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Examples of True Companions in live-action movies.

  • Thirteen Days: Kenny O'Donnell and Jack and Bobby Kennedy. They've known each other since college and Kenny gets very irate when he thinks an Obstructive Bureaucrat is trying to play them off each other.
  • Sure, they're rude, crude, and somewhat morally grey, but the Deltas from Animal House are definitely this. "They can't do that to our pledges! Only we can do that to our pledges!"
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor: Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three are a pretty tight-knit group after adventuring and fighting together for thousands of years. Later on in the movie, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg risk everything to retrieve Thor from exile and are ecstatic when they're eventually reunited with him.
      Fandral: It's treason.
      Volstagg: To hell with treason, it's suicide.
      Sif: He would do the same for us.
    • In The Avengers (2012), at first the superheroes have significant differences, but Nick Fury (leader of SHIELD) deliberately tried to invoke this to bring them together in a time of need. It was a huge risk for him and his career. By the end he succeeds.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy revolved around a motley crew of criminals who eventually put aside their differences and end up saving the galaxy through The Power of Friendship literally. The nature of their bond is outright stated in the sequel:
      Nebula: All any of you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.
      Drax: You're right... We're family.
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  • Back to the Future: Marty McFly and Doc Brown have a very strange but very strong bond. They are separated by interests and age, but they would sacrifice themselves for each other without a second thought.
  • The plot of the Japanese film Train Man (2004) revolves around a true companions group that forms around the title character, a shy otaku who saves a girl from a drunk on the train. The true companions group is made up of people intrigued by his story, who encourage him and give him advice on how to woo the woman. He in turn inspires them to get out of the various ruts they have been stuck in.
  • Jesse and Chester in Dude, Where's My Car?. They always hang together, have each other's backs, have twin girlfriends, and had no problem making out with each other to outdo an attractive couple in the car next to them.
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  • The Fast and the Furious team is this and is also one big happy surrogate family. It shows the most from Fast Five onward, but the bond is there even in the earlier films. Dominic Toretto is the biggest example of this, with his mantra of "You don't turn your back on family, even when they do."
  • In the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters, the team become this. Jillian Holtzman delivers a heartfelt toast at the end of the film, calling Erin, Abby and Patty her family.
  • Subverted in Goodfellas. Wise guys kill each other to save their own hides.
    "Your killers come with smiles, as people you've known your whole life. And they always come when you are at your weakest"
  • Stretch, Spoon and Cookie are true companions in Gridlockd. The group is a jazz trio who live together. Cookie has sex with both men, and the only reason they don't have threesomes is that Stretch says he can't get it up "in a crowd." Although both Spoon and Cookie are black, Stretch has N-Word Privileges with them. The group is so close that they all use the same bathroom at the same time.
  • The main trio in the Harry Potter movies. The books have a lot more of them.
  • "The Club"note  from Holiday. Linda initially conceives it as all of John and Julia's friends put together, but in practice it ends up being Linda, John, and John's friends Nick and Susan, with an extra chair for Linda's brother Ned. They identify themselves as Very Unimportant People with no interest in being snobs or stuffed shirts, who enjoy play, fun, and adventure, and who want to make money only insofar as it allows them to lead better lives. Julia declines to join them.
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: After going through several hardships in their shrunken state, the kids eventually warm up to each other, leading to a romantic bond between Amy and Little Russ.
  • The GSE, the West Ham United's firm, from Hooligans.
  • In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy and Roxy, the only two candidates who demonstrate loyalty and compassion, quickly bond and look out for one another. Unusually for a film of this type, their relationship is completely devoid of sexual tension.
  • The title group in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, once they survive being betrayed by their employer and The Mole and solidify their common goal, are implied to be becoming true companions.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings definitely qualifies. Many of the members don't even know each other at first, but they become Fire-Forged Friends and risk their lives for each other repeatedly. When they're forced to separate, they still remain close and, the end of the movie, they all meet up again.
    • In a lesser extent, the Company of Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit, where you can't always tell by them squabbling among themselves but loyalty is more or less the same. It helps that many of the members are actually related to Thorin by blood. Much of Bilbo's story is him being accept by the Dwarves to the point that he's willing to do anything he can to save them, even if it means stealing the Arkenstone to broker peace with the Elves and Men and inviting the surviving members back to Bag End for visits after everything was over.
  • In The Maltese Falcon. If you're a detective, it doesn't matter that you hated your partner and were sleeping with his wife — he's your partner, and if he's killed you have to do something about it.
  • The Mighty Ducks: DUCKS FLY TOGETHER.
  • Since Newsies is about a strike, the importance of solidarity and sticking together is repeatedly emphasised, as in the song "Once and for All":
    Once and for all we'll be there to defend one another
    Once and for all every kid is a friend, every friend a brother!
  • Danny Ocean's band in Ocean's Eleven, original, remake and sequels. Especially notable in Ocean's 13 where in the beginning much of the team wants to drug, kill, and bury the villainous casino owner who betrayed their friend and caused him to go into shock.
    • Rusty even walks out on a heist as he was breaking into the vault when he got a call saying his friend was in trouble.
  • The Vietnamese film Owl and the Sparrow revolved around one of these made up of three people who meet each other in Saigon: a zookeeper, a flight attendant, and a runaway girl who sells flowers on the street. The last scene of the movie has the flight attendant leaving the airport to meet the other two, hugging the little girl when she finds them.
  • Rebel Without a Cause, with Jim, Judy, and Plato.
  • RENT has this when the seven friends band together in the wake of Benny's Face–Heel Turn, as well as the fact that half of them are HIV-positive. Even Joanne, an Ivy League lawyer who was only there because she was dating Maureen, gradually joined the gang and stuck around after the couple's breakup before Angel's death brought them back together.
  • The main protagonists in Robots, mainly between Rodney and the "Rusties".
  • Tom Hanks' group of soldiers in Saving Private Ryan.
  • In Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Carmen narrates saying, "Together, it was as if we formed one single, complete person."
  • The cast of Sneakers appears, at the outset, to be employees at a small security firm, but when it comes time to circle the wagons, they work together like only true companions could.
  • Almost everyone seems to be one of Bethany Hamilton's True Companions in Soul Surfer. Then the rival shares her Trophy with Bethany at the end.
  • The Specials is all about this. It's a super-hero film set in between big disasters. During downtime for the Specials, when the big dramatic conflict is that a new member is joining, an old member is leaving to join a different team against their wishes, and a lot of the team-mates personal relationships are being reinterpreted.
  • Nowhere in any of the Star Trek movies is this shown more than in Star Trek III: after Spock sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise in the previous movie, the entire cast hijack the Enterprise, sacrificing their careers, possibly even their lives, along with the ship and Kirk's son in order to kill some Klingons and go after a one-in-a-million shot at bringing the green-blooded bastard back from the dead. This is driven home even further when, in the next movie, Spock chooses to stand with his "comrades" at their trial, despite not being charged of any crime himself.
  • Star Wars:
  • The 2011 film Sunny revolves around a woman reuniting her high school friends when one of them is dying of cancer. A good majority of the film takes place in flashbacks of them in The '80s.
  • The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy and crew, (both the movie and the original book).
    • Other books in the Oz world have also had this in some form or another.
    • The tradition continues with the live-action miniseries Tin Man. Dorothy's great-granddaughter Dorothy "DG" Gale forms one with the three gents she picks up.
  • The cast of Zombieland, despite initial attempts to not form personal attachments to each other.
  • Katniss Everdeen with Peeta and Haymitch. She even refers to Haymitch as part of her family in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
  • In Descendants, the four main Villain Kids are this. While at first it may seem like there is some genuine animosity between Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos, it soon becomes clear that all the teasing, mocking, and play-fighting they do is all in good humour, and they only do it because they're so comfortable with each other. The four are actually incredibly close, almost like siblings, and trust each other completely. If any one of them needs help or support, the others will immediately drop whatever they're doing to be by their side, whether it is to help prepare them to go on a date or to sneak on to an island teeming with villains to rescue a kidnapped boyfriend from vicious pirates.

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