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Unexpected Character / Little Nicky

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Little Nicky is a crazy Adam Sandler film that allowed so many additional characters and cameos that seem completely out of left field.


  • Jon Lovitz begins the film as a tree pepper and acts like a giant bird when somebody spots him.
  • Quentin Tarantino as a Blind Deacon is the most unexpected character of the entire film that isn't derivative and isn't afraid for Chewing the Scenery in every shot of his appearances.
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  • Ozzy Osbourne is yet another unexpected cameo and is shown in the climax, biting of Bat Adrian's head.

Guests from other Adam Sandler works

  • Chubbs Peterson isn't really that unexpected since he is up at Heaven. However, it is more unexpected of him to hold a vinyl and dance around near the angels.
  • The Townie appears three times during the climax with him saying the ever-popular YOU CAN DO IT in each of these segments.
  • Whitey the Referee appears as a victim of Cassius' possession and is portrayed by Dana Carvey.

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