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Tropes That Will Never Happen / Unknowable

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These tropes are too absolutely unknowable so they will never happen.

Compare to Too Obscure or Bizarre and Too Ambiguous.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Seen It Exactly Zero Times
  • Did The Research At The Last Minute
    • Forced Someone To Do The Research For Him
    • Didn't Do The Research, But Got It Right By Chance
    • Plagiarized The Research, Then Altered The Original Source To Make It Look Like They Plagiarized From Him
  • Will Never Be Remade
  • List of TV Shows That Will Never, Ever Be Released On DVD or Blu-Ray Disc
  • Index Of All Indices That Do Not Contain Themselves (think about it)
    • That's not Unknowable so much as Impossible.
      • Well, it's possible to make, just not to be complete. But how many pages on a wiki can be said to be complete?
    • Index of All Unindexed Indices
  • Tropes That Pass In The Night
  • Newsreaders Never Wear Underwear
  • Works That Will Never Happen
  • Tropes That Have Never Happened
  • Tropes It Didn't Use
    • Didn't Use All Possible Existing Tropes
      • Did Use All Possible Existing Tropes (this does belong in a different section, but it relates nicely.)
  • We Will Not Have A Future In The Future
  • You Don't Know, That Thing Where...
  • Does This Remind You Of Anything? No, Not Really
  • Precognitive Recognition
  • Only I Know That Thing Where...
    • Exactly 3 People Know That Thing Where...
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  • People Who Are Not Currently Sitting In Chairs
  • Index Of Tropes That Have Zero Wicks
    • Exists as Permanent Red Link Club.
      • Some of them have wicks, either as jokes or because they just never got cleaned up.
  • Tropes That Have No Page Views
  • Shows That Nobody Has Ever Complained About
  • Shows That Nobody Has Ever Gushed Over
  • Shows Without a Fandom
  • Shows Without a Hatedom
  • Shows That Are Watched Only By Their Target Demographic
  • Shows That Are Watched Only By A Periphery Demographic
  • Shows That Nobody From Their Target Demographic Hates
  • Shows That Have No Fan Dumb
  • Shows That Have No Hate Dumb
  • Shows That Are Not Opposed By Moral Guardians
  • Shows That Will Still Be Watched In 100 Years
  • Best 100 Shows of the Year 2515
  • Future Idealism Filter (the inversion of Nostalgia Filter.)
  • Future Idealism Ain't Like It's Gonna Be (the inversion of Nostalgia Ain't Like It Used to Be)
  • Jetpack John (the inversion of Disco Dan)
  • More Unconceived Than Jetpacks (the inversion of Deader Than Disco)
  • Good Futuristic Ways (the inversion of Good Old Ways)
  • Anyone Anticipating Jetpacks? (the inversion of Anyone Remember Pogs?)
  • I Love The Future (the inversion of I Love the Exties)
  • Nothing But Futuristic Hits (the inversion of Nothing but Hits)
  • Popular Future (the inversion of Popular History)
  • What Are Jetpacks? (the inversion of What Are Records?)
  • Seinfeld was Unfunny in the 1920's (the inversion of "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny)
  • Unborn Horse Trope (tropes that haven't been used yet)
    • Aborted Horse Trope (tropes that would have been used, but ultimately weren't)
  • Unconceived Horse Trope (tropes that haven't even been thought of yet)
  • Unborn Unicorn Trope (tropes that haven't been used yet, except that they never really will be)
  • Future Media Tropes
  • Future Media Are Evil (although, chances are quite likely that people who are proponents of New Media Are Evil are not very likely to have an optimistic view about media-to-come.)
  • Future Media Are Good (people who are likely to uphold this view would either be [1] progressives who are optimistic that we are on the verge of finally shedding free of our past of repression and bigotry, or [2] conservatives who are anticipating some form of divine act to forcefully "cleanse our society of sin and filth".)
  • The Taleless Trope
  • Shows That Moral Guardians Are Upset About But Are Far Too Embarrassed To Admit They Know Exists
  • Video Game Levels Nobody Has Ever Discovered
  • List Of Clubs Where The Number One Rule Is Never To Talk About The Club
  • Top Ten TV Shows As Selected By The Amish
  • Ideas That Writers Discarded Without Ever Telling Anyone About Them
  • What Happens When Your Lifeforce Ends And You Are Devoured By The Eternal Void
  • Chekhov's Gun Of The Future (when the character gets an object in the story that will only be important after the story is finished.)
  • Works that would have been So Bad, It's Horrible if they bombed (overlaps with Complaining)
  • Media That Never Experienced They Changed It, Now It Sucks!
    • Everything on One-Episode Wonder is an example.
      • Unless people complain about changes made midway through the episode's script.
  • Tropes That At Least Have a Sliver of Chance Of Happening
  • Things That Nobody Has Ever Fapped To
  • Things That Will Never Be Memes
  • Things That Should Be Memes But Aren't
  • Tropes That Are Not in This Index


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