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  • Attack on Titan: Bastard might be a bit strong of a word here, but whenever the Military Police Brigade or Garrison are forced to Hold the Line, they're hoping that the Survey Corps will reach them in time to save the day. Immediately afterwards they and the civilians continue to treat them like crap, calling them weirdos and a waste of resources.
  • Bleach:
    • Lolly and Menolly. After Orihime heals them both (including bringing Menolly back from the dead) from the mauling they got at the hands of Grimmjow, they still consider her a useless monster not worthy of Aizen's attention. When he leaves to take out the hometown, they decide to take advantage of Ichigo being occupied with another fight and try to beat Orihime to death again. It doesn't end well for them. They (or at least Lolly) actually hate Orihime MORE after she heals them.
      Lolly: What is she... What... She's... She's... Like a monster...!?
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    • Yammy also fits this description; After a nurse reattaches his arm, Yammy's first reaction is to crush her under his fist to test it out.
  • In Busou Renkin , Kazuki risks his life to protect the Hayasaka Twins (the series' Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain) from Tokiko, who wants to kill them simply because they work for L.X.E. Shusui "thanks" Kazuki by trying to kill him. Kazuki gets better (thanks to Ouka), but even so...
  • In a sense, Villetta Nu of Code Geass could be considered this for convincing Ohgi, whose love she finally accepted, to lead the charge of the Black Knights in turning on Lelouch because of some rather questionable evidence of Geass. Yeah, even though she had been keeping surveillance over Lelouch because of said power, which she must have known had limits, and that Lelouch saved Ohgi from execution via Britannian firing squad, which he had to do by going under Villetta's radar. Now alright, Lelouch didn't necessarily do it for Villetta's sake, but talk about a complete lack of class. The Black Knights themselves can be considered this as well for turning on Lelouch, the man who brought them so far against Britannia, after everything he did in an under the table deal for Japan on account of said evidence. While it's true Lelouch had been secretive, they were completely passive aggressive about it, used one of their most trusted and crucial members, Kallen, as bait, and threaten to gun her down as well when she protests, and worse, trusted the word of the enemy commander instead which was expertly skewed against their own, and did so with no input from the organization they were now serving, the UFN.
    • The movie series altered things so that the Black Knights didn't want to turn on Lelouch just yet, wanting him to answer their questions first. Ohgi doesn't even buy his act and begs him to just tell the truth. Schniezel's men are instead the ones who open fire despite the Black Knights' objection. Re;surrection would later have Ohgi thank Lelouch, now Back from the Dead, for using his sacrifice to free Japan and the world, even going as far as to attempt suicide for his part in the whole mess. Though Lelouch stops him, apparently holding no ill will towards any of the above.
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  • An example that's neither villains nor rivals: The Obstructive Bureaucrats ordering around the Black Order in D.Gray-Man. These jerks are supposedly on Allen's (the hero) side. Yet their reaction to him saving everyone's asses, hampering the Big Bad's ability to make mooks, and capturing the Ark at the end of the Ark Arc is to put him under surveillance and try him for heresy, despite the fact that it is known, in canon, that if he'd betrayed him he wouldn't still be walking around, let alone now one of their most powerful exorcists. Not only that, but they absolutely need him to continue their war, pushing this into Too Dumb to Live territory. Even worse now, they put him in a jail cell for not obeying orders when he was trying to save everyone.
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Frieza tries to kill Goku one last time after just getting his life saved. By this point, Goku's had enough and doesn't offer him the same deal thrice. Hey, sometimes he learns, it's just Frieza who couldn't.
      • He is just as ungrateful to his minions in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ where despite the fact that they revived him and saved him from endless years of torment in hell, he is still fully willing to use his minions as his punching bag and when Tagoma, the person who helped resurrect him offer a more pragmatic solution, Frieza's response is to either toss him out of the airlock or brutally beat him up as a training dummy for four months till he snaps (Super version).
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    • Another Z example would be a bit earlier in that Saga, when Gohan grabs a badly-wounded Vegeta to get him out of the way of Recoome's incredibly powerful Breath Weapon (which probably would have instantly killed him). Just why Vegeta yells at him depends on the translation, but he's pissed off about it.
    • Vegeta has a history of this. During the battle with Frieza, he has Krillin nearly kill him, thinking Dende will heal him and make him stronger; however, he's horrified to find Dende refuses to do so (rather reasonably, because Vegeta slaughtered his share of Namekians). Piccolo convinces Dende to go ahead and heal Vegeta...who immediately punches Dende in the gut and says "Be grateful I don't kill you right now!"
    • Frieza himself accuses Vegeta of being one while beating him to a pulp, chewing him out on betraying him despite the fact that Frieza showed him "favoritism." Of course, this particular instance falls a bit flat, considering that Frieza's idea of favoritism was making Vegeta one of the three Saiyans he didn't kill.
    • It seems to be a recurring tendency in Dragon Ball Super for a God Of Destruction to refuse gratitude from someone who helped them earlier and in some cases, made them angry even more.
      • In general, the very fact that none of the Gods are willing to credit Goku for the Tournament of Power counts, given the fact that Zen'O is planning to erase the 8 low ranked universes anyway and Goku actually gave them a fighting chance by having the last universe standing be spared from Zen'O's wrath. When Vados points this out to them, none of them are willing to listen citing Goku's non-chalant attitude and his closeness to Zen'O.
      • Despite the fact that Beerus gave Champa what he wanted by giving him Universe 6's earth, come Tournament of Power Champa still wants to take out Beerus first from the tournament despite the fact that losing the tournament means complete erasure.
      • While it is vague in the anime whether or not Rumsshi actually knew of Zamasu, in the manga he does knew of Zamasu's involvement and the fact that Beerus saved him but rather than appreciate or actually acknowledge it, Rumsshi is actually enraged that his most personal hated Go D did the job to stop Zamasu and actually hates Beerus even more due to the hide and seek incident years ago where Beerus falls asleep and the other 11 Gods Of Destruction has to do a lot of effort to calm him down.
      • In the manga during the Zen Exhibition match which in the version is basically a God Of Destruction battle royale, Sidra just saved him and the other four Gods of Destruction from Beerus's attack using a barrier. Belmod (whom mind you is one the saved ones) immediately kicks Sidra out of the arena soon after, citing that they are not really allies in this battle royale.
  • Rufa from Dragon Half, while not, technically, an enemy, treads close to this trope.
  • The Council are this towards Fairy Tail. On occasion this makes sense, since usually Fairy Tail just rounds up random minor criminals while destroying half the city in the process, but they also get punished when stopping potential calamities without causing trouble in the process.
  • Louise in The Familiar of Zero might be one of the most exaggerated examples. Saito does/is forced to do so damn much for her after being kidnapped from his home, namely all of her chores, fight all of her battles for her. He even refuses a chance to escape from Halkeginia and go home just to be with Louise. At the end of the second season, he goes up against a giant army, and dies just to keep Louise safe. All the thanks he gets from her is whipping and beating him until he faints out of sheer agony, and destroying his self-worth to the point where he genuinely believes that he is useless. Summed up perfectly by Derflinger:
    Derflinger: "You acted coldly to him again didn't you? And then Partner went away with a bitter face... He says he loves you. Partner gave up on going home and joined the war to follow you, though he doesn't want to get involved in it. Why do you think that is? Because he loves you. Have you ever responded to his feelings, even once? While he devotes himself to you, isn't whipping the only thing you do to him?"
    • It is eventually mentioned that the Familiar spell also removed his willingness to leave Louise's side, so his decision to stay becomes Ascended Fridge Horror.
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!: Eas reveals herself as Setsuna and smashes the clover trinket as she reveals to Cure Peach that she only wants to defeat Precure... completely ignoring the fact that the latter had just recently saved her from the Nakisakebe vines. She gets better.
  • In one of Genzo's story arcs, a limp old man named Yasuke asks Genzo to made an artificial leg for him. As soon as Yasuke get his new limb, he tries to chop the puppetmaster with his Yamiganemaru blade.
  • In Girls und Panzer, in the light novel adaptation, in which it is revealed that Erika, one of Miho's fiercest critics, was one of the girls Miho saved from the tournament, and abandoned her flag tank to do so.
  • In Holyland, the guy who stabs Yuu in the second-last chapter is a student who Yuu saved from bullies many chapters back.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure during Part 1: Phantom Blood , Jonathan Joestar attempted this with Dio Brando, very, very hard, but Dio really is the ultimate ungrateful bastard; being nice to him results in him either thinking you're an idiot to be taken advantage of, or getting really angry and resentful. In Stardust Crusaders, DIO inverts this by inducing fierce loyalty towards him in people who weren't otherwise evil.
    • And in the fourth part, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Josuke saves Rohan from enemy Stand Highway Star, which had the power to drain nutrients from other people. After the Stand user is defeated, Rohan blames Josuke for not listening to his warning.
  • In Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Niijima is this way towards Kenichi early on. He berates Kenichi constantly, and when Kenichi starts getting stronger, he uses him largely for his own selfish gains. Niijima does more or less grow out of this trope, and turns into more of a Guile Hero, especially after he forms the Shinpaku Alliance.
  • Viper Snakely from Kimba the White Lion. Even though Kimba went against his desire for revenge for killing both of his parents and saved his life from a car crash, Viper Snakely continues to hunt for Kimba and sometimes kill some of his subjects.
  • Mazinger Z: The Hero Kouji Kabuto, his Tsundere Battle Couple and Love Interest Sayaka Yumi, their families and their friends risk their lives on a constant basis to protect humankind from a Mad Scientist and Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds worked for Hitler and wants to Take Over the World and enslaving the whole humanity to make them pay for all grievances he suffered in the past. How much gratitude do they get? You guessed it, none. Not only that but also people constantly blame them for the destruction and the deaths caused for the battles between Mazinger-Z and the Mechanical Beasts, apparently not realizing if Mazinger-Z did not exist, all of them would be corpses or slaves (or keeping in mind how Dr. Hell got his Mooks, they could become BOTH). And every time The Dragon Baron Ashura blackmails the Japanese Government, they demand the Government gives into their threats (episode 17 provides a good example).
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam: The Plot to Assassinate Gihren, Det. Leopold Fiesler discovers that a year before the current plot against Gihren was launched, a previous attempt had been thwarted by Det. David Schiller, whose family had ties to the anti-Zabi political faction. Gihren used the failed assassination as an excuse to crack down on his political rivals, ultimately imprisoning or executing Schiller's entire family, none of whom were involved in that plot. Ungrateful indeed.
  • Thrice so far in My Hero Academia Midoriya has helped save the life of his former bully Bakugo (first from the Sludge Villain, second during villain raid in the training camp, and third when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains) and literally carried his unconscious body through their final exam, but Bakugo has refused to act any nicer to Midoriya (or anyone really) because he sees almost everyone as below him and being pitied by someone he sees as weaker is unforgivable (Midoriya even suspects that if Bakugo had a choice between accepting his help and a painful death, he'd pick death), even though Midoriya is truly doing it out of the completely selfless nature of his heart and doesn't hold any grudges at all against him from before.
  • In the infamous island arc of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, the title character turns into one. She almost drowns while clinging to Nemo's sinking cabin, while asking the animals and the fish to save her. She receives no such response, predictably. When Jean and Marie both save her, she instead yells at them for catching even more fish. (Marie quickly calls her out on it.) She gets even worse in the Africa arc where she betrays Jean after admitting how important he was to her in the previous episode! (Both of these incidents are quickly forgotten and never mentioned again anywhere else in the show at episode 35.)
    • Even during the canonical episodes of the story, Nadia still occasionally shows this; most egregious of all is her determination to detest Nemo for shooting a Neo Atlantean dead, never mind that she would have been killed otherwise.
  • Naruto
    • Sasuke Uchiha became this midway through Shippuuden. While attacking the Kage conference, Suigetsu and Jugo save his life, as they had against Killer Bee earlier. However, Sasuke leaves them both to die without looking back, collapsing the ceiling on them and the enemies alike. Later on, Karin heals him back from the brink of death (again, saving his life twice counting Killer Bee and the Kages) and helps Sasuke defeat Danzo. When Danzo takes her hostage, Sasuke aims his Chidori Spear right through her, considering anyone dumb enough to be taken hostage a burden. She survives the spear, and just as Sasuke is about to kill her with Chidori, Sakura shows up and claims to want to join them. Sasuke (who even now isn't that stupid) tells Sakura to kill Karin, who manages to warn Sakura that Sasuke's about to chidori both of them. As much of a rabid Sasuke fangirl as Karin is, she doesn't take being skewered well.
    • If the Kyuubi hadn't been sealed inside Naruto, it would have destroyed Konoha. However, he is considered a pariah because of his association with it. Over time, this gets better as they see how much Naruto has accomplished and start regarding him as a hero.
    • Hatake Sakumo suffered greatly from it. During a dangerous mission, his teammates were captured and he went back to save them. Unfortunately this also meant he had to give up on a mission that was vital to Konoha. The result? The whole of Konoha villifies and disgraces him, including the people whose lives he saved, ultimately driving him into a depression and then suicide. As if that isn't sad enough, he leaves behind a seven year old son who absolutely idolized him, and leads to some serious plot development. After all, If Sakumo hadn't killed himself, Obito might never have met Madara and the Akatsuki would never have been formed.
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Hagoromo Gitsune had endured numerous reincarnations and spent centuries trying to resurrect her son, Abe no Seimei, as the Nue. When he's finally reborn, the very first thing he does is betray her and cast her into Hell.
  • One Piece:
    • Zeff providing Don Krieg with food to feed his starving crew with, only for Krieg to immediately turn around and attack the restaurant who had just saved both his and his crew's lives.
      • Krieg did give everyone in the restaurant time to evacuate before he took it over; still Jerkass behavior, but quite a concession coming from him, albeit partly necessitated by his men needing time to eat and regain their strength. A better example would be when Don Krieg himself was starving. Everyone else present loudly and proudly declared their intent to just let him keel over and die, with only Sanji willing to step forward with food for him. Once Don Krieg is done eating, the first thing he does is get up and punch out, of all people, Sanji. For absolutely no reason.
    • The Longarm tribe, who Brook decides to work with and proceeds to earn them a lot of money and fame, repay him by turning him over to the Navy when Brook tells them that he plans to retire and return to piracy.
    • In One Piece Film: Strong World, the Straw Hats go out of their way to warn Golden Lion Shiki about an incoming typhoon. After they avoid it, he repays them by kidnapping Nami as his new navigator and sends the rest of the crew pummeling down towards his floating islands as prey for the animals there.
    • Mjosgard, after just having his life saved by Queen Otohime, tries to shoot her. Then again after he is healed up, all he shouts is his disgust towards having to be with them. And lastly, he voices his anger when Otohime wishes to come with him on his ship. Later becomes a subversion when Otohime's family visit Mariejois; Mjosgard, who has underwent a Heel–Face Turn thanks to Otohime, greets himself to King Neptune and apologizes for his past behavior.
    • A villainous subversion in the Dressrosa arc, where Donquixote Doflamingo sees Trafalgar Law as this, as he took Law in as a child and raised him to be his right-hand man, his crew giving him the swordsmanship, martial arts, and marksmanship skills needed to become a One-Man Army, only for Law to turn on him and seek to take his life. However, it's clear to everyone that Law's reasons for betraying Doflamingo are extremely justified. Doflamingo is an Ax-Crazy maniac with no conscience concerning anyone outside of his own crew, but his younger brother Rocinante, also called Corazon, was gentle and kindhearted. He was responsible for saving Law's life from an otherwise incurable disease, spending half a year traveling around the world looking for a cure and getting gravely injured in the process. But shortly afterwards, Corazon is killed by Doflamingo for being a Reverse Mole working for the Marines.
    • Another example from the Dressrosa arc. A LOT of the country's population, along with many, many visitors to the island, were Living Toys, changed from humans into that for one reason or another and enslaved by the Donquixote Family through use of a Devil Fruit user named Sugar. They were doomed to spend the rest of their lives slaving away until their toy bodies gave out, unless by some miracle the Devil Fruit user who had converted them was forcibly rendered unconscious, which would break the spell. This happens thanks to the actions of Usopp, who was beaten to within an inch of his life on the way there. How do the toys who witnessed the battle and turned back repay him? They…well, actually, they hail him as a hero, a god even, and subject themselves to him. But then along comes Donquixote Doflamingo, the leader of the family who is NOT happy about his Masquerade being shattered. He puts out the names of all of the ones who are a threat to his power on the island, including all of the Straw Hats, putting a bounty on each one. Usopp, for his trouble, is given a bounty of 500,000,000 Berries. A large number of the former toys are suddenly taken with greed, and decide to kill him.
    Many Powerful Fighters: (while attacking) DROP DEAD, YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS!
  • In One-Punch Man, the crowd is one.
    • First, Saitama destroys a meteor that would've completely and utterly annihilated at least Z-City and quite possibly a lot more but the pieces still hit and cause a lot of destruction. Two of the Tank Top brothers use this and manage to turn the crowd against him. He shuts them down.
    • The second incident is after the death of the Sea King, when some bastard points out that, because Saitama, a C-Class, just killed the Sea King with one punch, it must've been very weak and all the C- to S-Class that lost against it and all heroes in general were just useless weaklings. The crowd, again, are quick to agree. This time, Saitama manages to turn them right around again, by sacrificing his own fame and image.
  • In Oreimo, Kirino treats her big brother Kyousuke with disdain, even after he helps her open up to people about her unusual hobbies, often humiliating himself in the process. She eventually gets better about it, though.
  • Pokémon
    • Ash's Charizard used to be a major example of this. When it was still a Charmander, its former trainer abandoned it on a rock, leaving it on the brink of death on a rainy night. Ash had saved this Pokémon and took it with him on his journeys. It would eventually evolve into Charmeleon and start disobeying him. Upon evolving into a Charizard, its attitude doesn't improve much and actually costs Ash the Pokémon League Indigo Conference.
    • In Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, the main characters meet Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon. Yeah right... All she does throughout the film is annoy the characters and treat them badly.
    • Also lampshaded when Ash and the gang save the Team Rocket trio when their Gyrados sub sinks. While Jessie claims it doesn't change anything and begins ranting at the heroes for saving them James interrupts saying that he, at least, is thankful. This doesn't stop him doing villain stuff a few seconds later.
    • Jessie does this again when she gets paralyzed and is not one bit grateful to Misty for providing the Salveyo Weed cure, nor to her teammates for going out of their way to take care of her in the first place. James and Meowth even call her out on this.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Nabiki Tendô. Ranma Saotome is not only engaged to marry her little sister in an Arranged Marriage, but protects the household on a fairly regular basis from various chaos. Admittedly, some of that chaos comes to them because he's living there, but there are many events that would have fallen on the Tendôs' doorstep anyway (Picolet Chardin showing up to claim one of them as his promised wife, Akane running off to Ryûgenzawa and its resident Orochi, Happôsai coming to town...). He's also directly saved her from harm at least once, and once saved her life. How does she repay him? She's utterly indifferent to his well-being and considers him solely a source of money and amusement, to the extent she's willing to put his life in danger if she thinks it will make her some money.
    • There's also a subversion: As Genma Saotome frequently complains, Ranma Saotome is an "ungrateful son"...except in Ranma's case he's kind of justified, because everything positive Genma did for Ranma was what a father is supposed to do, while Genma also added a lot of unnecessary negative complications that he then left for Ranma to fix. Really, Genma himself is an example of this trope, ungrateful that Ranma does constantly clean up after his messes.
  • Rosario + Vampire: In episode 7, after helping to save Mizore from herself and her haywire ice clones, Mizore flat-out tells Tsukune and Inner Moka not to expect her to thank them. In response, Inner Moka lays her out flat and lectures her, telling her to actually try living her life before she starts talking about killing herself; Mizore takes this to heart.
  • Chibi-Usa once pulled this towards Usagi in the anime version of Sailor Moon. She actually stole Usagi's Transformation Trinket after learning that she was Sailor Moon, mentally whining about how terrible Usagi was and how much she hated her for being careless and whiny. Since Usagi was unable to stop the Senshi's capture at the hands of Rubeus because Chibi-Usa rendered her useless by stealing the brooch, she massively chewed Chibi-Usa out for her stupidity. From then on, she still acted bratty sometimes yet never to this extreme.
  • In one episode of Samurai Champloo, the trio supposedly meet Xavier III whose trying to spread Christianity to Japan. However he turns out to be nothing but a con man taking advantage of the locals. A girl named Yuri, whom he mercilessly abused, has him at gunpoint and is all set to kill him. But she eventually just tells him to get lost and spares his life. He responds by trying to kill her. Karma however stepped in when after a brief fight a giant cross gets dropped on him.
  • In Toriko, one jerk in the backstory threw away the food Frohze gave him because they weren't high-class ingredients. During a worldwide famine. Small wonder Midora flipped out and attacked the guy.
  • The light novel, Ultimate Antihero, might as well be titled "Ungrateful Bastards, the Light Novel". The main character, Kamishiro Homura, goes on to save the last remnants of mankind, risking his life, and sanity, by reading a tome of Eldritch lore, handed to him by The Crawling Chaos to go up against a "Demon King" class monster which, with a single attack, scorched 96 percent of the Earth's surface. How do the governments of the 10 remaining countries respond to his courage and self-sacrifice? A victory parade? Hail him as a savior and champion of humanity? NO! They slap a seal on his powers that would risk 70% of the Earth if he tries to remove it, and constantly track him day and night like a wanted fugitive, strip away his human rights and erase all public records of his background, making it impossible for him to have gainful employment. They slander him, call him a traitor to his species to the point where everybody of the human race, bar a small number of people that can actually be counted on one hand, look upon him with unbridled terror. To top it all off, these same government officials continuously send assassins, if not whole armies, after him to try to kill him, and resent the fact that he still fights to save humanity in spite of them. So how do they ultimately decide to deal with the ongoing demon threat? They create an artificial Archangel Michael to kill him and obliterate his home nation. In order to secure "salvation from Heaven." Let's just say Michael doesn't have the same definition of "salvation" that they do.
  • Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! refuses to change his opinion of Yugi, despite the latter having come to his and/or his brother's rescue on at least three separate occasions. He has a Grudging "Thank You" moment at the end of Duelist Kingdom, even though defeating Yugi became an obsession for him in the following seasons.
    • At least he stopped trying to kill him in the manga. His opinion of Yugi did eventually change, but that was in episode 223, and it took seeing Yugi destroy ALL THREE EGYPTIAN GODS in one move for that to happen.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, Jonouchi is the only one who stands up for Aigami when some bullies try to pick on him. Despite this, Aigami later banishes him to another dimension that would slowly kill him, and calls Jonouchi worthless.
  • Swim Swim from Magical Girl Raising Project gets knocked out by Cranberry and is saved by Tama. The moment she wakes up, she picks up her halberd and slashes Tama's throat. All because she saw her human identity.
  • Fujimaki Jyuzo from Garouden is on the run from the authorities for savagely killing the man who raped the woman he loved, Saeko. Even though she was the one who told him to do it after he did it she became horrified and called him a monster.


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