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     Harsh (Tsun) 
  • In the personality profiling inventory known as the Enneagram, "Type 8" is a personality type characterized by high assertiveness, aggression, and independence. According to the Enneagram's theory, when harsh, abrasive Type 8s experience a positive shift in their mindframe (which may or may not be brought on by the actions of others), they take on the traits of Sweet tsunderes, characterized by kindness, open-heartedness, caring, and generosity.
  • Nerds candy. Sour on the outside, sugary-sweet on the inside!
    • Similarly, Sour Patch Kids. Even the TV commercials state that, "First they're sour, then they're sweet."
    • Warheads.
    • There was a tagline for a line of Life Savers called Kickerz that went like this:
    The Troublemaker. He likes it sour. sun in your eye sour. monster wedgie sour. and Then, all of a sudden, he goes sweet on you. What gives?
  • Despite her mocking of the concept (see below), The Nostalgia Chick can be a good example of this herself. The Critic and Nella trigger the violent side while Angry Joe and Nella set off the softer side.
  • Tsundere Cafes have been opening in the Otakuland of Akihabara. Similar to Meido Cafes, the waitresses there are young attractive women, each acting tsundere-ish towards their patrons: very rude and impatient at the beginning ("Here, sit." "Am I supposed to wait for you, or what?" "Have you decided on your order yet?!") but getting increasingly more apologetic and dere when they are about to leave ("I'm sorry I said all those things to you... you will come again, won't you?..."). Witness reports say that this change is irresistible. The waitresses apparently enjoy their jobs immensely, too, but, heck, getting paid for being rude to customers? A dream job to some.
    • This is sort of the gimmick of the American restaurant Ed Debevicks, where both male and female waitstaff are deliberately rude to customers.
    • Dick's Last Resort in San Diego does the same thing, among other things hanging the ties of patrons on the walls is part of the schtick and it's a highly recommended spot to go to not just for the food.
    • The restaurant Durgin Park (motto: "Established before you were born") in Boston is well known for their "sharp tongued" waitstaff, but they're more the "cranky aunty" types than regular Tsundere. It's well known in Boston just for the experience.
    • There is a restaurant on O'ahu called Ah-Lang. The owner/cook isn't called "Angry Korean Lady" for no reason at all - basically, every grumpy Asian mother or cranky Asian you've met on the street who snaps at you for trying to talk to them, rolled into one. It is, of course, an act, and she softens up if you bring her the right sort of beer.
  • From The Other Wiki: Toy manufacturer Tomy Co. has come up with the world's first "tsundere" portable television set, which gives audio guidance with a harsh voice that gradually becomes kinder as the user gets used to the set.
  • Tsundere cookies!
  • Anyone who has ever raised or spent a good amount of time around cats can attest to the prevalence of the Harsh personality in the species. Tsundere cats will get angry when you try to pet them, but leave them alone, and they'll come sulkily up to you for attention as if to say, "It's not because I want it. It's only because I feel sorry that you look so pathetic."
  • Crabs and Lobsters can be a mean bunch of sea creatures, they have been known to pinch whatever gets in their way. However leave them alone and they scuttle off, to mind their own business. Or you could cook them they taste real good apparently.

     Sweet (Dere) 
  • Also cats. Even the sweetest, most affectionate cat will get fed up and scratch or bite if you don't pay attention to their body language.


  • A storyline in Zits has Hector flirt with being a 'bad boy' but eventually resolves to stay a 'tootsiepop personality' — "hard on the outside, but with a soft, chewy center."
  • Filipino actress Maricel Soriano helped popularize the Tsundere archetype in The '80s and The '90s Filipino films and TV shows. Although the first tsundere was introduced in Japan before her shot to fame in the Philippines, several people didn't know it was the exact term for the archetype until the Anime boom of the 2000's.
  • A vanity license plate frame reads: "51% sweetheart, 49% bitch — don't push it!"
  • Very common behavior among children and young teens. No specific examples, please.
  • Fiat demonstrated this in an ad for the 500 Abarath. A man fantasizes that the car is a beautiful woman who slaps and chews him out for looking at her butt when she was bent over adjusting her shoes, then softens her tone and gets close, at which point the fantasy ends.
  • An article in The Escapist has noted that a scientific study has demonstrated that tsundere appeal may in fact be rooted in the way we unconsciously track our relationships with others.
  • One of the common symptoms of borderline personality disorder is, essentially, exaggerated tsundere behavior. The DSM-5 refers to this symptom as "alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation in interpersonal relationships"; or, in layman's terms, alternating between extreme feelings of love and hate.

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