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Aw, man! Keeping Secrets Sucks!

Troperwithoutaname: also known as TWAN, That troper, That guy, Nameless, dementedkirby (on Steam), whatever you want to call me. I'm not who'd you want me to be, though. Anyways, welcome to my troper page. Have fun, I guess!

Who is this troper?

I'm a high school student who's interested in all things anime, manga, Japan in general, video games, TV Tropes, synthesizers/keyboards, music of all genres, cinema, grindhouse cinema, any current events relating to these topics...and medical science.


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Vandalism is fundamental! Do it to my page, starting here...


Hey, nice seeing you around — Rumetzen <- That fucker's new name is Lolipod Distortion.

  • Thanks, Person I Know In Real Life Troper I Know On This Very Website!

Just checking: you consider golf badass? — Count Dorku

Why hello, genderflipped version of me. — Thanas Rey


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