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British Troper. Arrived as a lurker in February 2012. After a Wiki Walk led to me finding a tonne of edits I wanted to make (mostly spelling, punctuation and grammar related) and examples to add to works and tropes, I got known and started gleefully editing. It wasn't long before I jumped headlong into the abyss and began creating pages. Of course, once you start down the trope path, forever will it dominate your dentistry, so it didn't take too long before I chucked something into YKTTW (it even made it through the YKTTW process first time, which I'm distressingly proud of). From there it's only a short descent into TRS and IP.


Pages You Can Blame Me For:

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Pages I "Curate":

Obviously, any of the above pages I've created, I watchlist and monitor edits to them. Other than that there are a couple of pages I take an interest in (usually because I'm planning on giving them an overhaul at some point in the future).


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