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I'm Troperbb and this is my Profile!

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: I believe that Ash is so dense due to the fact that for four of the regions he has traveled through, he traveled with Brock. He did not really know how to act around girls due to it.
  • Berserk Button: I get frustrated at a few things pretty easily.
    • I don't like Anime/Pokemon fanfics where Ash gets betrayed by his friends/family. There are way too many of those around.
    • After an incident last year, I don't like my help being accepted, and then rejected. And don't ask for it again. That has been done before and it is like rubbing salt into the wound.
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    • Don't assume that I know all the rules of this place, such as "no double posting" over at the Pantheon page. I am new to it, so I don't know all of the rules here. So, back off OK?
  • Nice Guy: That said, I am usually pretty friendly.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: This has been done to me before with a fanfiction that I loved that was taken away from me. Three times!

I Like:

  • Battle for Dream Island (I'm currently trying to get them a pantheon draft page but it is proving difficult)
  • Franchise/Pokemon
And various other stuff. Here is what I have so far for the BFDI Pantheon thing.

The Original 20 Contestants, Gods/Goddesses of Object Showsnote

From left to right: Leafy, Rocky, Bubble, Flower, Golf Ball, Pin, Blocky, Pen, Eraser, Spongy, Tennis Ball, Ice Cube, Woody, Coiny, Needle, Snowball, Firey, Match, Teardrop, and Pencil
  • Range from Quasideities to Lesserdeites
  • Symbol: The Announcer or Dream Island itself
  • Theme Song: Battle for Dream Island themenote  or New friendly
  • Alignment: Varies between them. Also depends on the episode.note .
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Leafy and Flower: Plants, Nature
    • Teardrop, Spongy, and Bubble: Water
    • Firey and Match: Fire
    • Ice Cube and Snowball: Ice
    • Rocky: Earth
    • Blocky: Trickery
    • Pencil, Eraser, Pin, and Pen: Office Supplies
    • Needle: Sewing supplies.
    • Coiny: Money
  • Herald: David note 
  • Worshipers: The other contestants from the show that debuted after season 1. Recommended Characters. The casts of the various object shows such as Inanimate Insanity.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Unsure Of: Chris McLean
  • One day, several anthropomorphic objects made their way into the Living Objects pantheon. It was after one of them had won Dream Island, but another had stolen it. They were currently chasing said thief and found themselves in the pantheon. The Council of Gods recognized them from an animated web series and decided to ascend them. One of them was not ascended (David) due to not being there at the very beginning. He was made their herald though. Because one of them (Bubble) kept dying due to another popping her for fun (Blocky), the House of Life and Death made a new Recovery Center for them. They made sure to make this one immune to all damage to prevent what happened in the season 1 finale. The recovery center can also recover any god who dies in their temple.
  • Their temple resembles a green field in an unknown location. A restaurant owned by one of their followers is also there.
  • The contestants started out in a flash-animated web series that started in 2010. Back then, they had few supporters. The first episode only had 7 votes and one of them was for someone named “Sam”. Nowadays, they are about to end their show’s fourth season (and continued with a fifth season) and the most recent vote count was 71,828 votes.
  • Leafy has been approached by the House of Crime about her theft of Dream Island. Several of them were impressed and wanted her to join it, but Leafy declined as she did not want to be reminded of the deed.
  • Blocky has gotten along with fellow gods who are pranksters, but some of them think that his pranks of killing someone over and over again a bit too much. Likewise, Blocky (along with his friends Eraser, Pen, and Snowball) thinks that Stewie Griffin’s pranks are too much for them. They are not too fond of Eric Cartman’s attitude either.
  • The contestants seem to have their own groups in the house. Pencil, Match, and Bubble are part of an “Alliance”. Blocky, Snowball, Pen, and Eraser are usually seen hanging out with each other. Tennis Ball and Golf Ball are usually seen in Golf Ball’s underground factory. Some of them hold contempt for each other but can tolerate them.
  • Spongy has made friends with SpongeBob and Patrick and is glad that they treat him kindly. Surprisingly, Squidward tolerates him. Due to the fact that he is not as annoying as the other two.
  • The contestants are not sure of what to make of Chris Mc Lean. He reminds them of the Announcer. They remind him of the contestants that whereon his show as well. He nicknamed Golf Ball “Courtney” and Flower “Heather”. The two of them did not like the nicknames, and teamed up to throw him in Golf Ball’s incinerator. He turned out OK afterward since the recovery center is able to recover any god who is not one of the contestants if that god died in their house.
  • Bubble has respect for Kenny due to them finding similarities with each other, such as being killed Once per Episode.That said, she does find him a bit vulgar and would prefer not to hang around him. They did have a discussion on whether or not dying and coming back was a curse or not. For Kenny, it was, but Bubble has died many more times than Kenny has thanks to her personal recovery center bringing her back over and over again.
  • Some gods are warry of Leafy, not because of the “stole Dream Island” incident, but because on some visits to the temple, they have seen a red version of her with big eyebrows. The creature is hostile towards them and even attacks them. Some who had gotten swallowed by her have noticed that there is an entire world inside her. How they escaped is unknown, and they were a bit shaken up by the events, so it was not elaborated on. The creature’s relation to Leafy is unknown. They are never even seen in the same place with each other.
  • Due to recent events, they have made enemies with Galeem, and Allies with the heroic and anti-heroic playable smash bros characters. This even extended to the villainous ones, if only because they had a common enemy.
  • Leafy has a hatred for Nightmare Moon not just because of the eternal night thing (although, being plants, she and Flower are scared of that part due to needing sunlight), but because she reminds her of her own evil self. This likewise extends to other members of the group as well. This includes Firey and Flower. Only in Flower's case, it was because she had once called the opposite of Dream Island "Nightmare Moon".
    • That being said, Princess Luna does sympathize with her a bit, and the two even became friends. The two do find a few things in common with each other such as both having dark sides. Luna has even offered to help her make peace with the other gods. She was pleased that she had made up with a few of them.

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