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  • In UK World of Sport wrestling: "Big Daddy" was really "Shirley Crabtree". Also, he ended up taking the name "Big Daddy" after hearing it in a song, not realizing it had sexual overtones, as opposed to "person who is a role model to kids". (Considering he had an entourage of kids following him into the ring)
  • The father of the Rock, Rocky Johnson.
  • Jackie Fargo's real last name was Faggart.
  • Ricky Steamboat debuted in the Minnesota-based AWA under his real name of Dick Blood. While "Richard Blood" would be an excellent wrestling name, Ricky was apparently so good-natured it was decided that he would never be able to work that name. True to form, Ricky Steamboat was a Face for his entire career.
  • Former ECW wrestler Balls Mahoney is an obvious example. According to his backstory, he learned to fight at a young age, fighting off bullies who picked on him because of his name. He seems to have embraced it as he got older, though, considering how Double Entendre-laced his promos were and his selection of AC/DC' s "Big Balls" as his entrance theme.
  • WCW gave Barry Darsow a golfer gimmick in October 1998. The character was originally going to be named "Stewart Pain," a reference to Real Life golfer Payne Stewart. This was abandoned when Stewart died in a plane crash. Instead, Darsow was renamed "Mr. Hole-In-One" Barry Darsow.
  • The late actor/wrestler Robert "Jeep" Swenson was brought in for a one-shot appearance as a member of the Alliance to End Hulkamania (a Villain Team-Up of the Four Horsemen and the Dungeon of Doom for the "Doomsday Cage Match" at WCW Uncensored 96). His character was originally going to be named the Final Solution (also Hitler's name for the Holocaust), before common sense prevailed and the name was changed to the Ultimate Solution. Of course, his main claim to fame for non-wrestling fans was his role as Bane in Batman & Robin (before Tom Hardy played the character in The Dark Knight Rises).
  • Teddy Hart, whose real name is Ted Annis, whose last name rhymes with... well, you know...
  • ROH's Eddie Edwards. Worse, it isn't a ring name.
  • Molly Holly. It worked when she was a cute, blond, pigtailed country bumpkin from Alabama, but not after she became a brunette villain.
    • Her kayfabe cousin, Bob Holly, had the unfortunate name "Sparky Plugg" when he started in the WWF as a wrestling race-car driver.
  • Ben Dejo and Marty Con Dejo from the Team 3D Academy. While they would later be know as Jay Cruz and Eddie Rios, they still get called Los Ben Dejos when acting as a Tag Team. It's supposed to mean they are free spirits but unfortunately happens to be really similar to "those two assholes" (los pendejos), which fans(and some wrestlers like Milo Beasley) not fluent in Spanish pick up on first.
  • When El Generico signed to WWE, he was given the name Sami Zayn. While the 'Sami' part has nothing wrong with it, his last name could be a little unfortunate. While Zayn is a common Arabic first namenote , in the Western world the first person that comes to mind is Zayn Malik, one of the members of One Direction. This has led to some incidents on Twitter where WWE fans poke fun at One Direction-related trends.
  • Chris Hero started his career as Wife Beater, based on the sleeveless white undershirt he wore at the time. He changed it after a women's group threatened to protest a show he was wrestling on in Wisconsin.
  • Brad Maddox's real last name is Kluttz.
  • The Paige/Charlotte/Becky Lynch trio for the WWE "Divas Revolution" angle simply can't seem to avoid this trope ever since they started teaming together—in large part because they're supposed to be the faces of the angle. First there was Team Paige, which is only bad in the context that it only accounts for one member, unlike the other two trios involved (Team Bella is named after two of its members, Team BAD describes all three). Then there was Submission Sorority, which did away with that problem since Paige, Charlotte, and Becky all have submission finishers…only to introduce the issue of Google searches turning up and showing links to a hazing porn series called Sorority Submission. Upon catching that, WWE changed the name to PCB after each lady's first initial, which sounds innocent enough if a little unimaginative. Except it's also the same acronym as polychlorinated biphenyl—a type of synthetic organic compound used as a cooling oil for old power transformers…as well as a GMO food ingredient via Monsanto and Bayer. It also sounds pretty similar to PCP, commonly used as a recreational drug.
  • Kelly Kelly's real name is Barbie Blank. Talk about being typecast since birth, or at least childhood.note 
  • CZW had a Five-Bad Band called the "Hi-V" (pronounced "high-five", but fans pronounced it pretty much as you'd expect them to).
  • One must wonder how the then-WWF allowed enhancement talent Ken Raper on TV....
  • Bill DeMott wrestled in WCW as Hugh Morrus, and later (General) Hugh G. Rection.
  • NXT star Lars Sullivan's real last name is Miley, as in Cyrus.