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Well, hello. Glad you found this page. You were likely linked here by certain contributions I made to the WMG page for Whose Line Is It Anyway? If not, then... well, how did you find this page?

I have a YouTube account, on which you can find several videos of me making a complete ass of myself. Go ahead and laugh. I don't mind.

One of the nicest people I have met on the internet is Billy Coore (and not to brag, but I created his page). Legoking831 is the other major contributor to Billy's page on this wiki, and I thank him greatly. He's another very nice person, and his YouTube channel is well worth checking out.

Pages I have created (note: * denotes different namespace and/or title):

Not counting subpages (Funny, Awesome, YMMV, Trivia, etc) because I've made so many.

My favorite anime:

Digimon Adventure. I grew up watching the hybrid Gag Dub/serious dub on FOX Kids, but I still like the original Japanese version. The best part about it, in my opinion, is that despite all of the name changes and continuity-error-inducing jokes, Saban Entertainment still stayed true to the original Japanese show (even making the same jokes sometimes).

My favorite video game:

Honestly, that depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes it's the first game I ever played, Super Mario World. Other times, it may be the second game I ever played, Donkey Kong Country (or any game in that series). But honestly, it changes from day to day.

My favorite Western-animated show:

Hmm, now this is a toughie. There were a lot of good animated shows to come out of the West. I can't possibly pick a single favorite. So, my favorite "classic" (for me as of the time of this writing) cartoon is Animaniacs (and its spinoff, Pinky and the Brain). So much wacky, goofy, zany humor, providing much laughter. My favorite "modern" cartoon is undoubtedly Gravity Falls. I might even go so far as to say it's the greatest cartoon of all time. Simply fantastic.

My biggest pet peeve:

People who are learning Spanish and say "Me llamo es". It's just "Me llamo". You know what "Me llamo es" translates to? "I call myself is".

The funniest meme I've ever seen:

"What do we eat?" "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!" Sorry, you'll have to have seen Billy Coore's videos to get that one. Except for memes that he and his friends have birthed, I hate Internet memes. I warned my sister about frickin' Nyan Cat when it was just starting to take off. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then, months later, she told me she saw a hilarious video called "Nyan Cat for 10 hours" or something. The top comment had her cracking up: "I liked the part where he said 'Nyan'". Which was, at that point, as old and overused as Nyan Cat itself.

My favorite Let's Player(s):

Sorry, Billy, but this one goes to all of The Runaway Guys, as a group or individually. Specifically, this would be Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun (although I do enjoy JoshJepson's stuff as well, especially his old vlogs).

Final thoughts (in Haiku format, just because):

I love indie games. They are really fun to play. Go play some. Right now!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must take care of my cat.