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  • According to Lucias, the Seraphim from Two Keys are this. Probably isn't helped by the fact that they have extremely pale skin with pitch black eyes
  • While the Ctrl+Alt+Del characters look fine on paper, they become horrible, twisting abominations when animated.
  • Questionable Content has two In-Universe examples:
    • Winslow the AI tries out a prototype android chassis from Hannelore's roboticist father, but his human friends explain that it's creepy for him to look "not quite human enough"... so he pulls his face off to put them at ease.
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    • According to Marigold, an android chassis modeled after Jude Law with Exotic Equipment falls solidly in the valley:
      "Only thing creepier than the Uncanny Valley is the Uncanny Valley with a writhing erection."
  • Many webcomics that use CGI models, such as in Poser or DAZ Studio, are subject to this. Poser simply has big problems with the Valley, since depending on the skill of the artist using it, the quality of the figure textures and morphs he/she is using (there are literally thousands of morphs and textures available for the popular base figure such as Daz3D's Victoria and Michael series and the quality is just as widely varying), and the amount of time and money he or she is willing to invest in creating panels, it can range from passable to downright horrifying.
  • Suicide for Hire is a rare subversion of the logic behind Furries Are Easier to Draw. There's just something not right about the character faces...
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  • Unshelved presents: vegan food. Almost like real stuff... almost.
  • Homestuck:
    • Lil' Cal is described as being in "the Uncanny Laurentian Abyss". Most notably, his eyes are always at a much high resolution than anything else in the otherwise blocky Pixel Art Comic. Really, though, if Mr. Hussie wishes to use this, you will know: for instance, a Diagram; a self-portrait intended to disturb; the Duttle... the list could go on and on.
    • While she's an alien species probably best described as "a green skull monster," Calliope tends to stay away from the Valley due to her sweet mannerisms. Caliborn, on the other hand...
    • Trickster Mode turns previously non-creepy characters into manically cheerful, technicolor versions of themselves so Sickeningly Sweet it's disturbing. And it spreads.
  • In Dresden Codak, Kimiko Ross tends to cover her cyborg arm with a long sleeve because "it always creeped people out".
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  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things explains the valley here from cartoon to creepy and back again,
  • No Face from YU+ME: dream is an easily accomplished attempt at making something human, but disgustingly monstrous. He also eats hearts, just to add to the (puneriffic) images of terror.
  • Part the appeal of The Order of the Stick is that it inverts uncanny valley by having cartoon stick figures who are clearly unrealistic looking while showing human qualities, which endears readers to them.
    • Arguably, the characters fall to the left of the valley, as they are cartoony enough to avoid being uncanny.
  • In Starslip, the attempts of the ameboid Dahk to look human are... less than appealing to say the least.
  • Unintentional but Linneus from Teahouse falls into this and can end up positively frightening.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: When Jones reveals to Annie that she's not human and can't feel emotions, we (or at least Annie) also find out why she never seems to smile (or rather why she doesn't bother trying to mimic emotions). This bonus strip is fittingly named "Uncanny Jonsey".
  • Kiwi Blitz: used to describe android girl 42 on the cast page.
  • The Alpha Droids of Commander Kitty are more cute than anything, though their inexpressive, jewel-like eyes can be a little creepy. But it's when they shut down that they plunge right into the valley, with their blank-eyed, corpse-like expression. Even worse is former Big Bad Zenith's breakdown, having been the most "human" of the bunch. She's later booted back up, completely devoid of any personality, with a blank, red-eyed stare to match.
  • The main female lead in Komos & Goldie is this, due to not only looking like a naked golden human woman, but she's also given nipples.
  • In Our Little Adventure, elves have extra-large Tareme Eyes and proportions that are just far enough off from the human baseline to make some people uneasy:
    Lenny: You look like a Disney princess tweaked out on PCP.
  • One of the many criticisms of Assigned Male is that all the preteen characters look more like deformed toddlers, giving most of the strips an offputting vibe.


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