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Ugly Cute / Tabletop Games

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  • Eyeball beholderkin from Dungeons & Dragons. They have huge central eyes, magic-beam-shooting eyestalks, and fanged mouths like their larger, more dangerous relatives — and are about the size of large grapefruit.
    • Also imps and quasits from the same game. Both of them are the smallest of devils and demons respectively.
    • While we're at it, most baby dragons don't look very much better than their adult forms, but are still able to pull this off. Especially blue dragons, for some reason.
      • Blue dragon wyrmlings have huge eyes, faces that look like they've run face-first into a brick wall, big ears (which no other chromatic dragon has) and nubby horns. They're like spiky blue pugs the size of golden retrievers.
      • Pseudodragons. Also described as having 'the personality of a common housecat'. D'awww, I want one!
    • Though often hated by most, Flumphs embody this trait. Think of a pancake crossed with an octopus floating around and you've got the idea.
    • Goblins and Kobolds. Two races of three-foot-tall people whose apparent racial destiny is to be killed by first-level PCs - you have to feel for them a little.
      • Cutebolds are the logical conclusion of this trope.
    • Otyughs may be stalked eyed dragon monsters that wallow in other monster's poop but who can stay mad at that happy grin?
    • The infamous Rust Monster resembles a giant mix of a cockroach and an armadillo, but according to the 5th Edition Monster Manual, they're very docile and friendly creatures that make great pets as long as one has no metal on them. Awwwww...No wonder one was chosen as the mascot for Rusty and Co..
  • Pathfinder goblins are the game's Mascot Mook for a reason. They're a race of cartoonishly stupid pyromaniac murderous chibis with a penchant for morbid little songs and wacky antics.
  • Magic: The Gathering has several. Who'd have thought that a psycho killer named Murderous Redcap could be so huggable? Or that a slimy a mossdog looks like it would make a good pet? To say nothing of a few of the Tyranid / Zerglike Slivers.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has a race of Orks who are so exaggerated and silly, some find them oddly adorable. Everyone else finds them Crazy Awesome.
    • The Orks' pet Squigs solidly fall into this category, as do Gretchin on occasion.
    • Chaos has Nurglings; rotund little goblinoid daemons who can often be seen clinging to their larger kin. Possibly the most adorable pustulent hellspawn you will ever meet. Now in Miniature form
    • Popular fan character Cultist-chan definitely qualifies as well. She'll cahptoor your heart.
  • Pygmy trolls and troll whelps in Iron Kingdoms.
  • The UrbanMech in BattleTech. A stubby, dome-topped "walking trash can" often compared to R2D2 with a BFG spot-welded onto it, the Urbanmech is short, graceless, unglamorous, slow as molasses in winter, and beloved by many fans for its endearingly stumpy qualities.