherwise unaddressed.
    • Well, Logan instantly recognizes them as angels. Ash freaks out at first, but Rumisiel isn't too worried about it, saying that there are rare people who can tell angels apart from normal humans.
  • In Killroy And Tina, nobody except Tina pays much attention to the fact that Killroy is solid blue.
  • Eerie Cuties: Proff. Twiggit is the science teacher at Charybdis Heights, which is a school for cryptids. So you'd think a human would raise a few eyebrows... except no one seems to care. What makes this even more egregious is, Jeffrey the groundskeeper tries to discourage humans from nosing around their school by scaring them away, and so does Layla. But then, Twiggit may not be what she appears.
  • Sluggy Freelance has this when it comes to Talking Animals. Most of the time, anyone who's not a main character doesn't seem to find anything weird about them, either treating them like a non-talking animal or like a regular human being. Well, unless their attention is called to it.
  • In Agents of the Realm, people seem strangely oblivious to bleeds rampaging around places such as the city museum or the Main Street, and Adele is unusually chill with the realization that her teacher is trying to kill her.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Bob was greatly concerned about Molly the furry pink monster's safety when she was first introduced to the strip—and indeed, newcomers do occasionally have a Herman Munster-like reaction to her—but for the most part, the neighbors seem oblivious to her. General consensus around town is that she is deformed, but nice.
    Ms. Hatbrim: Heywood, she has claws, fangs, and a tail!
    Heywood: Well we all try not to stare...
  • The Order of the Stick when the sylph Celia is on a date with Roy in Azure City, gossamer wings and all, no one seems to take notice. Even when they are making out while flying in the air over the city. Then again, that was a holiday in a highly magical setting.
    • When Elan and Tarquin get to discussing Tarquin's evil plans, and ultimately dissolve into a sword fight, the Empress of Blood is sitting right above them on her throne during the whole thing (including Tarquin openly stating that he's manipulating the Empress as a pawn to be disposed of at a later date), and there's no indication she even noticed. Possibly justified by the fact that she's a gluttonous moron who doesn't care about anything but food.
  • Venus Envy: To quote Larson, "Okay, I can understand that they do things a little bit differently here on the East Coast ... but am I the only one who realises that the teacher is a chicken?"
  • In Mountain Time, nobody seems to notice that Otto is a four-armed triangle with an Eye on a Stalk. Most of the people in the comic seem pretty used to the idea of talking to ninja onions, so perhaps they've been primed.
  • The Caucasus having messed up borders? That's just a normal day in the Polandball universe.
  • Gai-Gin: Foxy has a fox tail and ears, which appear to be real. Miki is a green, fanged, limbless, hovering zombie. Neither of them seem to draw much comment in public.
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, the citizens of Cumberland are apparently fairly used to the eponymous Doctor's antics. For example, their primary reaction to a Zombie Apocalypse is annoyance that the mayor isn't doing more to protect them. Meanwhile, a Captain Ersatz of The Incredible Hulk runs a local convenience store, and nobody thinks twice about a gorilla walking into a pet store to buy a kitten.
  • In Our Little Adventure, the sun travels across the sky and explodes when the day is through, beginning the night which darkens the land in seconds. The moon does the same thing at the end of every night.
  • Stubble Trouble features a world where half the population consists of anthropomorphic animals, superheroes and supervillains regularly fight without much public or media attention, a long-dead president is resurrected as a Frankenstein/Hulk, dinosaurs can be seen at a zoo or while camping, magic raises no eyebrows, some people can live while being decapitated, a giant robot rampaging through a city is deemed "cool," and furries who have shaved their fur off generally aren't noticed.
  • The webcomic Ashen Blade loves to play with this trope
  • In Homestuck, Jane Crocker is perfectly used to and exasperated with an omnipotent cat dicking around with her life.
    Oh. Its just that GOD CAT again.
    • also nobody bats an eyelash at a game that allows you friends to remodel your house over the Internet. And there is very little surprise over the fact that it also launches meteors at your house and then teleports it to Another Dimension.
    • Dave initially mistakes the fiery apocalypse for a heat wave.
  • Used deliberately by... someone in Power Nap by way of surprise 3D ads for explosion-filled action movies to disguise the actual attacks of... something that might have something to do with the fact that no one sleeps or dreams.
  • In Moon Crest 24 being teleported in a gust of light from a cemetery to her dorm room doesn't seem to faze Lucy in the slightest. Averted later on when she discusses it with Rachel and Dory.
  • Krosp I, Emperor of All Cats from Girl Genius. He is a talking cat created by a Mad Scientist; however, since Mad Scientists are rather common in the setting nobody baits and eye: They tried to teach him how to dance when traveling with a circus, as talking was not enough for an act; and was explicitly told to be uninteresting to the citizens of Mechanisburg, a town run by a family of Mad Scientists.
  • Erfworld begins when everyday gamer geek Parson A. Gotti swears to his tabletop buddies that he wishes he could vanish into one of his strategy games... and vanishes, having been magically summoned by the residents of an RPG-Mechanics Verse. The other gamers are more annoyed than upset.
    You know... Over the years, Parson's had a lot of big ideas. But this is the first one I've ever seen him follow through on.
  • Buster Wilde Weerwolf: After a while, Buster hanging out at the clubs no longer fazed anyone and newcomers to the club will be met with indifference from the frequent clubgoers when asked about Buster.
  • Zebra Girl:
    • Invoked by Sam, who is a giant anthropomorphic rabbit. He actually counts on people rationalizing him as a hallucination, some guy in a costume, or whatever they can think up. He has yet to be proven wrong.
    • Subverted by Sandra herself, who spends a good portion of the early comics just trying to be able to go out without attracting TOO much attention, settling on what is quite nearly an outright monk's robe with incredibly long sleeves whose hood completely covers her face in shadow. Anyone who DOES get a look at it, she explains away the facial markings as "make-up to cover up burns".
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • Lalli didn't react at all to Reynir showing up in the food crate. Given that he can see spirits and he was growling a little right before Emil opened the crate, chances are that he already knew there was someone in there.
    • After Lalli goes into a Power-Strain Blackout induced Deep Sleep, Emil quickly gets the impression that he's the only one noticing how long he's been sleeping and how hard it is to wake him up. Mikkel however seems to have started wondering after Lalli slept through the events of Chapter 10, judging by the slightly different sleeping arrangements shown at the end of the chapter. Lalli sleeps under one of the bunks when left to his own devices, and this habit of his was the only reason the tank's small dormitory happened to have enough spare floor space to give Reynir his own mattress. At the end of Chapter 10, Reynir and Lalli are squeezed on the same mattress and the author comments say it's because of Mikkel refusing to have Lalli sleep under a bunk.
  • Hero Oh Hero: In the RPG-Mechanics Verse of the Shira desert, the spontaneously appearing dungeons (complete with monsters, traps and loot) are considered a mundane natural feature.
    Jake: Same reason there's sand in the desert. No need to ask dumb questions.


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