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  • Ancient Sins:
    • After attaining the ancient power of Hatred, Twilight enters a state of pure rage and begins overwhelming Dante, even trying to kill him.
    • After being empowered by Dante's darkness, Flutttershy gains the power to turn into a rage monster everytime she gets insecure or is belittled. This later bites him in the aft end when she turns her rage on him.
  • The Beast That I Am has this as the main source of Jade's powers. Hurt Keitaro and she transforms. Attack her and she becomes even angrier, making her even stronger. The fact that Jade's alter ego is Shinobu should be a good sign of just how much suppressed anger she has in her system.
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  • Fate/Starry Night: Even while driven to the depths of madness by his class, Berserker is outraged that Ritsuka would use the image of Jason as a Human Shield against him. Because of this, he refuses to listen to even Illya's commands and goes on a warpath against Ritsuka, just as the latter had hoped.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Germany's and Japan's rage for each other became nigh unstoppable after having to tolerate each other for far too long during the night of the Florentine fireworks festival, culminating in a vicious fight. It would have ended in Murder the Hypotenuse if Italy had not intervened in time.
  • In The Reluctant Father Universe, Roxas will defend Xion very violently, to the point where it actually scares her.
  • Grimlock has had several of these in Transformers Meta and will probably have several more.
    • He raged against Barricade and Soundwave in the third episode when they were holding Bumblebee captive.
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    • He beat the heck out of Barricade in the second episode when Barricade nearly took out Bumblebee.
    • Furthermore, he charged furiously at Slipstream when Bumblebee was, yet again, being held captive.
      • In the same episode, he went absolutely crazy when Bumblebee had been kidnapped and went so far as to beat up a corpse because there was no one else around that he could kill.
    • In the second episode, he tried to snap Wheeljack in half when the latter left Evac and Bumblebee by themselves in a potentially hostile environment.
      • Inevitably, Grimlock's Unstoppable Rages are commonly caused by, but are not limited to, something happening to Bumblebee.
  • In a My Little Pony / The Dresden Files crossover fic My Little Denarians, the ponies get exposed to much more non-cartoon violence than Harry would have liked - and they learn fast. At one point Derpy is shot by a sniper, causing Dash to charge across the street at the attacker. She may be a cartoon pony but she is a supersonic cartoon pony - after running across the street and up the stairs, Harry finds the room splattered with blood and bits of flesh and the furious Dash Pummeling the Corpse
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  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero. If you do anything to harm the SOS Brigade, Kyon - or if you hurt him, Haruhi - will lose it and you will suffer.
  • What About Witch Queen? has Friedrich, king of the Southern Isles, whose Hair-Trigger Temper manifests itself like this. It's not necessarily good quality in a ruler or a father, as he's Not Himself when in this state and must lock himself in his room to prevent himself from hurting anybody.
  • Megami no Hanabira: Yuuna flips her lid when a demon injures her girlfriend Nanami: she tears through them nigh-effortlessly with her own demons, before finally laying the last one out with a single punch.
  • In the Firefly fic Forward, Jayne flies into one of these when River takes a bullet for him during the assault by Niska's goons. It is described as Jayne "seeing red." Jayne periodically has these moments throughout the story, when his anger overrides good sense. Later on, River goes into one of these rages when a Hand of Blue shoots Simon, and in the resulting scene reduces his face to hamburger by repeatedly stabbing it in a hysterical, savage frenzy.
  • Logan Wright from Dalton has some rather serious anger issues, causing him to violently lash out at virtually everyone on a semi-regular basis.
  • Blaze from The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn enters this when the curse preventing him from helping his daughter fight the Warden is broken. He shoots the Warden a Death Glare, plows straight through everything between him and his target (including the cage he was in and a mob of Gargoyles), and sends the Warden flying clear across the room twice in a row. He then leads the former slaves and his daughter in a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the Warden, ending it by blasting the Warden through a wall. Do not mess with Blaze's daughter!
  • A Hero gives us Dalek Sec, who's like this. All the time. Considering the general disposition of his species, this is actually an improvement.
  • Sleepwalker will explode into this trope when confronted with his Arch-Enemy Cobweb, who trapped him on Earth, or his Evil Counterpart Psyko, who murdered the parents of his Heroic Host Rick Sheridan. Sleepwalker's anger typically pushes him beyond his normal limits when dealing with Psyko, although even then the result is a bloodbath from which Sleepwalker typically emerges more dead than alive. An unusual twist on this trope is that Cobweb has also played on Sleepwalker's anger to manipulate him into losing focus and making bad decisions that would get him least until Rick serves as a Spanner in the Works and sets Sleepy straight.
  • Rise of the Galeforces: Pterosaurs are not Dinosaurs. Adam Squall, aka Terrordactyl, is a pterosaur. Normally, calling him a "dinosaur" counts as a regular Berserk Button that's Played for Laughs. Then in Chapter 25, Velociripper calls him a dinosaur after turning Violet into a Tyrannosaurus rex. This double whammy causes Adam to destroy his holding tank out of sheer anger, simply by transforming inside it.
    • When Violet discovers Ludlow's true motives in Episode 4, she basically snaps. And spends the remainder of the fic turning this trope Up to Eleven, which is more than enough to tip the balance of power in the protagonists' favor.
  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, when Night Raven tells Fluttershy he fights and kills the ponies not because he hates them, but because he sees it as "fun", she becomes furious.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, these happen to several characters, most frequently Harry. The usual sign of Harry having been in Unstoppable Rage mode is a large crater. One caused by a previous incident of Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil was one hundred yards across. The size of a soccer pitch, in other words.
    • Harry when he finds out that Saruman has been torturing Sirius for the best part of seven years. He throws Wormtongue from the top of Isengard, catches, him, gives him to Éomer, drags Saruman down into the dungeons by his beard (after letting Emrys break his nose and forcing it back into joint), vaporizing the doors of Isengard, and when he finds Sirius he loses his temper completely and repeatedly uses the Cruciatus curse.
    • Also, Emrys doing his level best to drown Wormtongue after finding out that Wormtongue raped his sister. Theodred has to call him off, much like the Batman example above.
    • Harry when Ginny is poisoned by the Witch-King, unleashing the full power of a Patronus infused thunder storm. Part of the weakest bolt vaporises a Mûmak.
    • Ginny when Harry dies unleashes three enormous tornadoes of fire on the army of Mordor, destroying the physical forms of three Nazgûl in the time it takes to snap your fingers.
  • Played straight and then deconstructed in Child of the Storm — by the same author as The Wizard in the Shadows, with it being used less and its downsides being pointed out.
    • Harry goes into one when Luna is murdered, going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the HYDRA agents who killed her. However, he's very much still a Glass Cannon at this point, and their leader is Combat Pragmatist Daken. The result? Harry gets impaled, although he almost certainly would've swept the floor with the invading army single-handed if he had fought smart. Fortunately, his Almighty Mom is on hand to resurrect him.
    • This is something of a family trait, as the whole plot of the fic was set in motion by Harry's grandfather resorting to drastic measures to stop his son embarking on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge that would have led to massive collateral damage. Thor is not terribly happy when he finds out, but grudgingly agrees that Odin probably saved a lot of innocent lives.
    • In the sequel, Ghosts of the Past, Thor finally snaps after two weeks on edge following Harry being kidnapped by the Red Room, and falls into the Warrior's Madness while fighting the Juggernaut. On the upside, he beats the Juggernaut to a pulp with his bare hands. On the downside, he loses control completely and has to be restrained by the Hulk to stop him from hurting friends and, you know, most of the continent of North America, if not the entire planet.
    • Harry again, shortly after the above one (for related reasons), this time as the Dark Phoenix. The spoilered part pretty much sums up why this is a Very Bad Thing.
  • Happens to Anthony Bault, the Gamemaster of Arcadia in Heroes of Arcadia: A Hero's Virtue when he sees Kragok gun down Knuckles, and turns into the Dark Gamemaster.
  • Justice League of Equestria: During Rainbow Dash/Supermare's final fight with Brainiac, the latter makes the mistake of seemingly killing her mother Firefly. This triggers one of these in Rainbow Dash, and she delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him nearly killing him before Thunderlane talks her down.
  • Pages Of Harmony involves Fluttershy going into this at one point. She's had Kindness stripped from her so completely that she hallucinates that her pets are the ponies she believed wronged her, and tears them mercilessly to pieces. She then turns this attack on Twilight, whose Well-Intentioned Extremist actions were the cause of her present suffering, and they pummel one another into a bloody mess, with Fluttershy tearing chunks off of Twilight's skin before Twilight eventually manages to win by a margin.
  • In the RWBY fic Massages, Team CDRL beats up Jaune as usual, but when they reveal that they plan to rape every girl in his Unwanted Harem, he loses it and gives them a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. The others are forced to knock him out, not out of concern for Team CRDL, because he was about to burn himself out from releasing so much energy at once.
    'No fighting policy' be damned. Morals and the law didn't mean anything anymore. Jaune would kill these motherfuckers.
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, Robert enters one if someone he cares about or has come to respect is hurt.
  • Shepard's "fight" with Morinth in Avatar of Victory begins when the latter, trying to put Shepard under mind control, targets a memory of Shepard's Love Interest Liara. Shepard flips out, enters the Avatar State, and beats Morinth into a bloody pulp before spacing her, all while declaring that this is what happens to anyone who threatens the Avatar's loved ones.
  • In the VERY dark My Little Pony fanfic The Night That Never Ended this happens with Rainbow Dash when she sees one of Nightmare Moon's minions brutally murder several ponies helping her. She attacks the guard, and the scene cuts away... ...And when the scene cuts back, Rainbow Dash has not only beaten the pony to death, but has been Pummeling the Corpse for quite some time.
  • In Chrono Cross fanfic Fellowship, Black Mage Guile goes into this whenever someone hurts or threatens his little friends, whom he treats like his sons. His power rises dramatically at this, but he also becomes reckless.
    • When Skelly injures Pip, Guile snaps Skelly's neck and sends his skull flying away with a kick. But being a skeleton clown, Skelly easily reattaches his skull to his skeleton and ends up knocking Guile out.
    • When the Tutanshaman Brothers threaten Draggy by saying that Draggy will be very dead after they're done dealing with Guile, this enrages Guile so much that he lets loose a furious roar which diffuses a streaming blast of fire, causes a tremor, cracks the ground and the tree trunks around him, and blows off the leaves on the trees and hedge nearby.
  • The Soul Eater oneshot They Shook Death City centers around Maka's quite frankly terrifying rage against people she deems bad drivers. Poor Soul spends most of the story fearing for his life in the passenger seat.
  • RWBY: Reckoning has Darrel being pushed to this after Ruby is shot, Blake is hurt, Sun is insulted, and he's used as a Human Shield, courtesy of Roman. Having had enough of his friends being hurt, he finally cuts loose, throwing him around like a rag doll. Of course, Roman being Roman, he fights dirty.
    • This occurs again during the story's rendition of the Fall of Beacon, when Adam cuts Yang's arm off. The fury that builds within Darrel is enough to deprogram his brainwashing, and he becomes a murderous, screaming berserker.
  • This happens to Rainbow Dash in Sunset of Time when Sunset Shimmer kidnaps and nearly kills Fluttershy. She leaps into the air and flies at her, ("supreme fury" on her face) screaming that she's going to kill her... ...But Sunset Shimmer just shoots her down with magic, ending her rampage before she can do anything.
  • In Gensokyo 20XXV, this is Reimu's response to Yume Ni kicking her in the face, the which of she felt, and she couldn't be stopped until she stabbed the latter with a pair of scissors.
    Mamizou: Swinging them around madly like mad warrior and his sword, she came after her and, no matter the effort, she could not be stopped.
  • Pete Malloy in the Adam-12 fic "Into The Forest". One of the guys holding him and his girlfriend prisoner tries to rape her, a very bad idea. Pete breaks the strap he's tied with, despite being injured, and charges the guy with every intention of killing if need be.
  • Happens to Roy Desoto in the Emergency! fic "Return". He sees John Gage's uncle trying to take off John's pants to rape him, and though it is not a slash story, they are close friends, and Roy lets the uncle have it. Similarly, in the author's fic "Revenge," a kidnapper from whom Roy rescued John comes after them and catches up to them at the station. Enraged at how they treated John, Roy gets physical with the guy.
  • Friendship Is Magical Girls: If members of the Emerald Flame Dragon clan allow themselves to lose control of their anger, they can fall into one of these, symbolized by their magic flames shifting from green to red. Spike's master's father fell into one of these long ago when a member of the rival Soaring Lion Eagle clan killed his fiance; the result was the near-extinction of the Soaring Lion Eagles. Spike himself falls into this when Snips shoots Twilight, leading to him hunting Snips down and killing him in cold blood.
  • Sailor Moon: Legends of Lightstorm: At the climax of her debut episode, Sailor Jupiter uses this to transform through sheer force of will alone, something no Sailor Scout has ever done before.
  • In A World of Bloody Evolution, Yang undergoes this when she sees a little girl's head mounted on a traitor marine's armor spike. Yang beats him to death with her bare hands.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Tsali pretty much runs on violently sadistic Ax-Crazy rage, especially in battle.
  • Beetlejuice goes into this in Cinderjuice. He has no magic, thanks to the Framing Device, and his beloved Morality Chain has been taken prisoner and is in mortal peril. So he resorts to using his fists to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to anyone in his way... and according to those watching, it's more terrifying than anything he's ever done.
  • Betelgeuse has a reputation for this among other ghosts in the Danny Phantom/Beetlejuice crossover Say It Thrice. They know he's really angry about the fact that he's been separated from his "Mortal Bride," and they're doing their best to keep out of his way. Those few who are foolish enough to try him in his present state end up maimed. And when he finds her and discovers that another poltergeist is about to rape and murder her, there is no word strong enough to describe the fury which results.
  • Star Wars:
    • In three stories by Caro June, Imperial guards find out how bad an idea it is to rough up Leia right in front of Han. In Going Solo, one of the guards decides to 'distract' Han by smacking Leia. In The Way It Should Be, one of the guards makes clear his intent to rape Leia. Both scenes have the same result: Han rushing them in blind fury, despite being severely injured, grabbing their necks in a vice grip that probably rivals Vader's. He would likely have killed the attacker both times, but in both stories, he's cold cocked a second later. In her story The Princess And The Pirate, Han goes wild twice because of someone harming Leia. The first time, a guard whacks her when she trips, and Han headbutts him hard before getting, yup, knocked out. The second time, she's hit with a heavy stun, and Han reacts with wild rage, struggling against his captors as hard as he can. It doesn't work though, he still gets dragged off and beaten.
    • Qui Gon Jinn gets into one twice in The Marionettes Dance trying to protect his unconscious apprentice Obi Wan. The first time, he slices various limbs off four guards after having used a Jedi Mind Trick to fool them into ignoring his lightsaber. Later, he's really set off when they lie and say Obi Wan died. He crushes one guard's throat but doesn't kill him, then does kill two more with his bare hands. The first guy gets a piece of nasal septum driven into his brain by Qui Gon's elbow slamming into his face,and the second guy gets his neck snapped after Qui Gon choke holds him and forces him to admit that Obi Wan is still alive and where he's at. He may have felt he had no choice but to kill that one, he was wielding a box that controlled shock collars that both Jedi had been forced into wearing, and the Electric Torture was really ticking off Qui Gon already.
    • Mara Jade is raped in The Unthinkable, and Luke nearly goes all the way into The Dark Side mode, knocking out two Barabels without much thought and then viciously Force-choking her attacker. Mara and Han beg him not to kill the guy, and Han is ready to stun Luke with his blaster if he doesn't stop. Mara tells him afterward that she was scared seeing him like that. He does reign in his anger and let the guy live, but snarls that he WILL kill the guy if he ever touches Mara again. Luke himself is saddened by it when they talk at the hospital and thanks Mara for stopping him.
    • Leia in Worst Vacation Ever when someone tries to shoot Han. He's already taken one to the arm, and when Leia goes to him, the attacker says she better move if she wants to live. Cue Leia going into Violently Protective Girlfriend mode and giving her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    Leia: No one hurts someone I love!
    • Both Han and Leia's Berserk Button gets pushed in Welcome Back Your Dark Memories. Han and Leia are in a tapecafe and a guy from Jabba's Palace happens to be there. He makes lewd remarks about Leia, and Han gets into a knock-down drag-out fight with the guy. They separate, and Leia moves in to tell Han it isn't worth it. But then, the guy breaks out a blaster to shoot Leia and makes another remark, and she pulls a Vader, blocking the guy's shot with the Force, then Force-choking him until Han has to tell her it isn't worth it to kill him. She does let him live, but only after a few choice remarks about respecting women.
  • In Thousand Shinji, Asuka is a literal berserker. Several characters and entities repeatedly press her Berserk Button until she snaps, and when she does, she doesn't stop until whatever enraged her is destroyed. Most of Angels and the MP-Evas discovered that driving her mad was a spectacularly bad idea.
    Asuka and Unit 02 continued to rage, a dam within having burst. Everything has to die! Die for your sins! Die! Die like momma died! Die and leave me alone! Always alone! Die!
  • The Second Try: Subverted. When Gendo used the name of Aki to taunt Asuka she got raving mad. She broke free despite of being handcuffed and surrounded by Gendo’s agents, leapt at his desk and tried to throttle him. However they managed to sedate her before she closed her hands around his neck.
  • In the Worm fic Quicken, it happens to Emma several times in the first story arc. She runs into several gang squads, and they threaten her until she goes nuts and kills them all.
  • This Bites!: Fleet Admiral Sengoku flies into one after the Straw Hats start broadcasting their assault on Enies Lobby. It only gets worse and worse with each report of how the Straw Hats have inspired other pirates (up to and including the Four Emperors themselves) to commit their own dangerous acts, which is only compounded when the Straw Hats started airing the World Government's dirty laundry, including the truth about Ohara. Eventually, he has become so angry that he orders nearly every available Marine in the Grand Line to invade Enies Lobby in order to capture and/or (preferably, in his case) kill them (including Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji), with a visible Slasher Smile on his face at one point. When they escape, he simmers down to a Tranquil Fury, which is no less terrifying (as Aokiji can attest to). It's also deconstructed, as Sengoku's old age means his body can't handle that amount of stress anymore, and at one point it causes him to suffer a non-fatal heart attack.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: Upon finding out about Mordru dying at the hands of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Satan Girl pounces on Supergirl furiously and pummels her almost to death.
    At that, Supergirl knew she had succeeded. Probably a little more than she wanted.
    Satan Girl surged forward like an express train, her arms outstretched, and Kara flew through the warp.
    In two more seconds, they were at war again, and Satan Girl vowed that she would destroy Supergirl before the anti-matter got anywhere near them.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act IV chapter 2, Akua notes that, when provoked, Jovian and Jacqueline destroyed entire Fairy Tale facilities in their fits of rage, and only Hokuto could calm them down; according to Akua, the Kikions' temper tantrums put Kahlua's Berserker Tears to shame.
    • In Act VI chapter 42, Kokoa flies into one when she discovers that Sun was spying on her and Gin having sex, and really flies off the handle when Sun outright tells her that she's not good enough for Gin, proceeding to punch Sun through a wall and chase both Felucia and Sun through the house in a rage until Arial encases her in ice. By chapter 44, she's thawed and still pissed off to the point that the others have to chain her to the ground, while she's reduced to snarling and growling like an animal.
  • The Raven's Plan:
    • When Robb sees Theon after waking up, he becomes so furious that being held up by Jon and Jory Cassel with all their strength, having Arya wrapped around his leg and Sansa screaming in his face to calm down is barely enough to keep him from killing Theon.
    • The Lannisters get so mad upon finding out that Joanna Lannister was killed through inaction by Maester Creylen that Jaime smashes Tyrion's desk and has to be knocked out by Bronn, Kevan throws his chair across the room, and Stafford clenches his chair so hard the arms break.
    • Robert's reaction to finding out the truth about Jon Targaryen — that he's Rhaegar and Lyanna's trueborn son, and more importantly that Ned has been lying to him about it for years — is to go absolutely berserk, smashing the Small Council chambers, knocking out Meryn Trant with a chair to the face, and sending the others scurrying to safety.
  • In Marvel Universe story Fire!, Franklin Richards figuratively explodes when he believes that Doctor Doom has killed his family. Then he makes Doom literally explode.
    On the screen, Franklin saw the face of Dr. Doom, caught in a chance shot from wherever the camera was, filling the screen. The cloaked and armored man seemed to be smiling.
    The fury and anguish in Franklin's soul were a dormant H-Bomb, and Doom's smile seemed to be the trigger to ignite it.


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