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Alright, gonna give this whole contributor page thing a whirl... I am wannabeotaku. Not much really to say other than I am a dude from America -cue fireworks and an eagle- and I really love anime and the otaku culture, enough to try to get a taste of all the otaku-y goodness. Would love to go into all sorts of artistic endeavors like voice acting and photography,but sucks at all artistic things. Currently on a quest to sample all geekiness.

     Things that interest me in no particular order 

Wiki Magic Tropes Thing

You, yes you, can help expand this page for ultimate glory are you brave enough to do it? Well then, vandalize this whole page

Believe in me, who believes in you, to become the greatest Otaku! You shall become a legend! - Black Dove

I salute you, oh king of Otakus. *salutes then pours a coffee* You want one? - Bisected8

The greatest otaku of them all... IN AMERICA? - Noaqiyeum

Fellow Troper, Fellow New Yorker; I owe you a virtual fistbump. [BOOM *FISTBUMP*]Sean Murray I

Have some more vandalism. —a vandal

Godot was here.

Guess who? :3 May your quest to sample all things geeky be incredibly fruitful ~


Hello Otaku, how are you doing today ^_^ — Counterclock

'Sup dawg? I heard you wanted some vandalism, so here goes. *Burns down some houses, captures flag, and writes graffiti* — Balmung

Oh lookie! I've vandalised your page! Erm... -glomps-Crack

And another vandal joins the vandalglomp-pile!

This is the most unsettling song I've ever heard in my life. I'm convinced that the lyrics are about a crazed stalker looking to rape somebody. "Looking for love in all the wrong places," indeed! Thoughts? —Sean Murray I

Just vandalized your page! Would you like a sandwich with that? —Earl of Sandvich

-poke!- —hikikomoricomplex

How have I not set your page on fire yet? Oh well. *sets page on fire anyway* - Nekoalexa

The faeries are astonished to see they haven't visited yet. You may be missing a few things. - StolenByFaeries

Can't believe I haven't done this already, but... have a hug. ~betterthanstrawberry

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ~Bella

I wanted to spray-paint "PAMACHU WUZ HERE" on the wall over here, but the cans went dry halfway through the letter "M." - Pamachu

MilosStefanovic left his mark.

Lapis philosophorum, lapis ruber, lapis quantus
sacrificum vis caputo felicitas
-the Heavy Messing


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