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  • Big Finish Doctor Who audio And The Pirates is told by Evelyn and the Doctor. Evelyn gets many of the facts wrong and is caught making up names on the spot, such as "John Johnson" and "Tom Thompson". She even initially says the Doctor died mere minutes after saying he'll be around to tell more of the story. Parts are told out of order, and all the sailors have the same voice because she can't impersonate them well. The Doctor's version of events is much more accurate but suspiciously full of characters complimenting his unorthodox wardrobe.
    • The Companion Chronicles audio The Memory Cheats is told first person by Zoe to a Company psychologist, as they try to unlock her memories of traveling with the Doctor (wiped by the Time Lords at the end of "The War Games"). At the end, she reveals she made it all up based on information the psychologist gave her, the one time she did meet the Doctor, and her dreams. But she can't explain why there's a photo of her from 1919. Not only are we left not knowing how much of the story is true, so is Zoe herself.
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    • Used to a lesser extent in the previous story in the arc, "Echoes of Grey." The parts that Zoe narrates are accurate. The parts narrated by Ali are lies; she was never there.
  • Dickensian parody Bleak Expectations uses this in the framing story for laughs:
    "We swore we would escape the school, or die in the attempt."
    "And what happened?"
    "We died in the attempt."
    "Oh, how awful!"
    "Of course not, you blundering idiot! How would I be talking to you now?"
  • Occasionally used for humorous effect in the introductory narration on radio episodes of Our Miss Brooks. Cue a correction from Deadpan Snarker Miss Brooks.
  • The Storyteller in John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme is frequently portrayed as a naive fool, on which occasions it's quite clear that what actually happened to him is not what he thinks happened. (For instance a ghost story that is obviously a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax, or a love story that is actually the tale of how he was gulled by a conwoman.)


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