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Unique Enemy / Final Fantasy

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Unique Enemies in Final Fantasy:

  • Neo Garula from Final Fantasy V counts, as it can only be encountered once in the game (and even then, not guaranteed).
  • Sp Forces/Imperial Elite in Final Fantasy VI only appear if you agree to test your strength against Gestahl's bodyguards during the banquet scene. The Doberman enemy only appears in the Imperial Camp sequence if you choose to kick (not hit) a treasure box. Skipping either fight prevents Gau from learning their Rages (not that either of them have particularly exciting Rages.)
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  • Final Fantasy VII has a fair number of them all over the place. Although many are palette swaps, special mention should go to the unique Elfadunks and Heavy Tank. Elfadunks are tiny elephants found only on the beaches near the Chocobo Ranch, somewhere you'll never need to go. Heavy Tanks are found only in a single screen near the Gongaga Reactor, but at least you can find Titan there.
  • Final Fantasy VIII has enemies called Slappers, monsters in hockey gear that only appear on the hockey court in Galbadia Garden. They don't even get a trading card.
  • Final Fantasy XII has quite a few.
    • The 80 rare game are exactly that—rare. Generally there is only one zone in the game they will spawn in, they will only spawn one at a time, and they have varying spawn conditions, ranging from simple ones like "30% chance on zone entry" to ridiculous ones like "spawn separate monster, aggro it, lure it to completely random and unmarked part of the map, and rare game will spawn." As for respawning them, a few simply require the normal monster respawn and then fulfilling their spawn conditions again, some require you to leave the entire area and return before you try again, and thirty of them (in case of which you need to initiate a sidequest for them to be even possible to spawn) do not spawn again. You kill them, that's it.
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    • The Elementals and entites operate on the same principle.
    • Then there are simply enemies who are completely normal, but for whatever reason, there's only one spawn point for them in the entire game—prominent examples are the Darkmare in the Stilshrine of Miriam, the Emperor Aevis in Paramina Rift, and most infamously, the Giza Plains Wildsnake. Weakest of the snakes, does not spawn until you get to its hiding point, completely unremarkable to fight—and its drop is required to make the Infinity +1 Sword.

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