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Tropes That Will Never Happen / Too Ambiguous

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These tropes are too unclear or can be interpreted in multiple ways, so they will never happen.

Compare to Unknowable, Attracts Potholes, and Too Subjective. Contrast Too Specific.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Apple Stem Pulling Teeth
  • Enraged Cows Injure Farmers With Axes
  • More Lies Ahead
  • Needs More Neutrality (Could be a version of Needs More Love with So Okay, It's Average, or a fiction that is too nice to one side.)
  • That Time When That Thing Happens
  • A Through Z Word Privileges
  • Some People Do Stuff
    • Some People Do Cool Stuff
  • "This work could provide examples of:"
    • "This work should provide examples of:"
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  • Played Trope
  • Mohs Scale Of Musical Musicalness

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