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  • Nightcrawler's demonic appearance doesn't exactly falls under the classic definition of "beautiful", yet he's one of the most appreciated Mr. Fanservice among the X-Men; he's basically the male version of a Cute Monster Girl. Classic Excalibur artist/writer Alan Davis may have something to do with this. Originally, Dave Cockrum designed Nightcrawler to look pretty scary as a contrast to his out-going personality (in fact, his very first design was some kind of bat-creature and was so spooky, Marvel nixed the idea). Alan Davis decided to turn him into a handsome swashbuckler type modeled after Errol Flynn.
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  • Shuma-Gorath, a Captain Ersatz of Cthulhu and one of Doctor Strange's minor foes (Minor as in he doesn't appear very often. He is, however, literally an evil god), is a huge, one-eyed squid thing that somehow manages to look huggably cute. His Marvel vs. Capcom design shrinks him down to human size and makes him look positively shy.
  • Many fangirls consider the "fascinatingly ugly" Walter Kovacs, AKA Rorschach, the cutest character in Watchmen. This may be more in North America's fandom versus Europe, as the ginger haired appearance carries a more negative connotation across the pond compared to in Canada and America where the awkward appearance is often considered to be rather sweet and endearing.
  • The Thing of the Fantastic Four. Just look at his adorable lumpy face!
  • Dorothy Spinner from the Doom Patrol is a sweet girl who just happens to have the face of an ape. This is balanced by her personality.
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  • Man-Thing, despite being a mindless swamp monster that immolates anyone who feels fear, looks oddly cute.
  • Some of Batman's stranger foes often veer into this.Just look at Killer Croc in his elementary school years.
  • The Loathsome, a story from EC Comics, is about a girl who was born mutated by atomic radiation, so much so that the doctor tells her mother she was stillborn and ships her off to an orphanage where she's abused because of her appearance. But when she's finally shown near the end of the comic, she's not nearly as hideous as she was made out to be. Alex Ross used her as the basis for Maggie in Marvels.
  • The Spies in Spy vs. Spy.
  • Baby Wildebeest from Teen Titans.
  • The Iszes in The Maxx.
  • Woola the calot in James Killian Spratt's (NSFW) comic adaptation of A Princess Of Mars. You're a cute little ten-legged killer space dog, yes you are!
    • Sola with her enormous Nonmammal Mammaries (though since the Red Martians, indistinguishable from humans except for skin color, are also oviparous, both species may be monotremes as opposed to true non-mammals) in that same work could qualify as well, though she may be more in the Cute Monster Girl category.
  • The gay demons in the Chick Tract, "The Birds and the Bees".
  • Lockjaw, the giant pug-like pet dog of Marvel's Inhumans. Although the size of a hippo, he's as cute as any pug. It's also sort of weird, since at one point it was suggested he actually is an Inhuman who simply got hit with the ugly stick very hard by Terrigenesis. This was retconned later... re-creating the plothole as to just where the Inhumans got him anyway (Terrigenesis does not affect animals).
  • Pre-Crisis Tomar-Re qualifies. The Post-Crisis version has a larger beak which improves his looks much like the gargoyle Brooklyn is like.
  • Pooch the Lowbeast from Hack/Slash. He's superficially hideous with his protruding jaws and cloven hooves, but his loyalty to his masters and his desire to be petted and loved like any ordinary dog make him adorable.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Wobbly Headed Bob. It's only obvious that between JTHM and Invader Zim that Jhonen Vasquez is a master at this trope.
  • In the Animal Man reboot, Animal Man's daughter Maxine manifests the power to animate dead animals. The sight of her playing with a half rotted skeletal kitty is oddly adorable.
  • Mac Manc Mcmanx from Get Fuzzy. Just look at him!. He also counts as an Adorkable and Funny Foreigner.
  • Morbius the Living Vampire is a scientifically-created pseudo-vampire with white skin, claws, fangs, no nose, hollow bones, a bad case of Horror Hunger... and a potential to be unbelievably adorkable ugly cute.
  • Jim the Cave Troll from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW). Sure he's a hulking brute who could easily crush a pony if he wanted to, but he's so innocent and carefree it's hard not to see him as anything other than the softie he really is. And he genuinely did love the Mane Six's company.
    • The uncorrupted moon bunny in Issue #7. Fluttershy certainly thinks so.
  • Obelix in Asterix - a huge, morbidly obese barbarian warrior dreaded and loathed by The Glory That Was Rome, who is nonetheless adorable thanks to his sweet personality and the way the Awesome Art portrays his movements and expressions.
  • The New 52 version of Bizarro is meant to be an underdeveloped clone of Superman. His childlike nature and large puppy-dog eyes make him so endearing, even Lex Luthor grows attached to him.


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