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  • A Brighter Dark: What Ryoma calls the lords who secede from Hoshido. He fought and nearly died to protect them and their lands while they sat by and did nothing, only for them to turn on him for making decisions they did not like.
  • In A Little Walk, Joram the Jerkass barkeep has a sick Frodo imprisoned by some corrupt guardsmen, leading to the hobbit's illness getting worse. Despite this, Frodo manages to convince Aragorn not to punish Joram too severely, so the King merely sentences him to work in the laundries, and orders him to make a public apology to the hobbit once the punishment is complete. Instead of feeling any remorse or regret for his actions, Joram blames Frodo for what happened, and tries to kill him by poisoning him.
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  • A Shadow of the Titans: Machete attacks Jade even though Jade had just broken her out of prison, because was trying to stop her from killing the security guards.
  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law: Mr. Burns, now in his 130s and more irascible refuses to donate blood to Bart after he is severely wounded by Jeremy, and the donation would be the only thing that can save him, despite Bart saving his life years ago. He only agrees after Lisa castigates Burns for his selfishness, but even afterward, he still tries to make life for the Simpson's miserable after Bart beats him in a trial, and then tries to kill him when he fails to intimidate him.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Akio doesn't like his girlfriend Miho's older sister Maho, believing that she isn't there for Miho enough, because he doesn't know that the entire reason Maho is working to be Nishizumi heiress is so that Miho will be free to live her life her own way. After Shiho disowns Miho, the question of how Miho will pay her apartment's rent comes up. After hearing that Maho has decided to help out by paying the rent with her own money, Akio's reaction is to express disbelief and maintain that she should have been there for Miho more, even after Miho defends her sister.
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  • In The End of Ends, Beast Boy does not care that Terra is no longer a statue, he only cares about the fact that she doesn't want to be with him. Also, he never displays gratitude toward the Doom Patrol or the other Titans for taking in him, he only wangsts about their getting cross with him from time to time.
  • Goes all over the place in For His Own Sake:
    • Most of the Hinata Girls are incredibly ungrateful about all that Keitaro did for them in his three years running the Inn, yet are furious and call HIM ungrateful when he leaves, because they expected him to just keep doing everything for them.
    • Naru and Mokoto call Shinobu ungrateful and a Fair Weather Friend after she points out their flaws, saying she doesn't appreciate all the help they gave her before. Said 'help' was more like bullying her into silence.
    • Naru attacks Chizuka's husband over a misunderstanding. Chizuka has her arrested for assault. Naru doggedly insists that Chizuka is an ungrateful bitch and her husband deserved to get punched out for... teasing his wife about trying a fighting game out at the arcade.
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    • Played straight again concerning Naru's attitude towards her family when they try bailing her out of jail. Though they try being reasonable, she keeps lashing out, blaming them for all her problems, and gives her sister Mei a Breaking Speech that leaves her in tears.
  • The Immortal Game: After the Mane Six strip Terra of her power, they vote to spare her life and imprison her. She mocks them for it and calls them weak.
  • Joffrey from Game of Thrones Is Replaced with Octavian from Rome: Once Octavian has secured the Great Council's approval to rule as king, he presents an offer to Stannis: if he swears fealty to him at the coronation, Octavian would allow Stannis to return home with all his titles intact and possibly even be allowed to keep his position as Master of Ships. Basically, Octavian is telling him that everything can go back to normal and nobody has to suffer. Even Ned Stark says that it's an incredibly good deal, especially considering Stannis had just tried to wrest the Iron Throne away from Octavian by declaring him a bastard born of incest. How does Stannis react to this offer? He says he'd rather be executed than acknowledge Octavian as king. Ungrateful indeed.
  • Kara Of Rokyn: As narrating the history of the Superman/Lex Luthor's feud, Lex's niece Nasthalthia reveals Supergirl brought Lex back to life, which resulted in her uncle hating her too. Dr. Cyber muses Wonder Woman might do the same thing for her... but the Amazon better doesn't hope to be shown gratitude.
    Nasthalthia: He met Supergirl for the first time when he got killed, believe it or not. Lex was being chased by her after a job, and tried to hit her with a death-ray that had Kryptonite in it. Only thing was, he was trying to drive at the same time, went off the road, and hit himself with his own ray. And he died.
    Starfire: Died?
    Nasthalthia: Clinically dead, yes. But Supergirl, out of the goodness of her widdle heart, went off and came back with some kind of radiation cocoon that brought Lex back to life. As soon as he woke up, he showed her his gratitude by grabbing a tommy gun from one of the cops and opening up on her. She shrugged off the bullets like they were jelly beans. I honestly think he hated her for bringing him back. When he was dead, he didn't have to worry about beating his head against a wall called Superman anymore. Now that he was alive again, he had to go ahead and try and kill Supes again and again, and he'd have to do something about Blondie, too. Plus the fact that it was Supes's cousin that'd brought him back to life. That really, really rankled him.
    Dr. Cyber: Wonder Woman might do the same for me, if I died. But I hope she wouldn't count on my gratitude.
  • In Leaving Town, Mitchell, having been in a lacrosse game in which he was responsible for two opposing players getting injured, accepts a ride home from a policeman. Unfortunately, he's a bit too sullen about the turn of events (mainly what repercussions it might have for him, rather than guilt over what he did to the players he hurt), to be grateful, and starts to walk off without thanking the officer. The officer then calls Mitchell out on it, resulting in him thanking the officer.
    "Hey, kid. I know you're upset but I'm serious when I say you should be bloody grateful that you got off as lightly as you did. You could have killed that boy out there. And when someone gives you a drive, you say thank you."
  • In one The Legend of Zelda fic, Link finishes up saving a village only for the mayor to throw him out because of the amount of damage Link caused. Link himself knew he was going to cause damage and was willing to fix it up, but the mayor's reaction sends him into a minor Heroic BSoD (he gets better).
  • In My Immortal, "Dumblydore" saves the lives of "good" characters at least twice. They respond by constantly insulting and deriding him for not being "goffik" enough. Also, whenever anything big goes wrong, Ebony and friends go to Dumbledore and expect him to fix it for them.
  • What we're meant to think of Ace Ray from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic as, for talking bad about Starfleet, despite bringing up issues reviewers and riffers had been bringing up since the beginning (ie. killing creatures with no thinking if they are good/evil etc.). This was actually done to make fun of the riffers who made fun of the fic in the first place.
  • Sakura in Naruto:Asunder. Long story short, Naruto brought Sasuke back to the village but had to place a seal on him (Jiraiya taught him the basics and Naruto found a unique way to make his) that put Sasuke in a coma. The seal makes it so Sasuke has to face what he was becoming (Naruto admits he was pressed for time so couldn't get specific with the seal) or he stays in a coma. Sakura keeps bitching even when it's pointed out she didn't do anything to help.
  • In Origin Story, the Ungrateful Bastard is the entire United States government. Alex prevents an oil tanker from breaking up, and thus stops it from dousing the Florida coast in crude oil, and their response is to call SHIELD and the Avengers down on her head. Again.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The Azalea townspeople are quick to gang up on a little girl and her father just because she accidentally stepped on a Slowpoke's tail. Never mind that she only did so to save a baby carriage from getting squashed by traffic, and even the baby's mother joins in the beating without a second thought.
  • Queen of All Oni: Valmont betrays Jade, even though he was a gutter bound common thief when she found him, and he gets a dose of Laser-Guided Karma, stripped naked and dumped in a crowded plaza, where he gets arrested.
    • Drago betrayed the Matriarch (Jade's future self) and tried to write her out of the timeline, even though she — against the advice of her advisors — gave him a chance to redeem himself, rather than simply seal him away again. Both Karasu and the Matriarch herself point this out when fighting and punishing him (respectfully).
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act VI: In chapter 42, Mizore saves Arial from being killed by an enraged Kokoa, who has unleashed her overcharge. Arial scornfully remarks that all Mizore really did was push her away and that she could have taken Kokoa down on her own; when Mizore points out that Kokoa was on fire and that Arial, as a snow girl, would most likely have been incinerated by simply being near her, Arial openly dismisses it and hits her over the head with a shard of ice.
  • In Shinji's Nightmare, after Shinji saves Ritsuko from a recurring nightmare where she's forced to murder everyone she cares about in a Portal like set up, her first reaction is to angrily berate him for invading her privacy (she apologizes to him for it, though).
  • Sudden Contact: The Citadel to the asari and batarians, for various reasons: The asari were voted out of their Council seat despite the Citadel having helped in liberating Thessia. The batarians were offended for receiving the lack of gratitude for their role in the Great War, leading to their withdraw from the Citadel. The volus are mad at the Hierarchy for the lack of effort in eradicating the remaining zerg in their colonies after helping them in the Great War, and are seriously considering seceding from the Hierarchy.
  • In Team 8, Naruto's team of himself, Shino, Hinata and Kurenai fights a team of missing-nin that kidnapped Konohamaru and Hinata's younger sister Hanabi. After being released, Hanabi shows little gratitude toward her rescuers, particularly her older sister Hinata, and expresses disdain toward her for getting knocked out first. Naruto and Konohamaru get mad at her bitchy attitude and Naruto threatens to hurt Hanabi if she didn't shut up. She complies.
  • Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through the Jungle has the main villain, Baron von Darkhoof, locked up in a cage by a tribe of natives to the jungle, with the implication being that he'll be killed. After Octavia goes out of her way to save him, not only does he not thank her, he calls the guards on her and then flies off.
  • In Vision, our Anti-Hero is this, partially through a Trauma Conga Line, and partially through not being all that nice a pony to begin with.
  • The plot of There Goes My Hero is that in the face of Amity Park's hatred of his alter ego Danny decides to go on indefinite vacation from being Phantom. Even then most citizens are unable to connect the dots that the absence of Phantom and the seeming rise in Ghost attacks come from Danny usually stopping them, and continue to blame Phantom for causing these attacks. They get a bit better by the end.


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