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Super Mario Bros. has quite a number of Unique Enemies:

  • In Super Mario Bros., World 7-3 is the only level with flying green Koopa Paratroopas (though the bouncing ones are found in other levels, such as 8-2).
  • The single Red Snifit in Super Mario Bros. 2 (which shows up in one room of 3-3) was the former Trope Namer.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3:
    • The Missile Bill, which has a homing ability, only appears in World 4-5.
    • The shoe-wearing Goombas (along with Goomba's Shoe itself) appear only in World 5-3.
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    • The game also has the Spiny Cheep-Cheep and a lone fire-breathing Nipper (both found in World 7, 7-4 and 7-8 respectively).
    • The Para-Beetles are only found in one level of World 5: 5-6, on the sky portion of the map. It seems they were planned to be in more levels, according to the screenshot of a deleted level on the box. There's also a green version in some of the Dummied Out levels.
    • The Fire Brothers are only encountered in a secret part of the World 2 map, carrying the third Warp Whistle, and as a solitary individual in one of the Hand Trap stages in World 8.
    • The Angry Sun in an unnumbered stage of World 2 and World 8-2. The former also has a whirlwind-like obstacle that shows up nowhere else.
  • Super Mario World:
    • Forest of Illusion 4 is the only level with Fishin' Lakitu, who taunts you with a 1-up mushroom on a fishing pole. If you grab the 1-up, the Lakitu will start throwing Spiny Eggs. Despite its rarity, the fishing pole has since become an Iconic Item for Lakitus in spinoff games, most notably Mario Kart.
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    • There's also the Fishin' Boo, a ghost Lakitu that follows Mario with a blue flame on a fishing rod. It only appears for a short while in the first room of the Choco Island Ghost House. The same stage also has a few Boos that turn into solid blocks when Mario looks at them.
    • The Torpedo Teds of Soda Lake. It's a hidden level too (which leads to Star Road), and in fact one of the most well-hidden levels in the game, so it's likely the first time you'll see them is in the ending roll call.
    • Bowser's Castle has three examples: The Ninji enemy from Super Mario Bros. 2, which shows up in the last hallway. There are also Mechakoopas seen in one of the selectable paths (door 3), in the aforementioned last hallway, and during the final battle. Finally, there is a gold-colored Bowser statue in one of the selectable paths (door 7); unlike the common stone statue which shoots fireballs at Mario or Luigi, this one jumps towards them and cannot be stepped onto.
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    • The offscreen, random Bullet Bill generators that are in a few of the later athletic levels of the original Super Mario Bros. return in Super Mario World. There is actually a diagonal variant of the generated bullets in this game, but it appears only in one sublevel of Cheese Bridge Area. Said sublevel is not only a mere 4 screens long but contains no items of any kind, so unless you take an exceedingly long time getting across the moving platforms, it's not terribly unlikely that you'll see the bullets fire once the first time playing the game and then never again. In fact, there are three different variants of these generators in this game: the aforementioned, the basic horizontal ones, and one that spawns two horizontal and two vertical bullets. All of them are rare and rarely seen; the other two appear only in Vanilla Dome 4, the horizontal one in the first half of the level and the multi-directional one in the second half, and a quick player can actually bypass the latter entirely (making use of the bonus room to skip part of the level).
    • Also from SMB1, the flying Cheep-Cheep generator is MUCH more aggressive in this game...but it is only ever seen in about 7 screens of another bonus level, and most players will probably have taken the Starman to deal with them easier anyway.
    • The hopping flame enemies, called Bound Fire, are only found in the seventh Special World level, Outrageous. That's their only appearance in the entire Mario series.
    • Dry Bones appears in the majority of the castle and fortress stages, either staying on ledges or throwing bones (Valley Fortress has both types). However, the Dry Bones in Bowser's Castle both stay on ledges and throw bones, which is unique to that level (in fact, the enemy's code even checks for that specific level number). And the only Dry Bones in Bowser's Castle are two in the room for door 6.
    • Grinders, the rotating circular sawblades, show up in a few different castle and fortress stages, but the only place they are found without accompanying line guides is the second room of Forest Fortress.
    • The small fireballs spat by Bowser statues also appear without the statues, by themselves in the level and spawned from a generator, only in the first room of Chocolate Fortress.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:
    • This game provides many examples that appear in only one castle or fortress stage. Georgette Jelly is exclusive to 5-4, Lemon Drops are only ever seen in one room of 3-4 (aside from the one Lemon Drop that Kamek enchants to create the boss of 1-8), Aqua Lakitu is found only in a side path of 3-8, Piro Dangle is found only in one optional room in 1-4, and the 32x32 variant of the Milde enemy is never seen outside of a secret room in 4-8 and the 4-4 boss battle. Grim Leecher is found only in a couple places in Extra 4. Yoshi's Story is similar, with enemies like Blindfold Boo and Barbecue Boy only appearing in one stage. Because all bosses in Yoshi's Island are of the Giant Mook variety (after a Make My Monster Grow sequence), many are based on enemies that appear in the boss's level (long enough to "establish" them as monsters) and nowhere else.
    • 3-7 has the Lunge Fish, a large fish that leaps out of the water to try and swallow Yoshi whole. They only appear at the very end of the level, and nowhere else in the game. The same level also has Barney Bubble, a strange purple creature that blows bubbles when you stomp on it. Only two appear near the end of the level, just before the Lunge Fish section. Barney Bubbles appear again in Secret 6 of the GBA version.
    • As an Easter Egg, killing the one and only Chain Chomp in 5-4 (which requires the use of an item, since he can't be eaten, stomped, or killed with an egg) reveals a hidden message block. 5-4 also features the only appearance of Muddy Buddy (who is actually a helpful creature), and in an optional room at that. Muddy Buddy appears again in Secret 2 in the GBA version.
    • Goombas, despite their prominence throughout the rest of the Mario series, are only seen here in 4-1. The same level also gives us the Flutter enemies, which are continually generated, but only found in the last section of the level before the goal. Flutters appear one more time in the GBA version in Secret 6.
    • A lone yellow Bullet Bill blaster, which swivels and whose bullets bounce off walls, appears in 5-8. The GBA version, again, adds one other yellow Bullet Bill blaster in Secret 4.
    • Also on the subject of the GBA version, Secret 6 has red Bullet Bill blasters, whose bullets will home in on Yoshi while biting their teeth and disappear after a while. Although unlike the yellow ones, there are multiple red blasters in the level they appear in. The red variant is fully coded in the SNES version, but it never shows up at all in that one.
    • Gargantua Blargg only appears once in both Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS (not counting the taller Crusher Blarggs from the latter) but three appear in two levels in Yoshi's New Island. Similarly, Hefty Goonie only appeared once in the original, but it appears in at least three levels in Yoshi's New Island.
    • In Yoshi's New Island, it's easier to list the enemies that aren't unique to one stage. For example, outside of a single hiding Bandit in 5-3, you'll only encounter them in 6-2. There is also only one Whirly Fly Guy tucked in at the end of 1-3, Woozy Guys and Caged Ghosts only appear in 3-8 (the former being spat out by the latter), and the flying Skeleton Goonies only appear in an optional hot air balloon section in 6-7 and outside Bowser's Castle in 6-8.
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins has Number 48, the little star-throwing spaceship from Space Zone 1, and Kurokyura, the vampire from Pumpkin Zone 2, who each only appear once in the entire game. This is in addition to a massive roster of enemies who only appear a couple of times and only in a single level like Aqua Goombas, the Hopping Brooms, the Masked Ghouls, and the Beach-ball Bears. Really it would be easier to list the enemies that don't have only a couple of appearances in the game: Goombas and Koopa Troopas.
  • Super Mario 64:
    • In Cool Cool Mountain, on the longest bridge, there are two Mr. Blizzard enemies who behave differently from the ones elsewhere in the game, as they hop back and forth across a bridge rather than pivoting in place and throwing snowballs at you. Also, since they cannot be run around, they cannot be defeated. In the remake, there are other ways to defeat Mr. Blizzards that will work on them.
    • This platforming adventure includes a killer piano in Big Boo's Haunt that attacks when you get near it and can't be killed.
    • Hazy Maze Cave is the only level to contain Swoopers.
    • And a solitary Chain Chomp in Bomb-Omb Battlefield which you must set free to get a star.
    • Within Lethal Lava Land, you can find the only two Big Bullies, both of which contain a power star.
    • Bubbas (large fish that will eat you) are only found in Tiny Huge Island, on the Huge Side.
    • The Tox Boxes, Pokeys, Grindels/Spindels, and Klepto the Condor only appear in Shifting Sand Land.
    • On an icy arena within Snowman's Land, there lies the only Chill Bully. He is identical in every way to Big Bullies, other than visually.
    • The only Manta Ray, Sushi, and two Cheep Cheeps in the entire game appear in Dire Dire Docks at the very beginning, near the whirlpool.
    • Unagi the Eel is found exclusively on Jolly Roger's Bay, and there's only one.
    • There's a single Bullet Bill Shooter in the entire game, in Whomp's Fortress. And it only shows up from the second mission onwards.
    • Bomps, wall enemies that push Mario, are found exclusively in Whomp's Fortress. You can even skip them altogether.
    • The Fwoosh, a wind-blowing cloud, is exclusively found in a specific cliffside in Tall, Tall Mountain (near the entrance to the secret slide). Some people might not even notice its existence if they keep following the mountain path fast enough.
  • Super Mario Galaxy:
    • The lone Grand Goomba, which is too big to jump on.
    • Galaxy also features only two giant jellyfish enemies in the whole game. Only one appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • In Super Mario Galaxy 2, there are quite a few examples in the game. Among others, there is only one Spiky Piranha Plant at the end of Sky Station Galaxy's second stage, a single Jammyfish in the middle of Cosmic Cove's second mission, Cluckbooms, Pokey Sprouts, and Rhomps only appear in the first mission of Slipsand Galaxy, and Kleptoads only appear in a Hungry Luma planet in Hightail Falls Galaxy.
  • New Super Mario Bros. series:
    • Sushis, the shark enemy, only appear in the first game in level 1-A.
    • The King Bill appears in only one level each in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U (9-8 and 5-Secret, respectively).
    • Also appearing in only one level: the Fliprus from the latter game, giving 4-Secret its name and not showing up in any other levels.
    • So far, there has only been one Blue-shelled Koopa in the entire New series, and it's not even in a main level: It's found in the ice-themed multiplayer stage of the first game. Hitting it once will turn it into a Blue Shell power-up for the player.
    • The Snailicorn, an enemy that must be defeated by knocking them off the stage, appear in just two levels of the first game, 5-3 and 5-B. Eight of them exist in total, and this is also their only appearance in any Mario game period.
    • A puffy-lipped Bob-omb enemy called a Kab-omb, also from the first game, only appears in World 8-8 and doesn't show up anywhere else. Bizarrely, it makes a reappearance in a Mario Golf game as an item.
    • Snow Spikes, a snow-themed variant of the Spike (those guys from SMB3 and beyond who barf up spike balls and throw them) only appear in 5-1 of NSMB1.
    • In the game New Super Mario Bros. 2, the only Sledge Bro appears in level 2-2.
    • And even in its DS predecessor, the only level where Sledge Bros. and Fire Bros. show up (two of each) is 8-7. Three Sledge Bros. are in New Super Mario Bros. U, all of them in the World 7 castle.
    • The once-common Fire Chomp has become this in New Super Mario Bros. U. It shows up in one level in the final world, and is truly unique in that aspect as there really is only one in the whole game.
  • Super Mario 3D World has a few:
    • The Charvaargh shows up only in the final section of 7-7.
    • The Fuzzler is exclusive to 3-7.
    • Cheep-Cheeps and Porcupuffers only appear in 3-5.
  • Super Mario RPG:
    • Lakitus appear in a few early areas of the game to toss out enemies, but most of the time they're out of reach. The only time where Mario can touch one to battle is on the first screen of Booster Pass. A group of three appear in a (potentially) optional battle hallway in Bowser's Keep, but since that's the penultimate dungeon, they can be wiped out with a single area attack.
    • The Apprentice is a varient of the Spookum enemies found in Booster Tower (same color, different stats and spells), and only shows up in a secret path of Booster Pass. It gets unique dialogue when you encounter it and vanishes after the fight, though it isn't quite a Bonus Boss since it lacks boss music, can be dodged completely while still getting the item boxes it guards, and is extremely weak. However, dying to it doesn't cause a game over and instead leads to a cutscene where the Apprentice runs off to get promoted into a Snifit by Booster; returning to the area afterwards spawns another Apprentice waiting to be promoted, and this can be repeated for up to five Apprentices. Each one you lose to appears in Booster Tower as an NPC.
    • The four Chest Monster Bosses In Mook Clothing can only be encountered in one non-respawning item box each, though Box Boy can also appear by failing the limited slot chest microgames in Bean Valley, while Chester is infinitely refightable by going down one of the enemy hallways in Bowser's Keep (since it doesn't have an item box). Some of them spawn enemies that don't appear anywhere else as well.
  • Paper Mario 64:
    • Bullet Bills can only be fought once at the very end of the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Once you beat the Bill Blasters that shoot them, they're impossible to fight again besides a golden variation found at Bowser's Castle.
    • The weird flying jellyfish-like creatures (named only in the manual as "Sentinels") that patrol Tubba Blubba's Castle. They can't be fought, and only act as Mook Bouncers.
    • The Amazy Dayzee is found only in one spot in the Flower Fields and is randomly generated to be there about 10% of the time. The rest of the time, it's a normal Crayzee Dayzee. It is also ridiculously strong and likes to run away as soon as possible, but if Mario can defeat it before it runs or he dies, the Amazy Dayzee will provide a mountain of experience points.
    • Boss-summoned enemies are pretty much exclusive to their fights, like the Tutankoopa's Chain Chomp, Lava Piranha's Petit Piranhas, the Crystal King's Crystal Bits and General Guy's Stilt Guys and Shy Stacks.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:
    • There is a type of Yux, the X-Yux, that you only run into once, guarding Grodus's office; it is by itself in the room and doesn't respawn. Two more attack you if you fail the quiz in the X-Naut Fortress.
    • Some of the enemies in the Glitz Pit and Pit of 100 Trials.
  • Super Paper Mario:
    • A line of five Thwomps appear in Chapter 1-2 as a demonstration of 3D flipping and don't show up anywhere else. Their cousins the Spiky Tromps only appear in 1-4 (while the similar Spiny Tromps at least appear in two levels).
    • Frackles and Wrackles only appear as ammo in the fights with Fracktail and Wracktail respectively.
    • Chapter 2-2 features two Gnips and one Gnaw, Merlee's invincible pets that throw the current character out of her mansion if they grab them. Chapter 2-4, Merlee's Basement, features one Atomic Boo, heavily downgraded from its Bonus Boss fight in The Thousand-Year Door.
    • Chapter 3 has a surprising amount of level-exclusive enemies, none of which have Dark versions in Flopside's Pit of 100 Trials later on. 3-1 contains two Bill Blasters, guarding Bowser's Castle at the very end, and one respawns in revists to the level; the same level also includes the game's only four Toopa Strikers (variants of the Koopa Striker enemy that can kick shells back and forth between themselves), as well as a special encounter with a giant 8-bit Mega Koopa. 3-2, the Tile Pool, is the game's sole fully underwater level and is the only place Bittacudas are fought. The Meowmaid enemy types are frequent in Chapter 3-4, Fort Francis, but never show up outside of it (except Meowbombs if you refight Francis in Chapter 8-2).
    • Most of the space enemies are justifiably never seen outside of Chapter 4-1 and 4-3. The Eeligons/Hooligons are, however it's implied they could basically live anywhere.
    • There are five different types of Cursya (discounting Dark variants) and most of them appear several times, but there are just two Back Cursyas in the whole game, one in Chapter 3-1 and another in Chapter 5-1, and they have no Dark version. It's for the best, since the curse they inflict upon contact sends you back to Flipside.
    • 7-1, the first Underwhere level, is the only stage in the game with Frost Piranhas and Lava Bubbles, which were more common in the earlier Paper Mario games. They don't appear in either Pit of 100 Trials.
    • The Flopside Pit of 100 Trials includes "Dark" variants of most enemies in the game that are exclusive to the dungeon. A prominent one is Dark Headbonk Goombas, which only appear on a very late floor... and the original Headbonk Goombas were also very rare to begin with, showing up on one floor in Flipside's Pit of 100 Trials and nowhere else (Squoinkers are also exclusive to Flipside's Pit, but they appear on multiple floors). There's also only one Dark Barribad found on Floor 73, with the other Barribad types being pretty rare as well.
  • The Guardian Shroob of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Appearing in the Shroob Mother Ship; Only two appear in the overworld, with a total of nine appearing in the whole game. After the Mario Bros. fall out of the Shroob Mother Ship, Guardian Shroobs cannot be battled again.
  • The Elite Goombule of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Only two are ever encountered, directly after unlocking the Green Shell attack. The Player's Guide doesn't even bother listing them in the Enemy Compendium.
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has a single Monolift R roaming around the Ultibed quest-section of Mount Pajamaja. On the one hand, it does respawn if you kill it (but only after defeating a specific amount of other enemies each time, which is why they have Expert Challenges connected to them like more common enemies). On the other, the only other enemies in the area where you can find it are Viruses, which are only joined in battles with other Viruses.

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