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Well, in light of being preemptively hijacked by nearly every standard derail in accordance with TV Tropes tradition note  (although strangely, not the obvious one), I guess I should really get around to writing up my userpage.

Let's see now...

Zeroplusalpha is best described as being somewhat vaguely aware.

I have somehow accumulated a few random bits of knowledge which are not always successfully recalled without any loss of fidelity. A musician by trade in Real Life, which is the very definition of Awesome, but Impractical. Secure income? Wuzzat? >_<


Was actually a chronic lurker for about a year, and although I came to the wiki by way of anime, I'm really here for the company now note . I tend to make little edits here and there, but mostly I stick to stuff I know, like the shows I watch and the like. My sole major contribution was redrafting the Badass Adorable article not long after it was launched...which isn't very impressive, sorry. I have the easiest tenancy here ever, which kind of makes me a Less Than Pretty Freeloader.

I have been known to have a soft spot for cute; I can have a real sweet tooth when it comes to my anime and manga (which, incidently, does not reflect my actual tastes

  • Nice save.
  • zalphie's got an immunity to Tastes Like Diabetes. I admire him when he attempts feats that would kill most grown men.

Well, anyway, that...turned into more of a Wall of Text than I intended, but what I lack in concision I make up for with my lack of concision.

So, lest I've outstayed my welcome, the short version: hello, nihao, konichiwa, and I hope I'll see you around the wiki. ^_-

     Anime I've (recently) watched: 

     Anime on the current watchlist 

Anime that I've watched in the long-ago time:

  • Too, too many to list. In fact, much of the anime that I regularly watched as a kid became popular in the West long after I'd forgotten most of the details and moved on to different kinds of shows.

Anime that I've somehow avoided, despite (or maybe because of?) the ubiquity of their respective fandoms:

I enjoy my video games, but I suck at most twitch games, which strangely has never stopped me from being pretty decent at FightingGames note , although my skills have atrophied somewhat. I'm most at home with JRPGs, but I got into Visual Novels in the last year or so, after watching a few shows that were adapted from them.

     Video Games I can be found wasting time on, if I'm playing at all these days: 

Visual Novels (at varying stages of completion):

  • Fate Stay Night (finished)
  • Tsukihime (the two Meido routes left to go)
  • Da Capo (finished)
  • Clannad (haven't started)
  • Kanon (played until Ayu's first appearance, but I refuse to go any further until I've figured why my voice patches aren't working). Finished as of May 2010 note 
  • Sengoku Rance (dropped indefinitely, because I cannot stand the protagonist.)

To elaborate, this Contributor page will be hijacked, in order, by the following series:

All of this is irrelevant, however, because no one ever watches this page, ayway...

Note: I just looked at it. Or did you mean noone follows this page regularly -darnpenguin

Definitely not an eye-catching invitation to vandalise this page:

Added Neon Genesis Evangelion to the Hijack list.I can't believe I actually missed it, but then, I never expected you to actually make your userpage... I must be losing my sharpness. In any case, hi. -Noimporta

  • Well, I had to make it someday. The hijacks were the kick in the ass I needed. But I'm leaving them on because they're funny, and I'm guilty of at least one of those on many occasions. - zpa

How did my Umineko mot get here? :P - Mapi

  • I have resources.

I just added you to my watchlist...So, there. :P - CTS

This paragraph certifies that this page has been visited and its body perused by Stormtroper and/or his envoys. Certification is not transferible. Use for good, not evil.

Dude, you're never here anymore -____- Hope work's treating you well. - Solstace

Eye-catching. Odd confession: at first I misread your name as Zeroplushaplusha. What, it's a great name! :) - Longfellow

Hello. Incoming Ham! -{Tropers/Kinkajou}}

Your name: TLDR. I'll just call you Zero, the Large Ham. I suppose it would be impolite if I didn't leave my name. And this comment is actually a compliment believe it or not. ~neobowman

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Just dropping by to let you know that you're a cool dude. :3 —goodtimesfreegrog

Zalphie is a dear. How much sugar can you take? ^_^ Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICEOutta The BLAM

Touhou hijack LOL (Lame and old, but it's like 4 AM here) — redcynic


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