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  • One of the most disturbing channels on Youtube is called "Hey Kids!" which releases an endless stream of "Finger Family" songs with off-model CG, weird, unmoving 2D cells of animation, and an absolutely horrifying Author Avatar in that weird porcelain-doll looking motherfucker that heads the channel with a weird Russian/Persian accent. The channel was later taken down after violating Terms of Service, not to mention the videos that were later uploaded onto the channel...
  • Someone had the idea to feed the "Screaming Frog" video into Google's Deep Dream neural net software. The results? After what seems like what would take countless iterations, this. The frog's eyes pop up and disappear all over its body, it's sprouting some sort of tentacle-toe things all over the lower half of its body, and the video itself occasionally morphs into different things for an instant, such as a car or a dog. Now, keep in mind that Deep Dream is meant to look like a human dream. And not after our sleeping brains distill it into a form we can understand, for these are the pure memories of this neural net. And if that turned a relatively harmless frog video into Frog-Sothoth, then the real forms of our own dreams would be truly maddening.
  • AmaterasuEVE, a talented Japanese makeup artist, once made herself up as Hatsune Miku, and her adaptation of a stylized anime face involves taping over her lips and nostrils (with small air holes for her to breathe, of course) and covering them with makeup to blend in with her skin, invoking the level of detail of the fictional character's face.


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