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Troper Wall / Pulse

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Hi. Welcome to Pulse's wall.

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  • Hi Pulse. I hope you like your new wall. I'll be missing you while you're gone. - Bacon Maniac 5000
  • -blush- Rather Random Rachel
  • I couldn't think of a good trope to add. Also, why will you be gone? :( -Miscellaneous Soup
  • Hey look, it's slightly less bare now. :P - Kesagake
  • I swear I've seen your name before... -Inceptiond
    • You wouldn't happen to be on BZ Power, would you? -D
  • If I were a demon, I'd let you recruit me. -Silently Honest
  • Pulse, you are a pretty good troper. I'd add a trope, but it'd probably be wrong, so regrettably, no trope to guess with. NES

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