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  • Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin:
    • Although Gin, the protagonist, is named for the Japanese word for "silver", western fans probably can't be blamed if the first thing they think of when they read the name is a certain alcoholic beverage. The Japanese spelling makes the correct pronunciation very clear, though. Admittedly one of the tamer cases... especially when one considers that his son is named Weed.
    • More hilarious than unfortunate, but one of the wolves in Nagareboshi Gin is named Red Bull. He gives no one wings, though.
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    • Naming your dog after a species of bird is not the dumbest thing you can do in your life. That doesn't mean that you should name your dog Booby.
  • Speed Racer, probably. Honestly, who names their kid "Speed"?
    Speed: What kind of a name is "Spritle"? That's not even a word!
    Spritle: You think my name is bad? Your name is the rate of motion expressed via distance traveled per units of time!
    • The kind of people who're prophetic enough to know that their son will be the greatest racer ever. (And they themselves are named "Mom" and "Pops", so...)
      Pops: What do you guys have to complain about? My wife's name is "Mom". "MOM"! Do you have any idea how awkward that is? Do you have any idea how awkward that is during sex? (All quotes from the Awesome Series)
    • Continuing the unfortunate implications, "Speed" is also a slang term for amphetamines.
    • Artifacts of translation, of course, as noted in the Speed Racer article itself. Mifune Go is more properly a Punny Name.
    • Subverted in one of the older (Americannote ) comics' first volumes where Speed's name is actually Greg. The Media kept calling him "Speed" instead, so he just went along with it after a while. Probably done to justify the "G" on his shirt, though, which comes from "Go", his original name.
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  • Delicious in Dungeon has a human adventurer named Kaka, likely a homophone for "caca" which is Spanish slang for poop.
  • The eponymous teacher from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei — Nozomu Itoshiki — counts. Thanks to the kanji used in his family name, his full name, read as a single word, can mean "despair". Likewise, the name of his immediate older brother Mikoto can be read as "death" (ironic enough for a doctor), his younger sister Rin "unequaled [in sexual prowess]", his other (estranged) brother Enishi "disinherited", and Enishi's son Majiru "breakup" (on account of having to freeload with his youngest uncle, Nozomu). It also extends to the rest of the characters, several of whom consider marriage just to get out of it. But then, the entire series is based around these puns, so it's not surprising.
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  • Ranma ½ has Pantyhose Taro, who was given that name by Dirty Old Man and Panty Thief Happosai. His village's rules state that only the one who named a child can change that name. His entire character is built around finding said guy and forcing him to change it.
  • Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann may not have that weird a name, but woe betide you if you mispronounce the "m" as "n" — yes, that happens, there is a reason why people say "M for Malta and N for Norway". "Kanina" is Hokkien for "fuck your mother".
    • If Kamina's name is pronounced as "Kuh-mean-uh" rather than the Japanese "Kah-mee-nah", it becomes the word for "bastard" in Hindi and Urdu. (A native speaker wouldn't make this error due to the vowel length distinction in Indian languages)
    • In Spanish, Kamina sounds the same as the third person singular conjugation of the Spanish verb caminar ("to walk"), camina, translated more or less literally)
    • It might not mean much, but a space between Kami- and -na means "our turn" in Filipino.
    • Kamina itself sounds too much of a feminine name, if you take in consideration the termination -na is mostly used for girl names.
    • It's likely an accident, but both the original and dub pronunciations of Simon's name sounds a bit too much like "Simone", (which is a girl's name) and "semen", which given the show's themes of genetic material and suspiciously large drills, may be more than slightly appropriate.
    • Another example is "Rinkane Jail", which sounds a lot like "rinkan", which means gang-rape.
    • Yet another example: Viral's first mech is called Enki, which is fine. His second is called Enkidu, which is also a neat reference to The Epic of Gilgamesh. His third is called Enkidudu, which probably sounds OK to a Japanese person, but to an English-speaker it sounds like doo-doo or "poop".
  • In the dub of Ultimate Muscle, Gazelleman is called Dik Dik van Dik, after a very small type of deer. This is more than likely deliberate; when Adam Sessler reviewed one of the games based off the series and it became a Catchphrase of sorts for the next year or so.
    • Not to mention, in Dutch his name means fat fat of fat.
    • "Dikdik" also means "pulverize" in Filipino, making instead an Awesome Mc Coolname in that country.
  • In the Baccano! anime adaptation and light novels, one of the storylines revolves around the hijacking of a train by a cult, a working-class street gang, and The Mafia. This train just happens to be called The Flying Pussyfoot.
    • Just as bad has to be the name of one of the more prominent characters on board that train: Jacuzzi Splot. The DVD Commentary even makes note of this.
  • Sergay Wang, from Mai-Otome.
    • It's even worse for French ears, since in French, Chie means "defecate", while Fuca (Fuka Castle) is a medication against constipation.
  • Gundam, due to its long and consistent use of Aerith and Bob, is bound to have a few:
  • Similarly to the aforementioned Kiki example, the Miyazaki film Kiki's Delivery Service ran into this same problem, so they changed the protagonist's name.
  • Speaking of the above, Filipinos made an admirable effort in not minding the title Pokémon, which, without the last letter, sounds like the Filipino term, often used as a curse, "your pussy."
    • At least two different regional language dialect in Indonesia (they swap e's and o's with i's and u's respectively) will render Pokemon into Pukimun. The problem? The italic part is also a rather crass slang for female genitalia.
  • Similar situation for the Spanish dub of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. "La puta" in Spanish means "the whore", so they took out the "Laputa" part in the title in several countries, but there's still the issue of the place in the movies the title comes from. The English dub attempted to downplay this by pronouncing it "LAP-u-ta" (although the name is meant to be pronounced "Lapyuta", as per the Japanese name).
    • Of course, Laputa was adapted from Johnathan Swift, who likely named the island that on purpose.
  • Kankuro's name from Naruto in both Hungarian dubs is usually pronounced so that it sounds dangerously close to (or exactly like) the language's equivalent of the seldom used expression "boar-fucker". Thankfully, it's not something you can hear every day, so the name didn't have to be changed.
  • Bleach: Ichigo's family name "Kurosaki" sounds suspiciously like the Hungarian for "expert fucker".
  • One Piece: Big Mom naming most of her children after food resulted in one of them (who plays a major role) being named Cracker, which is a slur for a white person.
  • One episode of Ouran High School Host Club features a doctor named Yabu (from the Japanese word for "quack", yabuisha), which the Hitachiin brothers note is an unfortunate name for a doctor.
  • Space Battleship Yamato's main protagonist was spared of major snickering in the Philippines since it was the American-dubbed Starblazers that was shown, along with its American names... until the original subbed reached its shores. Susumu is a... very fond way of saying "susu mo", which is the Filipino for "your nipple."
    • In Indonesian however, 'Susumu' carries a lot more unfortunate implications as it refers to the whole organ in question (if in a rather childish way).
  • Haja, in Rave Master. His name means evil. It's like his parents knew his future.
  • They are the elite Destron soldiers in Transformers Victory; Transformers cower in fear in just hearing their name. They are... the Breastforce!
  • Sailor Moon:
    • With the warriors being named after planets, it was only a matter of time before Sailor Uranus was introduced.
    • Sailor Star Maker's special attack is called "Star Gentle Uterus" in full Gratuitous English, no mondegreening necessary.
  • The lead character of Str.A.In.: Strategic Armored Infantry usually refers to her mech by its number in the formation, that being "Strain EX". Its actual name? Ram-Dass. Like "Laputa", it's a literary allusion that the production team doesn't seem to have realized sounds dirty.
  • The Death Note spinoff Another Note has someone named Backyard Bottomslash.
    • For that matter, L's mentor's real name is Quillsh Wammy, a name likely to lead to snickers among English speakers.
  • Despite the character shouldn't be taken too seriously anyway, it can be difficult to take Maria Osawa from Canaan seriously because her name is one dakutennote  off from the (in)famous Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa.
  • Chikubi, the class hamster in Mitsudomoe. The little guy's name means "Nipples", chosen because boob-lover Futaba thought his tail reminded her of one. The name stuck.
  • The name of one of the Spectres in Saint Seiya is... Troll Ivan. Take that as you will. For even more hilarity, he was completely trolled... and defeated via a Curbstomp Battle.
  • The first episode of Black Cat has a Banana Republic strongman with the trustworthy name of Lib Tyrant.
  • Dragon Ball gives us Bulma and Chi-Chi, whose names mean "bloomers" and "breasts" respectively. In fact, Bulma's family is this trope thanks to Theme Naming (her family's names being under garment themed). And Bulma's daughter is named Bra, which often gets translated to "Bula" to try and lessen this.
    • In the Portuguese dub, Chi-Chi's name was changed to Quica (pronounced Kika, short for Francisca) because her original name means "pee". Likewise, Goku is always called by his full name (Son Goku, abreviated to Song in the original anime) probably because Goku could be interpreted (and sometimes still is) as a mix of "cocó" (poo) and cu (ass).
    • In Spain "chichi" is slang for "vagina".
    • There's also nature loving genie Mr Popo. In German, "popo" is slang for "butt".
    • There were also the Vegetans, whose planet was originally called "Plant". That makes them the Plantians, which sounds like an anagram for a special type of banana.
  • While Hao from Shaman King has a perfectly respectable name in Japan, he spends a good portion of his life as a Native American.
  • One character who appears in the second part of Armored Trooper VOTOMS is named Pol Potaria. Yeah.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is notorious for its bizarre naming sense. Some choice examples include Vanilla Ice, Weather Report, Guess and Doobie. All of these are intentional; several names are references to a musician, band, or song.
    • In Steel Ball Run, a racer named Hot Pants turns out to be a woman disguised as a man. And yet no one ever caught on until someone accidentally groped her.
    • Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Jo Jolion features a Stand named Doggy Style. It's named after the Snoop Dogg album, but still. One of the series' artbooks also features a minor Stand whose name is just "Assy the Horse".
  • Claymore contains a minor character named Uranus. She has a rather dirty fighting style. Fortunately for less mature English-speaking readers, she is killed off a few pages after being introduced.
  • Silk Koharuno's given name in Ultimate Girls. Did her parents really mean to name her after the stuff girls' underwear is made of? (Obviously, the writers sure did, considering what kind of a show this is.)
  • The writer for Bokura no Hentai, which roughly translates to "Our Abnormalities", mentions that the name of the series is this. When people hear the "hentai" in the title they think it's, well, a hentai.
    • Under similar accounts, xxxHOLiC is often looked at askew due to its name. In Japan, the "xxx" in the name means the unknown, but most westerners link "xxx" to either pornography or moonshine. This might have been taken into account by CLAMP, though: the little girls Maru and Moro are actually named 'Marudashi' and 'Morodashi' - which translate to 'flashing' and 'streaking'
    • A third example would be Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, which has this problem in both Japanese and English; in the former due to the "hentai" part and the latter because a fairly literal translation is The Pervert Prince and the Stony Cat with the "stony" part suggesting it advocates drugs (and may yet again be mistaken to be about porn).
  • Averted in Tiger & Bunny, which would have been titled Busty & Bunny if not for the creators having done their research.
  • Nodame Cantabile has a character named Saiko (pronounced the same as "psycho").
  • The reason why Kagome Higurashi's first name is pronounced as "Aome" in the Latin-American dub is that "Kagome" sounds a lot like the word "cágome", which means "I shit on myself".
    • And it'll be the same reason Kouko Kaga's last name will be changed when the show comes to Latin America and gets its dub.
  • Bertolt Fubar, from Attack on Titan. His last name is Military Slang for fucked up beyond all recognition/repair/reason. This is one reason localizations instead translate his name as "Hoover", to avoid the obvious jokes. Considering some shocking revelations about him and other characters, one wonders if this was on purpose...
  • Blame the dub for this one (it was only the case there) but in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, there was X from the second season, one of Judai's opponents who played a Mill Deck. His full name, in the dub only, was Howard X. Miller. (More than a few fans groaned when they heard that one.)
  • Katekyō Hitman Reborn! has P. Shitt. There's a reason why she likes being called "Shitopi-chan".
  • In Medabots, Ikki is this to English speakers. Because most people will instinctively read it as "Icky", and it was reinforced by the English dub which pronounced it as such. It's actually pronounced E-key.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch has one of its villains, Sheshe, run into this problem in the Portuguese dub, because her name (pronounced like 'shéshé') sounds very much like an informal word for "senile". Any attempt to change the vowel pronunciation would have just resulted in Inherently Funny Words, so it was left as it is.
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP has this in the case of Seiryo Tennan's spaceship. Due to the fact that every other "lucky" name was taken at the time, Seiryo is forced to christen his ship the Unko, which is supposed to mean "bringer of fortune". Unfortunately for Seiryo, "Unko" also means, and is more commonly used to refer to, poop. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Terraformars: Which is the worst name to name a German officer? If you guessed Adolf then you are correct! Meet Adolf Reinhard... and to make matters worse, his girlfriend is named Eva.
  • Sora Shiunin's name in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V English dub is Sora Perse with Perse being Gravel Ass in Finnish.
  • The title character of Itsudatte My Santa! hates that his parents named him Santa because he was born on Christmas Eve.
  • For British anime fans, it can be a bit hard to take The Heroic Legend of Arslan seriously, especially once you spot the phonetic resemblance to a certain famous fictional lion.
  • The full name of Princess Piña from Gate is Piña Co Lada. Piña Co Lada. Fortunatelty, that name isn't brought up very often.
  • Lyrical Nanoha: Fate's wolf familiar is named Arf. Justified by the fact that Fate was seven when she named her.
  • In Haibane Renmei, all Haibane are named by other Haibane after what dream they had in their cocoon. Reki dreamed of walking down a dark stone path so she was named after the word "gareki", which means "small stone". Later in life, Haibane learn their "true names" right before their Day of Flight occurs. Reki's true name is "Rekishi", "death by being run over". This is implied to be a reference to her having died by standing in front of a train. There is, however, a better seeming Alternate Character Reading of it.
  • In the Hotter and Sexier "Doujinshi" Spin-Off of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, there is a group of young boys with water guns that call themselves the "Bukkake Threesome". While the term can be used to refer to something being splashed with a liquid, most people are more familiar with it as a sex act.
  • In Zoids, there is the aquatic Wardick.

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